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  1. Having spent weeks reading and digesting the excellent advice/info on the PPI thread I am happy to report 2 successes! For myself the return of a single payment + 8% from a First Direct Loan. For my daughter mis sold PPI on her credit card. Thank you one and all.
  2. Hi Everyone Whilst dealing with my daughters credit card charges I noticed she had been paying 'Repayment cover' since the start. Is this PPI? She was actually still in Further Education taking her A levels when she got the card so was working less than 16 hrs, she is now at Uni and stilll most weeks working less than 16 hrs. Can we claim this? All help greatfully received Regards ML
  3. Hi Stan I sympathise with you for having to deal with AIC, they really are a nasty bunch, however I did exactly as told by the wonderful people on this site ie send the letters quoted above, make sure you send them recorded delivery or they will say they have not received them. They do back down but will try to harass you up until the very last. I even got letters saying they did not accept my payment plan even though i had not offered one! If they do get your phone number just refuse to give out your security details, you can usually tell its them as thay are based in Scotland a
  4. This situation is so sad, people should not be killing themselves over debt but it does not just apply to the old and proud , my daughter came back from Uni covered in excema ( a sure sign that she's stressed) managed to get it out of her that her credit card was over limit and she had been receiving distressing phone calls. Thanks to the knowledge I have gained from this site I am at present claiming her charges and also PPI which will totally erase her debt if succsessful. If its ok I will print off some of LJ's fringe posters for her to take bak to Uni. I'm sure she' not the only one.
  5. Hi Pompeyfaith! I am new to this thread and just wanted to say both my kids were born in Pompey! my son is 20 now and we live in Yorkshire but he still proudly wears his PFC shirt! Went to FA cup final but had to sit in Cardiff end! (Tiickets were scarce up here) He's got himself a crate of beer to watch the Pompey V Tottenham game and is really hoping Harry see's what he's given up ! (Sorry to hijack serious thread ) Good Luck with your claim! Regards ML
  6. By the way I am not sure if they will be able to find the agreement , if I remember rightly we applied on one of those magazine inserts they used to do! Don't think they can do that now!!
  7. Hi Alanalana! Thank you for replying, have had a few poopy shifts at work so have not been able to indulge in my usual CAG fix much lately! Yes I sent the £1 fee and the request was dated 2/12/08 so they are way overdue. I do want to keep up with the payments can I still do that if I put the account in dispute? Having read around the thread I think I will send a letter requesting to cancel PPI and also let them know that they have not fulfilled their obligations under the CCA 1974. Do you think that will be ok? Kind regards ML
  8. Hello to all on this thread! I am feeling a bit like a thread tart as I have been on Debt Collection Agencies, the kind folks on there helped me control the DCA's, Barclaycard- the wonderful chaps on there helped me to reclaim charges and pointed me in your direction for help with PPI! I have already received SAR from Barclaycard that shows monthly payment protection and also intermitantly something called Barclaycard Card protection that ranges from £16 to £35. Before Xmas I requested my CCA but to date have received nothing. The card
  9. Thanks Slick, I will pop over to PPI! Shame to be moving I feel safe on here! Thanx again for all your help. Take care ML
  10. Hello All! Hope everyone had a good Xmas and New Year!I have now received my charges + 8% from Barclaycard and am happy with that as it cuts the balance in half, (they have also reduced credit limit but am not too bothered as I just want to get it paid off) they have not however supplied the requested CCA so I am assuming it doesn't exsist and I can press on with PPI claim, would appreciate some advice as to my next step as the world of PPI reclaim is all new to me.Thanx in anticipation1 Kind regards ML
  11. To all at Cag who I now consider to be friends, I wish a Very Merry Xmas and Happy New Year. This site makes you laugh and it makes you cry but the support and advice is second to none.Thank you all sooo much.Kindest regard Mandy. xx
  12. Thanks Slick! Will post both 2morro.Regards
  13. Thanks Slick! Will crack on with appropriate letters today. On the LBA letter supplied by Bookworm it adds interest, I used the basic SOC (sent without the interest column) so how do I now calculate the interest they owe? or do I just ask for the £540 in this letter? Probably won't get much joy this side of Xmas but will be nice if we can clear it up for the New Year! Kind Regards ML.
  14. Well as you predicted slick, I have had the first offer/goodwill gesture! £96 as difference between £12 and £20, claim was for £540 with no interest added. I assume I now send a template rejection letter to ask for the rest? Do I add interest yet? Greatful for any advice.Have not yet recieved CCA so have not started on PPi yet.Thanks ML
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