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  1. Yeah, that was my intention. However, they haven't written to me in ages (my mum said the last letter she can remember was around Aug 2008 ) I find this very strange that I've had no contact (lucky, I know) The main thing that's bothering me is that this default is now the only "bad" thing on my file. I got myself registered with the electoral roll, I paid y debts + closed all credit cards and my other contracts (mobile phone, Virgin media etc have never missed a payment) I just want to get this either: paid + amended or marked as unenforceable and amended. ah!!
  2. Hi, having a bit of a bother with CL Finance. They registered a default of £269 back in March 08 They were attempting to contact me at my mum's address ( I moved out in 2007) It was for a GE storecard, and when contacted them, apparantly I had to contact Santander, who in turn didn't have a clue. I don't have any letters for CL, my mum went on a mega de clutter and chucked them all out... great! It's on my credit file as CL Finance + there's the last 4 digits of my acc/reference number with them. Sorry for rambling, but what I'm asking, can I send a CCA request without the refeence number? I have my name, the date defaulted, address registered at, D.O.B etc Will they issue it?? I really really don't want to call CL/Lewis group 'cause I don't want them to have my current address or number. please help! ps - reason I'm looking to CCA is that my agreement was taken out in Jan 2007 + I read something about requesting 'true terms' or something before paying to establish whether it's enforceable?
  3. I just cancelled my 2 credit cards with RBS + Barclays. I was not using them, RBS used more often but Barclay's had been £0.77 in credit for 14 months. They tried to get me to keep it open with different rates/offers etc (has anyone noticed how difficult it is to get your accounts closed?!) I must say, the knowledge that I can't just go and purchase some random thing I don't really need is amazing. I've even opened a wee savings account to fund some travelling later this year. I'm now debt free, which is, as others have said, a great feeling. Good luck to everyone 2010, let's hope this is a lovely debt free/ DCA free year for all.
  4. Yep, I'm the same, have worked for both T-mobile and o2. I agree, the full internet access with t-mobile it would be VERY easy to copy bank details. Funnily enough though, people calling o2 payments line always seem to be annoyed when we state that we can't store card details for future. Personally, I would be very worried and angry if any random employee could view my card number, security numbers etc. hmm.
  5. yeah, I don't actually have any old letters. i mean, if I have to, I'm not opposed to paying the debt, just now all these extra charges that are there.
  6. Hi I defaulted on a GE store card back in 2008 + at the time I was living with my parents, however, they have not received any letters/calls regarding this in months. It's shwoing as defaulted on my credit file and I want to get this cleared up. However, I don't know who owns it! it says CL Finance on my credit file, but I cannot contact them as I don't have their numbers or any of my account details. Also, this agreement was taken out in Febuary 2007 + I was reading that it may be unenforceable or something? The balance was around £150 and now it's defaulted at £269 and I've no idea what those extra charges are. How do I sort this? Any help would be very appreciated
  7. this happened to my boyfriend when he tried to get some pc related thing from ebuyer, he was annoyed at first but it was just to guard against fraud as his card address + billing address weren't matching. He reordered on the tuesdau and the pc was at his flat on wed - pretty good me thinks!
  8. Hi, I live alone and I am a full time student for 24 weeks and 21 hours+ per week. I have filled in all my forms, had my lecturer sign then, all handed in and told it was smashing. however, on 9.10.09 I received 2 council tax letters from glasgow city council. One stated that I had a full exemption on basis of being a student and my balance due for 09/10 = £0.00 The other said that I had a balance of £111.50 due as a single persons discount was applied. Both letters were dated the same day, I assumed they have accidently processed a 25% discount first (and an automated letter was generated) and then noticed and rectified. Alas, this morning I returned form work to find a letter from Scott +Co stated a Sheriff Warrant has been granted (????) and that the balance of £111.50 is owing. I just want to check this out, I mean I have been a full time student last year and this year. If I owe it I have no issues paying, but I don't want my bank account frozen or credit file affected. Any help would be much appreciated. Amanda x
  9. Thanks for the replies, sorry it's taken me so long! The issue was mainly that I received a letter of Satisfaction from my creditor (SAAS) which contained absolutely everything needed (decree number, court, date granted, date paid etc) and it had details to send to the Registry Trust to have it amended. However, the letting agency had completed the credit check through a company who kept asking for a letter from the "county court" to which I nearly exasperated myself explaining in Scotland...we don't have em!!! Long story short, I went to the Sheriff Court and a very nice Sheriff Clerk stamped + signed my documents and offered to call this company for me and I'm now in my flat. what a hassle! i willl never ever ever ever ignore a summons (hopefully as i won't get one) I wish I had not been 18 when I received it = young and scared.
  10. If you were advised that the PAC must be activated within 30 days or your contract would continue on a rolling month to month basis, and then you didn't activate that PAC within 30 days, unfortunately you're going to have to pay the bill. Using the excuse that you tried but couldn't get through won't really wash to be honest (o2 do have international C.S numbers...)
  11. DSR would be enforce here, as she's taken her goods over the phone without seeing them (o2 do operate this way by the way, all their calls are recorded and kept for 12 months and they do offer a cool off periods on upgrades) I would suggest actioning a complaint in writing and also doing a SAR.
