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  1. This is the stratagy I used a few years ago when I was in arrears with CT due to being out of work and I would phone up the council on payday and make a payment direct to them. It ****ed the ballif off no end to the point of him actually making an angry phone call to me demanding that I pay him or I would be sent to jail. despite numerous vists (I was never in) and letters all they got out of me was the charge for the 1st visit and second visit.I was genuinly shocked at this charge because I was so sure that when I left and moved to Scotland 3 years ago everything was settled and up to date. I
  2. Thanks it didn't occur to me that it could be different liability orders. The council say that the total debt is £800 and that they have not written to me since 2011. I had left the property before any liability orders were issued and did not recieve them. They have never written to me at my current address.All I know is that the debt managment company are looking for £200 but you're probably right that they are different liability orders.My original plan was to pay the council direct and infact I've already made an online payment of £50 to them today and am happy to pay £50 per month to pay o
  3. Scot Call are the latest one but the first call was from a company called debt managment.I didn't think councils farmed out council tax to debt collection agencies but perhaps because I'm in Scotland Balliffs are not an option.
  4. I hope you can help me I'm confused about a council tax debt I was recently informed about. I had a phone call from a debt management company out of the blue and stupidy I was driving at the time so answered it believing it to be a work call. They informed me that I owe the council of an area I lived in for a while £200. They couldn't tell me what it was for but told me I had to pay now and asked how I would like to pay. As they couldn't tell me what it was for I politely told them to ram it believing it to be a [problem]. I have now received several letters from them and they have p
  5. I've been up here just 3 days. There is no Ba;;if action as yet but with me stopping payments for 3 months there may well be. I'm just trying to get clued up on the law up here and how things work so that I know my rights etc.
  6. No i've not lived here for more than 3 months. So can an English Liability Ofder be enforced in Scotland?
  7. I've recently moved from England and mailny thanks to this site have become familliar with the English ballif system and council tax collection. I have arrears from England and was paying the council direct but have been out of work so had to stop paying. I've always ignored Balliffs and never paid anything above the fees they are emtitled to and have never let them into the property. This was made easier by the fact they always called when I was out at work. I have found some part time work so will be able to pay something off the arrere soon. What i'd like to know is can an English
  8. A few months ago I recieved a letter from HMCS about a fine i'd recieved (first i'd heard of it). I'd changed addresses a couple of times so I think it had taken them a while to track me down. I phoned them and spoke to someone about the offeence as it wasn't clear and was told that she couldn't give me those details but she would be in touch. She asked if I admitted to offence and I said I didn't know as I didn't know the details. Nothing ever came through the post until last week (I've just been on holiday for 2 weeks). It's a letter from Marstons saying that unless the total amount owe
  9. The debt is for accountancy costs from when I was self employed (don't laugh) Unfortunatly I did go through some financial probleme hence the DMP and the fact that i'm now employed. Unfortunatly I can't even offer anything to the creditor until the 22nd of the month when I get paid. What I would like to know is if (assuming worse case senario) I do get a CCJ will it damage my credit rating any more than it is already with the defaults and the debt managment plan? Especially as it'll be marked as satistfied quite quickly.
  10. I've just recieved the court paperwork because someone is taking me to court for £350 (including court costs). It's through my own negligance that this has happened and I do admit liability but am unable to pay it off in one go. I am prepared to pay £100 per month though. I'm also on a debt managment plan and this isn't included in that. As i'm on a DMP and already have defaults my credit file is probably damaged anyway will a CCJ make it any worse? If i fill in the court paperwork and send it to the creditor and offer the £100 a month and they accept will that be counted as a CCJ?
  11. As it was on the phone he'd only deny it and I did consider calling him back once i'd double checked my facts but i'll leave it. My bet is it was a last ditched attempt to get the money from me and he won't presue anything apart from the visit fees. I had already sent the company a letter stating that I know my rights and that i'm aware of exactly what fees can and can't be charged.
  12. I'm not sure how they got my number but I had a call today from a guy saying he was a magistrates court balliff and that because i've vacated my rented house i've not committed 2 criminal offences (the council tax was for a previous address) plus a third for non payment of my council tax. I asked him to verify which account it was and he did and then said that I owe him nearly £400. When I asked him why that much he said it was the extra enforcment cost. I asked for the specifics of why the cost is that high and he didn't elaborate and then he said that unless I pay him he'll make a report bac
  13. I have almost paid the debt off and believe me I have no intention of letting a baliff anywhere near the property. My question was a general wondering about that type of situation ie if you've allowed them access to an ampty house and they are unable to levy can they automatically gain access to your new property because you have allowed them into a property in the past. I'm sure someone must have done it in the past if not just to wind the ballif up when he sees you have nothing in the house/flat.
  14. I've almost cleared a liability order by paying the council direct so the Ballifs have not had a penny of my money and have made their 2 visits. I returned home yesterday to find that he has hand delivered a letter saying full payment needed etc or else he will remove goods. There is only £100 left on the account and i'm going to pay that to the council direct today. I am moving house at the weekend though so what would happen if I allow the Ballif access to my house because it's empty and all of my stuff is either in the new house or in the removal van. Obviously there is nothing to levy
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