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  1. Hi Bella, Pleased to hear you got your PPI refunded ok! I've been in a similar situation regarding the overdraft interest generated by the mis-sold PPI on several LTSB loans, but am a bit ahead of you in that I pursued Lloyds for this, took it to the FOS when they refused to pay ball - although they initially suggested they intended to uohold my complaint - and have recently had a final decision by an ombudsman go in the bank's favour. Just mulling over what steps to take next, so will watch your progress with great interest. Best of luck! Landy x
  2. Hi Landrover666, I've just seen this post and am sorry to hear about your issues with your Freelander 2. Unfortunately due to other commitments I'm not around on the forum much these days. In response to your query as to how we got in in a similar situation, I'm afraid we didn't.......Landrover were very unwilling to assist and as we needed to get the new engine fitted as a matter of urgency we had to go ahead without their involvement. In the end we spent in excess of £4k on new engine and other parts As this is an old thread it would probably be better for you to start a
  3. Hear hear They (Swift Advances, not Swift 1st) refunded me approx £900 on £3000 worth of charges earlier this year and this was after nearly two years of trying. We were only with them for 18 months and got shot of them some years back - thank god!!!
  4. Hi LTP, I have to say that my adjudicator did exactly the same - said he would refund charges that were caused by the PPI (and even that he was going to uphold my complaint!!!), then backtracked and decided that there was nothing to prove that the charges were caused by the PPI. I even have a copy (which the adjudicator sent me) of a letter from him to the bank saying he was upholding it - next thing he changes his mind............definitely something fishy going on as far as I can see I'm waiting for an ombudsman to look at mine now, but was told this could take a year or more
  5. Hi LTP Look forward to hearing what they say..........hope it's good news for you! Landy x
  6. Hi Ali Wishing you every success with this............my own complaint is now awaiting review by an ombudsman - my FOS adjudicator told me he was going to uphold and recommend the charges be refunded, but later changed his mind and rejected it, so onwards and upwards! The more people that start to complain about these charges - especially where the spreadsheets clearly show that but for the PPI the charges wouldn't have occurred - the more that hopefully the FOS will realise that these should be refunded as part of the redress process............. Landy x
  7. Hi M, I contacted the FLA when Swift Advances had rejected my complaint and as 42man says, they were no help whatsoever - they agreed with SA's opinion that my complaint was unjustified. Eventually, when there began to be rumblings of the OFT/FSA investigations, I tried again with SA and they did refund some charges...............but my account is no longer operational as I repaid it in full some time before complaining. Landy x
  8. Hi M, As I understand it, the FSA ruling only applies to FIRST CHARGE lending, ie that provided by Swift 1st and not second charge as provided by Swift Advances.............I quite agree with you, it doesn't seem right. Our borrowing with Swift Advances was for over £50k and although a second charge, was more than some peoples' first charge borrowing. We were charged in exactly the same way for late/missed payments/management charges and narrowly avoided repossession, yet apparently because a) it was a second charge and b) it was unregulated being over £25k (and no longer running as we pa
  9. This only applies to Swift 1st customers though................not Swift Advances
  10. Totally agree SJ............ALL Swift customers, whether Swift 1st or Swift Advances were treated like [email protected] and ALL deserve to be refunded. As someone who narrowly escaped repossession by Swift Advances, my OH took an overdose 'cos he was so ashamed of what he felt he had done to his family and to crown it all we had to pay a ridiculous sum in early redemption fee when we managed to get out of their clutches, I truly feel for those who weren't so fortunate I can't see Swift making the effort to track down those who they previously terrorised and feel that if Swift can get away with paying out
  11. Hi MASAMP8 Funny you should say that and not wishing to disagree with the excellent advice offered as always by ims21, but I have exactly such a complaint being investigated at the moment by the FOS.............and my charges were applied to the account which serviced the loan, not the loan account itself. According to the FOS redress guidelines charges incurred because of the increased amounts charged because of the application of PPI are reclaimable, although I would say from my own experience the banks are very reluctant to admit to this and the FOS can be difficult to persuade to foll
  12. Hi Emmtay, Just dropped by to see how you are getting on........sorry to hear you are still not getting anywhere with this. In case it's of any assistance, my underwriters were Premier Writers Ltd although when questioned originally about this I was told (incorrectly as it happened) that our loan was underwritten by Sterling Insurance Group. In my own case though, it was all done through the FOS and the underwriters played no part in it. Don't give up, however hard it may appear I'm sure you will eventually beat them and get your money refunded Landy x
  13. Hi welshnewbie I had the same thing happen when I reclaimed from Direct Line (also an RBS company) last year on behalf of my OH. They informed him that the refunded interest had tax deducted. When I queried this in writing, their response was as follows - 'In relation to the tax that has been paid on the interest aspect of your refund, this is standard procedure in line with HMRC requirements. The interest payable to you is treated as income and tax paid on that income accordingly regardless of the customer's financial situation. If you believe you are exempt from paying tax, y
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