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  1. Hi there I'm not saying that they won't ATTEMPT to do it -- but the chances of it being granted are not high fo smallish (by Bankruptcy terms) amounts. In the first thread the amount of debt wasn't specified -- but if it were say 35,000 GBP then that's a different ball game to 5,000 GBP or so which comes under SMALL CLAIMS. In both the threads the DCA was acting improperly in any case so the Bankruptcy petition would have had no chance of succeeding. Some people are too frightened by the whole Court process. In my experience you are much more likely to get a better deal f
  2. Hi there of course IF Bankruptcy occurs -- but even here the receiver has to go through the debtors assets and its a LONG way off before a house is sold --for example there might be a Vehicle which could be sold or other assets. Selling a House and pushing someone out on to the Street is the LAST thing most Courts want to do if there is any other alternative -- and as I said for a relatively small sum like 5,000 GBP some sort of re-payment plan can usually be arranged. Bankruptcy is actually quite hard to get -- especially for these sorts of amounts which would in any case be ha
  3. Hi there two points If it DID go to court for Bankruptcy then it's unlikely this would be granted for a relatively trivial amount of 5,000 GBP ( I say relative because to the individual debtor who is in hard times 5,000 GBP can seem as hard to get as Abromovitch's Billions) . Bankruptcy will only occur if the debtor is overwhelmingly in debt with no possible means of ever digging him / herseklf out of the hole and a brand new start is the only option. The Court is much more likely to suggest some type of possible repayment fees maybe as low as 10 GBP a month. Bankruptcy isn't
  4. Hi there I've had it to the eyeteeth with the whole STINKING ROTTEN DEBT COLLECTION business and I don't care what it costs but I'm going to take action myself. I have a number of properties rented out. Meanwhile I have had at least 3 letters from the Lewis group demanding that I either give the current address of a previous tenant of mine or I will be responsible for the outstanding debt. Apart from the fact both requests are TOTALLY ILLEGAL I've got a solicitor friend to reply to these batch of letters charging 50 GBP for each one. If LEWIS GROUP DON'T pay then I'm goin
  5. Hi there I'm not an expert at dealing with an SD - but it would appear that a DCA won't go the whole hog of making you Bankrupt as it would cost too much money. They are just trying to scare you into re-submission. Once you've dealt with the SD -- as I said I can't help you with that one although others will surely guide you through THAT process then the Charging Order issue can be handled. Before this happens they need to go to court at least 3 Times. 1) they need to get a CCJ. 2) They have to go back to court if you DON'T comply with the CCJ. They will get an Interim CO an
  6. Hi there Screw the Credit Agencies. The ONLY valid data is to get an SAR (10 GBP). This will show the exact date you last made any activity on the account. It's not unheard of for sleazebag DCA's and Cr@ppybottom certainly belongs to this category to write what they care to on a Credit reference file so the data could be totally inaccurate or meaningless.. The Court will only take the SAR as proper conclusive evidence of the date of last activity on the account. Cr@ppybottom can send a MILLION warnings and default notices but so long as you haven't either acknowleged the
  7. Hi there If its not your debt just write to BCW telling them in no uncertain terms to Foxtrot Oscar and any further communication by them unless it's a letter confirming the account is now closed will be regarded as serious harrassement and full legal measures will be taken not only against the firm but the actual individual who authorized the sending out of the mail. In any case any debt collection agency HAS to provide you with their legal authority to collect the debt AFTER establishing that the debt is yours in the first place. Send them also with your reply an "administratio
  8. Hi there If you don't have any money you can't pay --end of. Debtors Prisons ended around 1800 so whatever the actual Law says the Magistrate was obviously doing what was sensible. After all what is the point in a Prison sentence if you CAN'T pay. In any case Prisons are really meant to be used for CRIMINALS -- pursuing an unemployed person for unpaid Council Tax is just IDIOTIC and won't result in ANY BENEFIT TO ANYONE if you DO go to prison-- 1) The Council will have spent a lot of money and STILL don't get their back tax. 2) The Prison Service is overloaded and has to fin
  9. Hi there I think you've missed the point here I'm quite happy to explain to ANY COURT that I'M not trying to AVOID paying Council tax but about the ILLEGAL MEANS and ILLEGAL CHARGES that are being applied to the collection activity. Of course the council has the obligation to use whatever means it feels fit to pursue collection BUT THESE MUST BE WITHIN THE LAW and by employing a Firm that is well known over the entire country for BOUNDLESS times of applying illegal charges the council itself is breaking the law. It's not always possible to pay when you are working overseas and
  10. Hi all Got an email from a colleague who checks my place every so often for mail etc while I am away working abroad. There was a note from Rossendales demanding around 600 GBP for Unpaid Council Tax -- No Invoice or breakdown just a badly computer generated form with an amount to pay. Now I've already TOLD the council I will NEVER EVER deal with these CHEATS, LIARS and EXTORTIONERS again ( I've had problems with this lot in the past with Unallowed Fees added to bills) so they have it on record that 1) I am away, 2) I will NEVER EVER pay ROSSENDALES a single cent and 3)
  11. Hi there BCW are a pain in the But. Just tell them (by letter) to Foxtrot Oscar and not bother you again as you will IGNORE any further communications -- you don't have to give a reason either. They don't OWN the debt so they have even LESS powers than your Grandmothers's Cat in debt collection. The next step will be the "Debt" will be sold on to "Snotty Call" (Scot Call) who can easily be seen off -- they threaten Doorstep collectiobns etc but if you DEMAND the name of the person who mailed the letter threatening Doorstep collections you can threaten with all sorts of sanc
  12. Hi there This has been raised before but I couldn't get any really satisfactory answers. If a debt subject to a CCJ / CO is sold on what is the legal position -- the Court says XXXX owes money to YYYY and not ZZZZ. So if ZZZZ demands money surely until they get a Court amendment they are DEMANDING money without authority and presumably could even be guilty of EXTORTION - a CRIMINAL act. As they also have no power (IMO) to collect the debt can they demand any interest that the original CCJ might have allowed from the date they took the debt over or the date of transfer of the CCJ if
  13. Hi there the whole point of this is that YOU AREN'T GOING TO COLLECT IT. You've bought it for peanuts and alll you need to do now is tell the court that you own debt YYYY which has been satisfied. Cheers jimbo
  14. Hi there For them to get a charging order they have FIRST to get a CCJ which you then don't pay --then they have to go to court again TWICE - once for an interim and then for the final CO. At this stage any interest STOPS STONE DEAD and you can just sit there FOR YEARS until you decide to move / sell your house -- and they are LOWEST on the creditor pile when the house is finally sold. It's so rare that a house is FORCEABLY SOLD because of a charging order especially for things like Credit Card debt unless the amounts are VERY large like 35,000 GBP or more and even then its rare.
  15. Hi there I think you only need a consumer credit license to actually Lend money to people. Buying a "Debt" is presumably like buying any other commodity. For example you can deal in Shares that you don't actually own by buying OPTIONS - you don't actually own the shares but you are selling / buying the rights to buy / sell these shares at a specific price -- like derivatives / hedge fund trading.. You won't have the authority to Collect the debt but presumably all the court needs to know is that XXX owns the debt and it has been satisfied. You don't need a Sole traders lice
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