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  1. Hiya, I have had some success using CAG for my personal claim against LLoyds TSB. I have a HSBC sole trader account and would like to do the same but I can't seem to find the template letters and guidelines, does anyone have the link to them? thanks as always:) Dan
  2. I Have Won!!! (well A Mini Victory) I Told Them That If They Tried To Take Me To Court For The Fees, I Would Apply To Have The Stay Lifted, So They Backed Down And Refunded Them!!!! Original Claim Still On Hold Though. 1-0 To Us So Far
  3. Does anyone know how to have a stay lifted? The bank have put more charges on and I have refused to pay them so they are threatening to take me to court. I am thinking of asking for the stay to be lifted so that they can deal with it all at once - the ones that I have paid and I want back, and the ones that I am not paying that LLoyds are demanding.
  4. I am a bit confused. I have a claim on hold (stayed) with Lloyds, but since I submitted the claim, they have applied more charges. I have not paid them they have just put them on to my account and are saying that I am £290 over my overdraft limit and threatening action. Can I add these charges to my claim? I have not physically paid them but they are on my account!
  5. I have a similar problem with HSBC. I signed up for a business credit card prior to starting the business with the intention of making the minimum payment via online banking every month. However, they took a direct debit from my new business account and becuase there was no money in it as I had not started trading yet, it bounced! This incurred £250 worth of charges. I have written to them on about 15 occasions to ask for a copy of the direct debit mandate and they have written back to me saying they are unable to provide one. This is on the verge of going to court now so I would like to know if they are legally obliged to provide proof that I agreed to a direct debit (possibly via a mandate or cc agreement) before they take me to court. I can't get any proof but surely that's not legal as anyone could take a sum of money from my account - surely they need to prove that I agreed to it?
  6. Thanks so much for that Chromatic, it's a great help. I have offered to pay off my agreed overdraft in full and call it quits with them, I also offered to pay the interest on the charges as a gesture of goodwill but they declined. I am now in the frame of mind where I'll fight them all the way. I agree totally - the basis of their claim is underpinned by the issues that are currently being reviewed by the high court so they are in no position to demand money via a potentially unlawful method, so it's either remove the stay on my case and judge it all together or put a stay on them both and see what the high court says.
  7. That's exactly my thinking Chromatix. To be honest, I have the money to pay if I wanted to but it's the principle, how can they demand money for charges whilst the case in on hold? Do you know how to put in a counter claim or how to prepare if it does go to court - there are guides on here which I followed for making a claim but nothing that deals with this situation, so I'm a bit stuck.
  8. thanks for the help honestknob, I have sent letters back and forth explaining that the amounts they are claiming are all charges but they did not reply (except with standard auto generated demands) it is now on brink of them taking me to court, does anyone know how i'll stand bearing in mind I've already taken them to court for other charges and that claim is on hold?
  9. Lloyds won't deal with me anymore. I could afford to pay it all off in one go but I really don't think that I should have to. The lawfulness of these charges has not been established, so surely they cannot enforce them until after the test case. So, rather than me paying up and then getting refunded after the test case, Lloyds should defer a claim for payment until the test case establishes that the fees are lawful - or am I missing something?
  10. Hi, My claim is currently on hold at the courts. Unfortunately, (don't tell me how stupid I am, I know) I went overdrawn by 20p and I have accrued another £268.53 in interest and charges. I have been running my account very well but I made a mistake and went 20p over so I now have a letter from Sechiari, Clark and Mitchell solicitors telling me that if I don't pay the £268.53, they will take me to court. So, bearing in mind that this is made up of charges that I am refusing to pay...and bearing in mind that I am already taking LLoyds to court for the other charges that I have paid, what is my best way forward? I am thinking that if this goes to court, surely, as the test case is on hold, they can't make me pay the charges as the legality has not been established yet? Your help is appreciated as always
  11. Hi, Please can someone tell me if I should send a revised figure of what they owe me including the latest charges and the additional interest that has accrued whilst the claim has been stayed?
  12. My tax credit problem has been going on for a few years now. Here is a brief outline of what has happened. 1, 2nd June 2005. We put in request for child tax credits and returned completed forms. 2, June 2005. We were informed that the pack hjas been received a day to late so the computer has rejected the claim even though we were due abiut £250 per week. 3, We sent a letter in about this and we received a call a very nice lady in a senior position. She apologised for the mix up and said she would be able to set our payment up manually. (It could not be done automatically as the computer system would not allow it). 5, We called the office in April 2006 to tell them that our son had started in crèche and that we were now paying crèche fees. We were told that as it was a manual claim, nothing could be done. 6, Week of 14 August 2006. Having seen the adverts for Tax credit renewals on TV, I called tax credit offices and spoke to a gentleman to advise that we had not received a renewal pack. He told me that he would have one sent out immediately. 7, 22 August 2006. I spoke to a lady to advise that we still had not received a renewal pack. Nicola said the reason we had not received it was that the payments had been set up manually so the system would not allow her to issue one. She also said that it was a common problem and that she would refer the matter to her team leader to make sure our payments continued. 10, Some days later we receive a letter to tell us that there are no COP 26 forms in stock. 11, 1 December 2006. I call and speak to Tony in Cumbernauld. He tells me to call 0845 3021429 to let them know that I am still awaiting COP26 form. I call this number and am told that I can download form from internet. I download form. 12, 2 December. I receive the COP26 form via the post. 13, Sent COP form back. ....to cut a long story short, we have now got 2 children (second one is 14 months old) both have been in creche costing us £300 per month. We did a calculation online and it says that we should have been getting £500 per month. in tax credits We have informed tax credits about changes of circumstances every step of the way. We never get a renewal pack or anything just this manual giro cheque. Is there any way we can get the money that we are owed? Their computer thinks we have been overpaid but we have been underpaid. Thanks Dan
  13. Thanks for that everyone, yes it was before the inception, I have kept a record of all correspondence so I can prove everything if I have to. Hopefully it will all be resolved quickly. cheers!
  14. On the 20th March, we took insurance out online with Local Broker. The policy was due to start on the 25th March. On the 23rd March, our car boke down so we had to buy a new one. We did a quote online for the new car and another company was a lot cheaper so I called customer services but it was closed so I got through to customer services and informed them that I wanted to cancel the policy as we would not need it - remember cover had not yet started. The sales chap was very rude and said we would need to put it in writing. As it was a bank holiday weekend I know it would not get there in time so I sent an email to both conact email adresses on the website. I called again on 25th - the first opportunity after the bank holiday, and was told again to put it in wriitng. So I have sent a letter as well. SO..... Should I get my deposit back in full or are they entitled to charge me for time on cover, even though I cancelled the policy before cover started? I told them verballly and sent 2 emails. Surely, as it was bought on the net, there is a 14 day colling off period? cheers Dan
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