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  1. This has been long overdue, I had already started compiling documents for the FSA following more of the same grief from Blemain Group recently. A new year starts with a ray of hope
  2. Indeed - They have just done a 'review' of my parents accounts, havind lost nearly 3000 in the past 3 months from payments made by them. Im just chasing up the details, theyve had the nerve already to say a payment from a bank account isnt proof enough that my family have paid them. Oddly enough after telling them that we have been paying them from there own Blemain Group websites 3 months ago and can trace each payment, they stopped returning confirmation emails ... now there is one im sure the data protection lot will be intertested in. I sorted them 3 years ago and ill do it again now, this lot are a proverbial pain in the butt. By the way peaople - as of when my parents changed from 'Blemain' to 'Cheshire' Mortgages, they charged my parents 4000 for it (namely moving from one desk to another on floor6 or whatever of Bracken House), so can anyone give me pointers on how to initiate excessive charges claims?
  3. Hey people, My parents recall being excessivly charged for moving away from Swift. The fees they charged for moving to another company for their mortgage cost them a few thousand, solicitors fees etc. They have also remortgaged to generate spare cash in the bank, asking for xxxx amount and ending up with just hundreds after processing charges etc with others. Ive skimmed over the thread - but will the FSA be looking into these scenarios for repayments of excessive charges too? pointers to any other relavent threads would be appreciate
  4. There must be some legal firm interested, its not just contractual stuff theyre playing games with. How many people have left one branch of this firm and ended up back in their laps after paying ridiculous fees just to try and leave them? My parents did this and were completely unaware until they started having difficulties. its fraudulent - it must be a good opportunity for someone!
  5. Im hurt.... When my mother called me to deal with another call from u know who, they had put the phone down before i got there!!! Was it something I said - lol
  6. Thanks EiE As I said im enquiring about a few thing, Cant say as ill get everything together in time before the deadline, as we all know real life problems keep us so busy!!!. All we need is for more to step forward and do what we have all done here - its just getting enough people to visit this site (imparticular this page). Ill post what I can wherever I can in the meantime and see if it helps. As to the article - if we all make it as hard as possible for these people to get away with then that all we can do for now. Until the time comes that someone drops on them. I know from my enquiries and experiences that most of these types of organisations have multiple fronts. Keep on with the fight ppl, whichever way it goes.
  7. Dont usually get the mail, only watch news every other day (so repetetive). Im just taking a look at how easy it would be to raising this to a better level of publicity than we are getting at the moment. Anyone have any ideas? Perhaps a submission to local radio channels wherever we are?
  8. Firms like these rely on people not getting together and doing anything. As long as the news services dont keep us informed of when investigations like these are going on, they will continue to get away with it. Prior to contributing to these threads I had heard nothing of the committee enquiries. Even if they win this battle - it dont mean they will survive the war
  9. Noted. Found this - seems to indicate that something similar was on yesterday. UK Parliament - Commons Committee Homepage - Calendar
  10. hmmm... little confused here, took a look around and found this: Player Is that it or what? Its dated as yesterday.
  11. Got the standard reply this morning... Hopefully our efforts will swing something into motion, however weak the autoreply makes it look. There going to be a couple of months before the committee releases its deliberations - hopefully though there will be accounts covering today somewhere. Anyone got any Idea if this is being televised anywhere? Took a quick look around and couldnt find anything.
  12. Well... On my part, while this is ongoing - ill be making enquiries into previous legislations made within EU legislations (aside from compiling the documents for my parents). Cant say as it will result in anything beneficial - but im a patient sort, however broad this enquiry will become. Even if it takes weeks of sifting information - I will get something or find a pointer for good information im sure. Keep the faith ppl
  13. As my parents health isnt so good - they may not have enough time to get all the history and details together. I have however outlined all of the events and such in an email in the format that you suggested and posted it to Treasury Comittee. mailto:[email protected] At least the outline is there if not all detail, with the treatment weve had it should be more than enough. At least it will be a contribution to the cause. Weve received the autoreply acknowleding receipt. One benefit here - should these things get to the stage where an inquiry requires testimony, these 2 have free passes - my father is ex railway worker. So its not going to cost them anything to get there and stuff these organisations. Keep the ball rolling people.
  14. My Story is here, http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/general-debt-issues/108250-blemain-who-regulates-them.html Im more than happy to go through all of this tomorrow and put my contribution in. Im a little busy today as its my birthday. Blemain havent been in touch in 6 days now...I wonder what theyre up to - probably started legal proceedings to reclaim the arrears. I look forward to doing anything I can to assist in this matter, Ill work my way over it tomorrow and get it off quickly. Many thanks to Magiciansgirl for pointing me over here, Paul
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