  12. Yeah, you will still be responsible for the bill. However, the best way to approach this would be to give them a call when you receive the bill and explain the situation. Don't be angry or anything towards the person you're speaking to, if you explain the situation and state how upset you are you've never had a bill this large before etcetc they may recalculate it under a "bill shock". (I work for a mobile provider and this happens AAALLL the time) The key is to be VERY nice to customer services.
  13. Hi, I have a CCJ from 2007 which I paid 5 months later to the creditor directly and receive a statement showing the account settled. (and I know this is my fault, I have dragged my feet getting it marked as satisfied. so stupid) However, I just found out that my application to a letting agency has been declined because of this. I offered to show the proof from creditor it was paid etc they said they need to letter of satisfaction from the court. I've tried contacting them today, they are shut so I am going to the court in person tomorrow. I am just wondering if I show my proof and pay my fee can they issue a satisfaction letter on the day (tomorrow) as my letting agency are unwilling to wait any longer and I will lose my flat and deposit so gutted. (I'm in Scotland btw) any help would be MUCH appreciated.
  14. Yeah, I'll need to watch what I say, it's in my contract that I can't participate in online discussions about the beloved company. There are people who 'police' websites... personally, I reckon that's a bit sad but oh well.
  15. I'm a callcentre monkey.. for... dare I say it... WESCOT :eek::eek: don't hate me though, it's strictly a part time "get me through Uni number", we all have to make a wage someway, even in the most soul destroying place known to mankind. The place is a joke, the processes are RIDICULOUS and the managers well, let's snigger at that. Can you really call someone who makes £15000 a year a manager? I think not. :D
  16. Okay, I'm having some trouble. I had a staff card (which was essentially a store card) when I worked for Arcadia Group LTD (grrr) now it was with GE Money. Now I was 150% sure I cleared it, but obviously not, 'cause I got a call from my Mum recently who said that default notices have come to her address for me. This (the actual using the card) was like 2-3 years ago, and I just checked my credit report and it's on there as defaulted (raging!) However, the main problem is, I don't know who to deal with : GE money, Lewis Group or CL Finance (both have sent notices around the same time to my mum's address) they don't have my new contact details so that'll be why it's going to my old address. however, why has it taken so long to send it all out?! the debt is £260 so hardly an earth shattering amount, I'm happy to pay it today, but the amount (260) was more than my credit limit, so I imagine I've been hit for at least £100 extra in charges etc which, to be honest, I don't want to pay. what can I do?
  17. Hi, not sure if I've put this in the correct section, apologies if I haven't. Basically, I had a CCJ applied to my name over a £700 debt to SAAS. It was applied in October 07 and I paid the debt off in full in Dec 07... just missing the 1 month removal date. I've received my letter through stating that the account is cleared. What I'm wondering, is what to do now. I know I've left it a while, I just figured it didn't matter and I'm only young etc. However, the rest of my credit is perfect, never defaulted or anything as such. I'm very worried about what this CCJ is doing. I know it was my fault, it just took longer getting my funds to pay the full sum off. Okay, what I'm really looking for, is advice on how to have it marked that I've paid. I understand that as I didn't pay in 1 month,it will remain for 6 years. However, I'm worried about the effects towards mortages in the future. My partner and I will be looking in 3-4 years once I've graduated and in a comfortable position etc. I don't want this to mess it up as his credit is excellent! Please help thanks
  18. If you're being told by collections that they can't issue any letters, this is true.( I work in this department...) However, o2 cust service should put it in writing! Also, you can access recorded calls, but there is an admin fee, upto £10.00 I do believe. (don't quote me on that one tho!)
  19. Hello, thanks for the advice Yes, I probably shouldn't have put their name here, however, I feel it's only fair to show who I'm dealing with!! Yeah, I'm just worried that my wage will come through next week with nothing there. I've read that they can deduct as long as it doesn't lower the national min wage or something as such. Ach! Well, I will speak to them and demand my payslips, I'm enraged these are being with held! ps - Union... don't be crazy, they have no union!!
  20. Hello all, this is my first post here. Firstly, I work for Wescot Credit Services ( please don't yell at me, I'm not one of the bad mean ones!! ) Okay, basically here's what's happened to me : I put my request to reduce my hours from full-time to part-time in June 08, actually reducing my hours in August. This was well more than the one month required. This was agreed and all was fine, in August I receive a wage which had lots of different elements (part-time, full time, overtime, bonus etc) so I assumed it was fine, seemed about right with my calculations. Thought all was fine. Then in September I received my pay and it was a full month! I took it to my TL ( the honest soul that I am especially when I was being urged to keep my mouth shut and keep taking the full time pay!) Anyways, it was established that I was still, for some reason, on full time hours at payroll. I've now been told that I need to pay back overpayments, I obviously didn't deserve this September's pay so I have kept £400 aside ( roughly how much I presume I'm due them) so I've no issue paying that. However, my main complaints are these: I've not been issued revised payslips - been told it's "too much hassle" surely that's not right?!?! I've been told if i don't pay back full sum, which is over £600, they are taking it out my Oct's wage Also, they've reduced my bonus (which is performance earned might I add!!) I'm pretty upset at this. I don't mind paying that £400 in one go, IF I receive revised pay slips + explanation of how this was worked out. However, I'm a student and I honestly can't afford the remainder of the payment in one go. :(:( I'm pretty angry as I did everything by the book and this IS NOT MY MISTAKE!!! please, any advice on where I stand would be greatly appreciated. thankies
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