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  1. Hi guys, sorry, have been away from home dealing with family illness. Will read through all your advice and questions and post responses asap. I have spoken with the charming BankFodder, and have a lot of things to do for him to get this dealt with. Thank you again for all your support & help with this.
  2. The latest tenants upstairs moved in late May this year & are still waiting for a bill from nPower... I think everyone who has lived up there has struggled to get a leccy bill and in the end just not bothered to paid anything. The landlord has zero interest in this whole matter, he doesn't care about anything other than getting his rent. It took me nearly 4 years to convince him that the old single pane sash windows were worse than useless & I also spent months without a working boiler over winter one year because he 'forgot' to tell the plumber
  3. Sorry I haven't updated sooner but this is making me feel so ill. Anyway, here's the email I received from Gerry: Hi Lisa You mentioned in the original post that British Gas supplied you prior to 2003, do you have a copy of a bill from them? In particular I need a note of the MPAN (Meter Point Administration Number) from then. The MPAN is a unique number to your property and does not change when there is a change of supplier or when a meter is changed. The industry records for the MPAN that Scottish Power are billing show that BG have never supplied the property & obviously you a
  4. I have gone through my box file quickly and I have found electricity bills from BG from 2004 & 2005, letters from SP to a Ms Sonia Lane at my address welcoming her as a new customer in 2007 & 2008 (nobody of that name has ever lived here), a letter from SP that states I signed a form but no proof of my signature. I will be back later with more info as I have to go to hospital now.
  5. Right guys, I have had this response from my MP's office: Your email has been forwarded to me for attention. I have read your story with deep interest and some of the points simply amaze me. It's your responsibility to prove that you did not sign anything says the Ombudsman? That's almost as stupid as saying prove to me you've never been to the moon. The whole situation is a series of cock-ups and deserves to be exposed. I appreciate that you have a bill for £6k that is not your liability and time is critical in getting some action. I wish to suggest two things. Firstly invite the m
  6. Thank you all for your help, much appreciated. I have emailed Gerry now and my MP.
  7. I will call them again, they were useless when this all kicked off & didn't want to know
  8. I will double check that tomorrow, I have a big box file of papers, so it will take a while to go through them all.
  9. Hi, the Ombudsman said I should accept the bill, and they would get SP to give me £150 off as a gesture of goodwill but I refused. So the Ombudsman has said I have to deal with it alone now. Will find out who my Mp is & contact them, thanks for that. Who would actually be able to put a hold on the WoE? The letter shoved through my door was a very badly photocopied template with my name added from Secus. My landlord is the worst landlord ever, he knows about the problems with the meters as last year we tried to get correct readings as there isn't a meter I can get to in my flat.
  10. This situation has become horrendous but I will try to keep it short. Privately renting a flat in a converted house since 2001, my gas was & still is with British Gas, electricity paid via coin meter that landlord had installed. After a few years of the meter, I asked landlord to remove it which he did. I then had a Dual Fuel tariff with BG. Near the end of 2003, I suddenly start getting 'welcome' letters & bills from Scottish Power!! I rang to say I wasn't with them, as I wouldn't spilt my bills & cost myself more money but they refused to listen as
  11. Thank you sillygirl1, I appreciate your help. Will add that to my letter. I really don`t understand how these people can think what they do is ok in any way, makes me sick.
  12. Thank you so much, all of you. It helps a lot knowing I`m not alone in dealing with this ****.
  13. Wow Brig, thank you so much. That sounds like a great letter, I shall get that done today and posted to them tomorrow. I just hope it works, nothing else has ever stopped them.
  14. I`ve tried telling them that what they`re doing is harassment but they carry on. I wasn`t aware of the actual act though, thank you for that. They were sending all the letters to my Nan`s address and I could see how much it was upsetting her so when I wrote to them telling them to stop and that he`d never bought anything ever from the internet I gave them my address to shield her from it all. I hate them so much!! It feels like they are tarnishing his memory by accusing him of all this cr*p and lying all the time.
  15. Ok, I will do, thank you. I hate all this going on, I can`t sleep because of it. Thanks so much for your help.
  16. Thank you so much for your quick reply. I should`ve said that I contacted them last year & the only advice they gave was to write to the DCA with a copy of the death cert & they were convinced that would put a stop to it all. It made no difference.
  17. Hi, not sure if this is in the right place so please move it if need be. My Grandfather died in August 2010 and ever since then I have had endless letters and calls to my mobile regarding a debt he apparently owes to Phillips & Cohen. They are making me ill. As he & my Grandmother were never in debt ever in their lives & didn`t even have a credit card as they were `old school` & believed in saving for what you wanted, this matter is making me go crazy. They never bought anything with credit always cash from a shop. They have continued to call & send the lette
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