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  1. Confusion. I did not read the letter correctly, apparently the sum outstanding is for a little over £600 this maybe my NI. And yes I claimed for all expenses etc.
  2. Yes I have had letters from HMRC and 3 visits and explained my situation and they were happy for me to pay £100 a month but due to the amount of work I do and don't get sometimes I can't afford £100 and some months I have missed. I'm not trying to get out of not paying it, it's the length of time that these people (bluestone) will demand it is paid in. I can go sometimes 3 maybe 4 weeks without work in winter as the amount I get can be upredictable. Tax year 10/11 I broke even so had no extra to pay tax.
  3. Had a letter from bluestone credit management chasing tax owed from 09/10 tax year. I'm selfemployed and haven't always got enough money left over to make payments as work is very slow. I have been making small payments when I can but balance is still £4k. What powers do bluestone have and should I contact them or still keep making payments direct to hmrc when I can. Thanks
  4. Can anyone help. Sent Non Compliance letter giving 7 days to provide info and had no reply. Does anyone know of the type of court order I need to get, in order to force the CSA to comply. Thanks
  5. Just an update. Still not heard anything from CSA regarding my case. Received my SAR but missing important telephone transcripts, lots of them in there but not the important ones. I have a list of calls I made between 2005 and 2010, the name of the person I spoke to, time and date of call and call duration but none of these appear in the SAR. Also telephone transcript in the SAR from my original call in 2004 but big chunk of it missing, I know this because I have it on tape. Will write to them again asking for the transcipts for these particular calls. They state several times in the SAR th
  6. Does anyone know if the CSA bailiff contractors can use self employed bailiffs. Regarding my first post, the re-assessment that was done, was done in Oct 2007 using info I gave to the CSA in 1988. Cheers
  7. Called CSA explained situation again to supervisor, told her my intentions with SAR and legal action, and it is now going to be sorted out. Also spoke to Newcastle Legal Enforcement and bailff action is going to be put on hold.
  8. When I recieved the letter about the liability hearing I called the CSA and explained again the situation and it was supposed to be put on hold, I was told someone would call to sort the problem out but no one called.
  9. SAR is in the post, for a next day delivery signed for. Last payment was made in Sept 04 just before my eldest was 17. CSA was informed over the phone that I would not be making any more payments until re-assesment was made on new income. I had 1 more year to go before my youngest was 17. As mentioned above re assesment was done in Oct 2007 but this was done using info I gave to them in 1988.
  10. I have had an on going fight with the CSA since September 2004 over arrears of just over £2000. Basically I requested a re-assesment in september 04 as I had changed careers and was on a lower income. Each time I called them I was always put through to someone who could'nt help and was always told someone would call me back to deal with my request, but no-one ever did. About two years later I got a call from the CSA saying they were returning my call and how could they help. I went balistic and after I had calmed down I explained again about my request, again I was told that they would have
  11. Called the Ministry of Justice today and they have no record of the bailiff ever being employed by JBW as far as they are concerned he is self employed.
  12. No not as yet, but will put something in writing to them soon, currently working away from home.
  13. Letter arrived today 8th Nov and the council have confirmed that it does not allow its bailiff contractors to use self employed bailiffs. So what does this mean, is the process (in my case) null and void and/ illeagal........
  14. Well time has passed and as expected the ACEA have not replied to my request above. Gave them 7 days in which to reply and it has now been over 2 weeks so will now continue with court action once a hear back from the local authority concerned.
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