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  1. I have heard stories of criminal gangs from Eastern Europe hacking into lenders credit depts and deleting credit records/wiping credit peoples credit files clean, even wiping out large chunks of credit data, if true, no wonder the banks are in a mess! Guess it would only be true if you saw onerous files disappear from your credit files,mind you they might even wipe off good credit data and leave you with nothing at all on your credit file lol!

    now that WOULD be worth paying for :grin:

  2. here is the default notice I received from Lloyds a few months back. It was sent on 24th Dec (merry xmas) but no idea when I received it as that was back in the days before CAG. With all the bank holidays I'm not sure they've allowed me enough time to rectify the breach anyway. Perhaps someone could have a look for me please? Thanks.


    page 1 Lloyds default notice

    page 2 Lloyds default notice

  3. Have received a "final response" from Lloyds to my letter. They don't agree with my complaint. They say they have no obligation to supply me with the docs under s78 but because they are so wonderful they did so :rolleyes:. They also reckon because I've been using the account for a long time that it means I've acknowledged the debt. Oh yes, and they say the agreement contains all of the prescribed terms (even though I can't read any of it). Any ideas on what I should be doing now folks? Thanks in advance.

  4. Thanks Joemay and also Martin.


    Hi Shadow, thanks very much for your response. Sadly I think you are right about it being enforceable :Cry:



    Link sent me a copy of the CCA but attached no terms and conditions whatsoever.


    MBNA (original creditor) sent me a copy of CCA and new terms and conditions in response to an SAR. They omitted NOD and Termination Notice though.


    I wrote back to both Link and MBNA requesting the omitted docs and giving them 21 days to reply. I heard from Link who are insistent they have fulfilled their obligations under s78 but have not heard from MBNA (who are well over the 21 days). As I’ve been unwell I haven’t gotten round to reporting them to the ICO yet but will have to get my act together soon and do so.


    I have been looking through MBNA’s SAR papers today and the PPI and others charges make up about £3k so I think I will definitely try and reclaim that and try to make a full and final to Link, hopefully that will get them off my back. No idea how I go about doing this though.



    I hope I’ve explained that alright, I’m not very good at getting things down clearly.

  5. Hi Joemay, it was serious enough to put me out of action for quite a while and then I needed an operation, still getting over it. I do hope someone can help me soon, I really need to move forward on this, was just about to fill out the complaint to Information Commissioners when I came across what I mentioned above.


    How are you, I haven't had a chance to look at your thread - are they still leaving you alone? I do hope so.

  6. Hello everyone, I’m back again after a spell of ill health. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to move anything forward on this and I’m beginning to worry. I have today been catching up with all of my paperwork again and realise that on re-reading things they really don’t stack up at all. In the MBNA CCA the terms and conditions within the agreement are completely different to the smaller print terms and conditions that MBNA also attached (these terms and conditions contain the cancellation rights).


    At the end of the online application form it says “sections 4-16 can be viewed by clicking the terms and conditions link at the top of this page”, and also under the PPI section it mentions “can be found at paragraphs 1-16 of this credit agreement”. I think they may have sent me the wrong terms and conditions entirely – does this make the agreement unenforceable because I cannot check the relevant paragraphs? Or should I bring this to their attention and ask them to send me the correct terms and conditions?


    I’m really so confused as to what to do and where I go from here. I would be really grateful if someone could please have a quick look again at the attachments that I’ve added at post #94 and see if they agree with my new thoughts.


    Sorry if its all getting a bit much going back and forth but I really haven’t been well at all.


    Thanks in advance folks.

  7. Hi Scott, thanks for the reply. They’ve done this to me in the past as well, but would only refund one of the charges and gave me a good telling off to boot!




    I received a letter about the six days to get a/c back in order but can’t find it, I wanted to refer to it before calling them - didn't realise it started on the 3rd July though.



    I’ll give them a call and see if they’ll do it for me. Seems very unfair that they can take a whole week’s money in charges for only £3!!!


    I’ll update once I’ve called them.


    Thanks again.





  8. hi all


    I wonder if anyone can offer some advice on this one please.


    My benefits failed to be paid in on time and as a result three token payments of £1 failed to go through. My bank (co-op) has charged me £19.50 apiece for this which is just ridiculous as the three of them add up to virtually my whole week's benefit payment meaning I will have nothing to live off when my benefits do go into the bank.


    Can anyone tell me if this is allowed please and if not how do I go about challenging it.


    Thanks a lot.

  9. 2Grumpy, what you say in post #6 makes such sense now, I didn't think of that, its all scary stuff! Sadly its too late now as I've already sent the letter off. Wish I'd had this info before.


    No Vint, I didn't keep a copy of the letter with the signature on, but I wish I had. I did cross it through with big crosses - hopefully they won't be able to do anything too sinister with that.

  10. Thanks AC, I think I'll start with MBNA and if no luck I'll go after Link?


    Have just scanned the agreement onto my laptop, and as I've been checking it for personal details etc I came across something (well it jumped out at me to be honest).


    When I first received the doc I only checked the first five pages against the one on Steven4064's thread and as they were exactly the same I didn't question it. The terms and conditions looked pretty ok too. However, I've just really looked at the terms and conditions for the first time and there it was - under the section for "I wish to purchase payment protection cover" there is a reference to "the terms relating to the credit for the product(s) can be found at paragraphs 1-16 of this credit agreement. Also on the last page there is a paragraph that mentions "above are sections 1-3 of your terms and conditions ..... (i.e. sections 4-16 including definitions) ...."


    The strange this is, upon checking the terms and conditions there is no paragraph 16!!!


    Is this a good thing? I'm really really hoping (fingers crossed etc) that it is.


    Am in the process of transferring scanned docs onto photobucket shortly, but they take ages so please bear with me.

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