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  1. Thanks for this guys, I will have a good read up later. Just need to pop out so not ignoring anyone
  2. So the IRL complaint would have to come from my niece? Only thing with that is, my sister said that was why she needed a guarantor because her daughter is on benefits
  3. Thanks for your responses guys. So what should she do now going forward? Should she write to them mentioning no default notice or do something else? Sorry to sound thick
  4. Definitely no default notice served as yet. My sister has just checked her credit file and the score for the period when she became guarantor was 437 (out of a possible 700), no defaults or late payments at that time. The following month she went into default with an MBNA credit card, that was the only other credit she had, apart from a phone contract. The original loan was in her daughter’s name. Her daughter is on benefits and had a terrible credit history which is why she needed a guarantor. My sis received an email from George Banco Any suggestions gratefully received. Many thanks in advance. P.S. my sister clearly cannot afford the repayments either, she is on her bones. She said no one asked for her financial details at the time and the figures on the paperwork bear no relation to her salary or benefits. Is this a possible path to go down?
  5. Thanks for the replies guys. I've just passed them to my sis, she's hunting for a default notice. Will be back when I have more info.
  6. Thanks for the reply. Don't think she's received a default notices as yet. They are threatening bailiffs end of month.
  7. Hi there, well my sister finally heard back from George Banco, they were within the 12+2 day time period. They returned the £1 postal order (again) so no payment accepted. I'll attach the files below, so grateful if you could caste an eye over them and fingers crossed something is wrong with them. My poor sister is in full blown anxiety about being left with this awful debt. She also said the figures stated in the credit file bear no resemblance to what she earns, how long she's worked etc, she doesn't remember filling any figures out or being asked for salary details, benefits etc. Many thanks in advance. docs1.pdf
  8. Thanks Andy, that's what I thought, they know exactly what they are doing, but I didn't know how to respond. As for knowing which department to pass it to hmmmm. Do we have to give a reason as to why we've requested it? My gut feeling is no. So just respond saying whether email or post?
  9. My sister has just received this via email, any advice as to the best way to respond please, thanks in advance:
  10. Hi all, I hope I am in the right place. It's been years since I've needed advice on here so very out of practice. I am hoping to gain some help for my sister. Against her better judgement, she acted as guarantor for her daughter on a loan from Geroge Banco. Seems her instinct was right because daughter has stopped paying the loan so, as guarantor, my sister is now being hammered. I do not have a copy of the original loan document but have attached the guarantee and indemnity agreement, having removed identifying names etc. Please, can anyone help out here or direct me to the right place? Personally I do not think the loan should have been granted as my niece is on benefits and clearly couldn't afford the repayments. Many thanks all. G.Banco Credit Agreement.pdf
  11. Thank you so much for your quick responses and I am over the moon to hear that. Such a relief, thank you for putting my mind at ease. I will be making a donation to the site very soon
  12. I have a statute-barred loan originally from Lloyds which was sold to various debt collection agencies over the years. Today I received a letter from Capquest informing me that they are paying a refund from Lloyds into this loan account. They say: "Your Notice of Sums in Arrears, or NOSIA, should have been dated 1/2/2008 and you should have received it by 14/12/2008, so we're including a corrected NOSIA with this letter and refunding you £69. This amount covers the period between 15/12/2008 and 01/02/2018." My questions are, can they do this? Does this mean the loan will become active again? What can I do? Any help most appreciated, hank you.
  13. Hi ericsbrother, thank you very much for your reply. The overtime has more or less come to an end now as the busy period has passed. Sorry, I got it wrong, it is actually the Housing Benefits people who are chasing my sister, not HMRC. So, it sounds like my sister's housing benefit will be affected because of the overtime over the last six months or so? I'm not completely sure what you mean by the wrong assumptions about this year's income not being based on irregular overtime paid last year??? Do you mean that they will assume her income this year will be the same as last year, even though it will be less? What would be the best approach when drafting a letter to the Council? Could you, or someone else possibly help with some pointers for us to draft a letter for her? It would be most appreciated if possible. Thank you.
  14. Forgot to mention, she has until 12th May to reply.
  15. Thanks for the reply Honeybee, my sis will be relieved to hear that at least.
  16. A family member is having a problem with her working/child tax credits so I offered to try and help her out via the lovely CAG members. She was working 16 hours a week but increased to 22 hours a week last year, which she declared to HMRC, so has been expecting an adjustment in her tax credits and housing benefit. They have recently written to her asking for £1,149 back. Over the last six months or so she has come under a lot of pressure from her job to work overtime as they have so much work on. She was hoping this would not be taken into account as it isn't usually a regular thing. However, one month she worked an extra 40 hours (this is the exception rather than the rule though). HMRC are now asking for six months back payslips and these will, of course, show all the overtime she has done. She is really worried that she will get into a lot of trouble because of this and that she will go to prison! Is this likely to happen? She hasn't deliberately set out to defraud, the extra money has enabled her to treat her little girl to a short break, clothes etc and to buy some much needed bits and pieces for the house. Is regular or irregular overtime taken into account for working/child tax credit purposes? Any help would be most appreciated please. Thanks in advance.
  17. I have just seen on TV that it is an offence (£1,000 fine) not to notify DVLA of a new address. I have been looking into this as I moved over two years ago and just haven’t gotten round to doing so. During my enquiries online I also came across medical problems that should be reported to the DVLA, one of them is sleep apnoea which I have suffered from for years. I’m now really worried that if I apply to change my address and also notify the sleep apnoea I will get into terrible trouble for not reporting this medical condition earlier, and it looks like I should have told my motor insurers too so that is probably invalid too. I am disabled so need a car to get around. Does anyone have any experience /know the consequences of this at all please? I’m desperately worried and scared I may end up going to court or something. Thanks in advance.
  18. no it was absolutely fine in the end, the fault was with me
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