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  1. Hi Mrs B Just saw your post as I'm back at work now. I went through a lot as well but I was lucky that I got to stay in my home and I am now a tenant it all went through back in march 2010 I qualified for full housing benefit then I went back to work so I had to pay it myself but ive managed really well and have no arrears this year as I only work part time I qualified for housing benefit and I still get to go to. Work and me and the kids are starting to feel settled although eventually I'd still like to move. Enough about me anyway I now work in housing as i want to help others who end up in impossible situations when you get the final date for the repo pls make sure you take it to the council as they can put you in band 1 even though u have some where to stay at the moment. Pls do go into private rented as you will be classed as adequately housed good luck and I know it's sadvto loose ur house but a fresh start with your kids is the best trust me I know x
  2. Hi everyone just to let you know i got the two letters today confirming it;defo hrc and lrm until 2014 and a payment would you believe all backdated:)
  3. Hiya all thank you for your congrats messages. I called them today as i havent had the letter yet they told me that he has been awarded high rate care and low rate mobility backdated from Jan and guess what it has been awarded until 2014!!!!! Thank u Jesus x I am so thankful for your support and help over the past 3 years at least I will have a break for a bit
  4. thanks guys i thought it might be about that too i let you know when i get the letter
  5. update got a call today to tell me that they still cannot find his file but after receiving the doctors report she can see that he has high care needs. She said that she was re-instating the benefit and that she was going to award him high rate care and low rate mobility and it will be backdated and i should get a letter in the next week or so and she apologised again for the delay. She also said that she would be awarding it for a few years but she did not say how many. Im relieved its sorted for him but i cant quite believe it until i get the letter. Just want to say thanks guys for all your support
  6. thanks guys sorry but i havent had any notifications that you all replied but no i have nought to hide but the funny thing is i rang the number on the letter and it was not in use so i called the main council tax who gave me a different number but ive been at work so i will try again on monday but why would they send out letters like that with the wrong number on?
  7. Hiya all i got a letter last week that my single persons discount was been reviewed and could confirm that i was still eligable for the discount. Well i signed it and sent it back confirming the details. then today i got home from my new job saying that they have checked infomation against other data and need further details to clairify to ensure the correct position and to contact the officers on the above number i have 2 weeks to respond or they will remove it from my account and in some cases it will be from the start of the discount. Now i am a single mum of 2 my eldest is 16 and leaves school next week then shes going college in september and my youngest is 7 and has some disabilities which are been investigated. I have a fella who i see a couple of times a week as i have my hands full but ive only been seeing him a few months and its not serious and he certainly does not live iwth me do you think that it could be that? Ive not got a clue but it seems strange that you cant have a relationship if that is the case. i mean i have been single for the past 8 years . Plus he has his own address and lives with family as he is waiting for a property to rent. any ideas?
  8. im not sure i think so cause its going to the disputes team
  9. well i thought id give you a quick update as you really could not make this up! the dla rang me today to ask me if i had a copy of the school report and if so could i please fax it over. they apologised again for losing the file but said they would look at the claim again and send for a doctors report. she said she could not understand why it was refused as he has high care needs. it could take another 2-3 weeks oh well just add it on to the 7months we have being waiting ............
  10. Hi Marie thanks for your reply when I went to the advice centre they copied the original claim form before we sent it off I have a copy of the reconsideration letter as well so I have to start all over again do i add details of the speech therapist he is due to see and the hospital doctor who he is currently been accessed by in the new form as they are treating this as an appeal. Plus I'm upset for my son as last week he came home with wet trousers and underwear as he had wet himself and was sat in the class all afternoon with wet clothes and was too nervous and embarrassed to tell anyone this happened twice all i got was an apology i didn't need that i just wanted then to look after him. The T.a was at the door saying "we always tell them to go" screwing up her face as if to say tough! Its so upsetting as they have their favourites and they only look out for their friends kids... Anyway here we go again fighting for my boy.
  11. hiya quick update, I rang them last week to find out when the tribunal will be as i have been wait for weeks the advisor said that they are waiting for a file and they will get a letter out to me. Well yesterday I got a letter addressed to my son (hes 7) saying that they have lost his file and can i fill out another claim pack enclosed! only they sent an adult one! so I called back and was told that they have lost his file and are still looking for it so she sent out another one this morning for a child its a "change" form split into 3 parts so i have to find help to fill it out again then she said it will be passed to a decision maker who will look at it again as a priority! so do i fill it in as an appeal?
