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  1. I know what the final balance was. Started out at £2k and ended up 7 years later at £1900. So easy to estimate the PPI each month was around £10. And I have the agreement that shows the Life Insurance amount and interest rate. Seen a few SAR's from people who have got info from HFC from around that time. So fingers crossed. They sent the agreement via a CCA request 2 years ago, so they should have everything else saved too. In my SAR I have asked for the certificates of destruction for any info that is missing. So hopefully that should stop them doing the Barclaycard trick of not sending all the statements.
  2. Best to send them a Subject Access Request. There's a template in the stickies at the top of the PPI forum. Then they should send you all the paperwork and statements. Don't tell them it's for a PPI claim though.
  3. Another thing I noticed while searching through the paperwork. Default balance was £1900 yet when 1st Credit bought the account it shot up to £2,150. So before Selling it looks like HFC has added a pile of charges. Let's hope the SAR reveals something. Just checked the Royal Mail website and they signed for it on Friday 26th April.
  4. Yes it was a rollover. Can't remember if it had PPI on it. Knowing HFC and how keen they were on selling it, it likely to have PPI. I know the previous loan was a standard one, so the PPI was likely to be added as a lump sum with the loan amount. As I have the account numbers for both I asked in my SAR for all information HFC have for me.
  5. Hi all, I had a HFC Personal Plus loan. One of those credit card style rolling credt accounts where the min amount is paid by direct debit and you had a cheque book. The account ran from Feb 2001 and I stopped paying in FEB 2007 when I moved house, as I was paying over £60 a month and the balance hardly decreasing. In 2010 the account was sold to 1st Credit and it's now Statute Barred, as I took great delight in writing and informing them they wouldn't be getting a penny from me. The HFC account had PPI added at 0.55% of the outstanding balance each month. Just waiting for the SAR to return statements so I can do the spreadsheet and work out the 8% interest. I also noticed a front loaded 5 year life insurance fee of £495. Now as this was a rolling credit account, can I claim compound interest of 28.8% for the life of the account for this £495? When I stopped paying the balance was only £200 lower than the £2000 I borrowed at the start.after 6 years. How I should work this out? I'm not sure what percentage of the life insurance would have been paid off each month and it doesn't state this in the credit agreement. The loan was to settle a previous loan, and I'm hoping the SAR will give me documentation to claim on that one too.
  6. I got the fake 1st Credit NOA and "legal proceedings being considered" letters a week apart. I'm still undecided which way to go with this. I have a a 2 page agreement where one page states I have PPI and the other pages states no PPI. The T&C's are from a different time as the originals I've seen on here state £25 late payment/over limit fees and their copy states £12 and also mentions the new CCA amendments, whereas the original agreement is from 2005 so there would be no mention of the new 2007 amendments to the CCA. Also I have a default notice that doesn't give 14 days to rectify. Like others on here I also have had the 40% discount letters from Halifax. I'm trying to decide if I should wait and see if 1st Crud go the court route. Or now 1st Crud bought the account, can I hit them for the refund of the PPI and charges instead of Halifax? These, plus 6 years worth of interest on many of them is approx £300 in excess of the outstanding amount they claim I owe them. It would be nice to see 1st Crud buy a debt for about £50 and then end up having to pay me £300.
  7. As you say Moorcroft are chasing you for an Argos card, then the easiest way for you to get rid of them is to send them a CCA request. Argos are well known on here for not having agreements, or the ones they do have are unenforceable. Moorcroft will soon vanish once they realise they're chasing the impossible. After a few months Argos will farm it out to other DCA's, but they are then easily dealt with by sending the Account in Dispute letter template. Had to deal with them on the same Argos thing for the last 3 years, and I get rid of each DCA that pops up every 3 months or so with one letter now. I can promise you Moorcroft are nothing to be scared of whatsoever. There isn't a single recorded case on this site of Moorcroft ever taking anyone to court. They can't because they don't buy debts, they only collect on behalf of the original creditors, and only the actual owner of the account can start any legal action, and to try that, they need enforceable paperwork. Which is why it's always a good idea to do the CCA request to see if they have any legal rights to be asking you to pay them anything at all.
  8. Incasso are basically Iqor's in house solicitors. Just had the same letter from them myself a couple of days ago. Just send them the "account in dispute" letter and ignore them.
  9. I have never seen Moorcroft take anyone to court yet. They just collect on bhealf of Original Creditors, so have no legal powers to start a court claim as they don't actually own the debt. I have had that many letters from Moorcroft over the years from their Pre-Court Division and notices of inteded litigation. I must have enough to wallpaper the toilet with them. Whenever I get any junk from Moorcroft now, I just shred and bin them. No point in opening them as I virtually know all their template letters off by heart now.
  10. Utility bills aren't covered by the CCA. Send the prove it letter and see what they come back with.
  11. Had exactly the same letter myself a few days ago. I notice Uncle Bob and chums are still breaching OFT guidelines from the following statement...... So they're bassically admitting they don't know if they have the correct person or not, but will still hound you with threats of CCJ's, Bailiffs, etc Sending a copy of mine to the OFT, if I were you I'd do the same, pointing out the above sentence. ;-)
  12. Can you post up the Default Noice after removing personal info? Leave the dates intact on it though. Also have you sent them a CCA request to see if it's enforceable? Also if the PPI didn't pay out, then go after them for miss-selling it.
  13. HL Legal is just a desk in the corner of Capquests office. They sometimes like to pretend to be solicitors to try and scare people into contacting them. As this is the first time you have heard from Capquest, then it's likely they don't own the debt and are just collecting on behalf of the bank/OC. Therefore they cannnot start any legal proceedings, as they don't own the account. I used to get HL Legal and Capquest letters for a month or 2. I just ignored them, and the letters stopped coming.
  14. I think in the judgement, it gives them x amount of days to pay up and the amount. If they have failed to pay within the time, then phone the court and they will advise you on the next step, which I think will be them sending their bailiffs in to collect the money for you.
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