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  1. Thanks for your support, Landy, always makes things look a bit rosier and as the saying goes, a problem shared is a problem halved. Good news, a letter dated 27 July arrived at RBS yesterday, posted 29 July. Bloke at RBS was very nice and said he personally took it over to the calculations team to prevent any further delays. He said the cheque should be with me in 4 weeks. Everything crossed nothing else goes wonky!! Take care and keep well! Dec x
  2. More good news. They are quite quick nowadays at refunding you. Mine took about 8 days to land in my bank account from receiving the acceptance form. I assume you'll get a cheque if the loan is settled.
  3. Hi Landy Hope all is well with you. I have to tell you my tales of woe with the FOS. FOS received my acceptance form on Tues 6 July. It was only sent to the RBS on Mon 19th July. RBS didn't receive it but were very helpful and said to ask the Adjudicator to contact them to arrange to e-mail or fax it. I spoke to Adjuidcator who said we must wait and follow procedures. On the 26th the Adjudicator said she posted a second copy. She said that they did not e-mail or fax. RBS said they did where letters had gone missing but this Adjudicator was having none of it and said her manager agre
  4. Have you tried ringing the person at Egg dealing with your case and asking whether they have investigated your first loan? Secondly I would ask why the contractual interest is so low on the refund. Egg generally won't pay you the 8% statutory interest (I assume this is what you are referring to as compound interest) unless you go through the FOS. The staff are generally quite helpful. Good luck!! PS Forgot to ask, was the balance from your previousloan consolidated into your new loan in 2005?
  5. Not sure if ringing either the FSA or FOS just for some telephonic advice might help? Do you have proof in writing of notifying your bank/card issuer, if it was within the 120 days you should be fine but I can't say with certainty. Might help if you do a Google search on Visa Debit Chargeback scheme and go to your bank armed with the necessary info and insist they act on it.
  6. There are varying opinions on this but I wouldn't want my bank to make any disclosures without my signature. I think the concern is around a request for a CCA and the possibility of recreating your signature if they don't have the original agreement. Hopefully spomeone will come along with more useful advice? Good luck.
  7. From my limited knowledge this should be covered by the Visa Debit chargeback scheme as you did not receive the services/merchandise paid for. You need to be quite pushy with your card issuer on this, it isn't the same as s75 on credit cards which is far more straightforward but you should be hopefully be covered provided you can prove that you haven't received your goods. Not a lot of bank staff are aware of this so ask for someone more senior to assist you if you don't have any joy. You have to lodge a claim within 120 days of the transaction date. Good luck.
  8. Offer letter arrived at last from FOS yesterday, so signed it and rushed off down to PO to post off recorded mail, hope the FOS don't take as long to get it to RBS! Dec x
  9. I have just received the same letter, so off to the FOS now!
  10. No Landy, not any of those but they hadn't given me a new card when mine expired. I could kick myself as that was my last cc claim for a charges and the first one I had thought to ask for a refund of contractual interst as well. But I am just grateful that i have managed to clear a fair amount of debt although still a way to go. I've also found the FOS a bit indescisive but hopefully they'll prove me wrong. Surely the PPI should be refunded to you as the debt has been sold on to a DCA? I would want to do the same if I was in your shoes. I'll keep watching for some positive pro
  11. Hi Landy Not sure on the PPI front but surprised at the charges bit as i got my MBNA cleared and a small refund after about 3 letters. I had about £400 in charges and got a refund of about £1.7k including contractual and 8% interest, couldn't believe my luck when I got that letter. Hopefully the FOS don't take forever!! Fingers crossed! x:)
  12. Mr Otters, send all your PPI complaints for RBS and associated companies directly to Manchester as this is an office set up specifically to deal with loan and credit card PPI complaints. Good luck!
  13. They brought the payment date forward on my Littlewoods account which is on a 28 day cycle. I am paid 4 weekly and my payment was always due 2 0r 3 days after payday but now it is the week before which has led me to be charged every month, the one month I made a double payment to get me ahead but they used it to clear BNPL and left me with the same problem. It iis extremely annoying. I am trying to claim back charges and have almost cleared my balance so will be closing my account soon.
  14. Did you send them recorded, they do sometimes take a while to respond bearing in mind they have 40 days for an SAR. Did you send your letters recorded, if so you could check online with Royal Mail whether they have been delivered. You could also try ringing Egg and Mint customer services, they might also have the same dilemma as barclaycard. Hopefully someone else might have better advice for you as I didn't request an SAR or CCA for any of my complaints so have no experience in this. Good luck!!
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