  12. Hi Erika its getting worse! I am still waiting for the appeal date for my son being waiting since January i called them yesterday only to be told they are waiting on an internal file to come back! They said my boy is no longer entitled to anything! Hope you get it sorted soon, ive got to get myself together for my sons tribunal. Good luck
  13. Hi everyone I bring you good news; finally after months of fretting and uncertainty we have finally completed; HOORAY!!!!!! I am no longer a home owner but now a tenant of a housing association in my area it has taken a while but today I'm smiling and extremely relieved that it is finally over and that I don't have to keep fretting and trying to make deals with the mortgage company and my kids haven't been disrupted and we can stay here i feel so blessed that I've being given a fresh start and chance well I've got to start a claim for housing benefit now but can anyone tell me what to do about the DWP payments? I need to call them to end the payments I know but I hope they wont stop my income support thinking i have money now as i didn't get a bean any advice would be good thank you, Well i for one am very happy for the mortgage rescue scheme and it does work but it does take time
  14. hi Ellen! just near the end of my problem now solicitors are doing their bit not i have accepted the offer from the housing association so hopefully ill be a tenant soon! hope you can help Dskelly!
  15. take your letters and go to the homeless section ask to speak to someone who deals with the mortgage rescue scheme if you wan to stay in your home you could sell your property to a housing assocaition and then become a tenant and then you would get your rent paid by housing benefit. its a long process i have being going through it myself since last June the council/homeless section will contact your lender and they will negioate with them to hold off any action while they process your application for MRScheme you in the meantime pay what you can afford along with the dwp payment you have to go to shelter of cab to get an income and expenditure form plus i was told to get three evaluations of the property (this kinda speeds up the process a little)and give to the housing officer who will send on to the housing association then they will come out to see you and the property with the surveyor and the maintenance and someone from the housing association i could go on let me know if you want to know more if you want to go down this route
  16. hiya i have £59 pounds left to pay and the baliff has just been to my house at 7a telling me hes from the council i said how can i help he starts shouting are you such and such a i ask who are you he keeps saying im "from council" i know hes lying i dont open the door he says hes pushing a note through the door then shows me the baliffs letter and says i owe £315 quid i say no i dont then he goes letter says he will be back tomorrow i call equita they say its with the baliff as i have broken my agreement and didnt pay the last installment i say i will send you the last 59 when i get my benefit tomorrow he said i will still have to pay the outstanding charges i said send me a breakdown he says we dont have to cause we have had to wait a month for the amount outstanding i said i will be aking a complaint to the enforcment people i cant remember the name im so mad but im off to college now but i will be back later they are robbers!
  17. hiya thanks for your reply i was so worried spoke to the solicitor today who said the buyer will get a indemity certificate.
  18. Hiya in 2007 i had 3 windows and 1 door and 1 french door fitted as the previous ones were wooden framed and rotten as i bought my home from the council on the rtb scheme, im in the process of selling my home and the solicitor has asked me for the building regs certificate but i dont have one and i didnt even know what one is, just digged out the receipts and on the bottom it states that buiding regulations consent is homeowners responsibility. when the doors were fitted the fitter told me that they register the fitting with the council and i get a certificate but i never did. how do i get one does anyone one know?? :?
  19. didnt think they could search you without permission
  20. well my council tax is paid by council tax benefit and i dont pay rent as i own my home although i got a 2 large council tax bills last week addressed to my brother who has never lived here and they say he owes them money from 2002-2003 i did call them to let them know could it be that perhaps?
  21. well my council tax is paid by council tax benefit and i dont pay rent as i own my home although i got a 2 large council tax bills last week addressed to my brother who has never lived here and they say he owes them money from 2002-2003 i did call them to let them know could it be that perhaps?
  22. hiya ive just checked my credit report and i have a unrecorded enquiry on it done by the local authority does anyone know why the council checks your credit reportand what can they see? i have rubbish credit but i havent applied for anything on credit from the council? any answers appreciatedthanks
  23. hiya me again i have finally recieved the offer letter and i have had to get a solicitor off the list provided she said she can hopefully get it done and dusted in @3-4weeks .... i will let you know how i get on its being a long road but hopefully im near the end
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