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  1. I'm not sure if I'm placing this thread in the correct place. If not, could a moderator please move it. Anyway, last week, I popped into our local morrisons to fuel my car, went to the kiosk to pay and returning to my car, my jeans began to fall down. I can laugh about it, it must have been a sight. Anyway, a friend of mine told me today that an employee saw this happening on a security video and has uploaded it to youtube. Can anyone advise me if I have a claim against morrisons for breach of my privacy? Thank you.
  2. I've been with BT Mobile for the past 18 months. I can't wait for my contract to expire on thursday. I've had no end of problems with them. Three times they have taken money out of my account without authorisation, resulting in penalty charges by my greedy bank, Nationwide. Upon contacting them to ask what the hell their game was, I was told that they were responding to my instructions. Total garbage. I phoned them last month to cancel my contract, giving them what I thought was a statutory 30 day notice, and was told to phone back on the final day. It seems that it only takes a few hours to close the account. Everyone else needs 30 days notice, not BT Mobile. I'm bracing myself for a rough ride. I'll cancel my direct debit on thursday and settle any outstanding bill with my card. I'm not leaving a direct debit in place for these morons to empty my bank account.
  3. Hopefully you'll be ok. The problem is on the 110bhp version.....plastic flywheel.
  4. Oh, I like your style. Our local council intends to close 29 of our primary schools. Just last week we had a very important person, a local back stabbing councillor in-fact, knocking on doors looking for votes. He was told by most of the residents to go forth and multiply. Unfortunately, I missed him running out of the village because I was at work.
  5. I recently wrote a letter of complaint to Trading Standards. A couple of days ago I received a letter from these little darlings informing me that they could not source an agreement for this account and that therefore the account was being closed and referred back to their clients. I've still heard nothing from TS.
  6. Given that they have not supplied me with a signed agreement. If they sell on this account, can I take them to court for failing to comply with my CCA request? If so, what would I say on the P.O.C? Any help would be fantastic.
  7. Last August, I requested 1. - True copy of original and genuine credit agreement 2. - Statement of account 3. - True copy of the executed deed of assignment for the above referenced agreement 4. - Fair Processing Notice. They sent me an agreement, unsigned by me. No deed of assignement. They did send a statement of account and they did send a data protection notice, again unsigned by me. I allowed them the 12 working days plus a further 30+ days before informing them of their failure to comply with my request. This morning, I received a Deed of assignement from them informing me that the account is to be aquired by :- Moorcroft Debt Recovery CapQuest Investments Limited Aktiv Kapital First Investment Limited The assignment will come into effect within two weeks. Having failed to supply me with a signed true copy of a credit agreement, can they legally do this now?
  8. I have bid on an item on ebay three weeks ago and have won. I have sent payment in respect of the item via paypal but have not received anything. I have contacted the seller numerous times to ask when I should expect to receive the item. I have started a dispute on paypal but don't expect the seller to take a blind bit of notice. If I don't receive either the item or a full refund including postage, can I take the seller to court for breach of contract?
  9. BT Fusion are a bunch of w**kers. I can't wait for my contract to expire. Funds were legitimately taken out of my account in respect of a bill on 28th October 2007. A further sum equivalent to my line rental was taken out a few days later on 2nd November 2007. I queried this and was told that I must have asked for the payment date to be changed, which I had not. They refused to re-pay that sum of money. Yesterday, I was welcomed home from work by a very nasty, threatening letter from BT Mobile informing me that my DD payment was seriously overdue. I checked my bank account online and found that BT's payment had not been taken. I checked the status of the BT DD and found it to be active. I phoned BT just to ask what the fcuk they thought they were doing and was told by the young lass on the other end of the phone that it was my fault for cancelling my DD. I told her that the DD was still active on my account and offered to send her a screenshot of my online bank account showing the DD active. She declined my offer. I told her to make a note on my account that I was not at all impressed with them and that I would not be renewing my contract. I still have 7 months to run on it. I wonder if I could make a complaint about these clowns to ofcom?
  10. Just a thought......If your friend's pc is old then it is unlikeley that it would run the latest windows i.e. Vista. However, has your friend ever thought of running Linux on her machine? It could be set up as a dual boot system and it's open source, meaning it's free. You might find that Orange Broadband would be compatible with Linux. Please also bear in mind that Microsoft no longer provide updates for windows 98 meaning that her system, if hooked up to the internet via LAN would be a goldmine to hackers.
  11. Last week I received a phone call from these little darlings. I told the girl at the other end that I was not prepared to deal with her over the phone. She told me that I wasn't dealing with it at all!!!, bloody cheek. I reminded her that I had sent them a CCA request which they had failed to supply. At the end of last week I received a letter from them demanding full payment plus, if neccessary, solicitor's costs plus court costs. In short, hundreds more on top. I sent them a reminder that they had failed to supply any documents pertaining to this debt and that I would be writing to TS soon. I've received confirmation that my account is now on hold and that they've gone back to the creditor for the proper paperwork. They have only a few days left before I report them to TS. Watch this space.
  12. My brother runs a small business. Recently he requested a MAC code from BT Business Broadband to move to another service provider. As always, he was given a lot of garbage over the phone as to how they could benefit him with reductions in his calls etc. The chap on the phone told him he had a week to change his mind if he took up the offer. He said ok with a view to going over previous bills and compare them with what the bloke on the phone said he would pay from now on. It didn't seem to save him any money so he called BT back two days later only to be told that it was too late and that he was already in contract. As a small business, is my brother within his rights if he sends BT a SAR requesting transcripts of telephone conversations under Data Protection Act 1998?
  13. Yes, that's right. I sent them a request in early Sept. They replied with a copy of a credit agreement on which they had filled in my name, address and an account number, all in ink. The agreement did not show my signature.
  14. I am about to report Reliable collections to trading standards. I sent them a CCA in early Sept. 12 + 30 have since passed and I have not received any genuine docs. I'm expecting a rather nasty letter any day because I have cancelled my standing order. Since they have committed an offence, I want to report them and would love to use a good template. Can anybody point me in the right direction? Thanks, kopw
  15. kopw

    kopw v Nationwide

    I am about to set the dogs on nationwide. I can't however find my original terms and conditions. I have written to nationwide on three different occassions asking them very nicely to send me them. They have not. Has anybody got any terms and conditions for the flexaccount? Without them my case could be struck out. Thanks, kopw
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