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  1. Hi Yes, I wrote to them a few years ago requesting a full summary of all details held on me. They replied to me and included screenshots of all of my accounts and in addition to the policy numbers there was an insurance taken out indicator Y/N, marked yes. There was a transaction history for the loan and mortgage accounts including date taken out, amount borrowed/paid etc but not a breakdown of the individual insurance amounts. Think they have obviously traced the agreements but suspect they are having trouble in providing evidence that the policies weren't missold.
  2. Hi, thanks for the help. One was for an old mortgage (1998) - monthly premium, and the other a personal loan (2002) - monthly premium. I will resend the letter to FOS by recorded delivery.
  3. I submitted my PPI complaints to Barclays on 19th May 2011 and 6 months later I am still no further forward. They initially responded on week 17 to state that they couldn't trace any policies in my name and therefore didn't uphold my claims but luckily I had SAR'd them 3 years earlier and had the policy numbers and screenshots to prove I had taken out insurance. I then rang back the day after and it then took them a further 6 weeks to reopen the claims (end October 2011). They told me last night that I my claims are unusual in that they are having trouble tracing the policies (despite provid
  4. Hello All We took out a secured loan in Jan 2006 for 35k(from one of the main offenders), and we paid 32k following repossession. We had the loan audited via Loanchecker who are waiting for a solicitor to take this on, and they found that we were being charged the wrong interest rate and that they paid hidden commission to the broker. However following a complaint, they still say that we owe 18k consisting of interest only as they have wrote off the charges - how nice!! I feel that this loan would not be enforceable but am getting frustrated with the lack of action. Ay advice
  5. Thanks Supersleuth. Things have moved on since I started this thread in 2007. The house was repossessed by Kensington and sold for loads below value in April 2008 (220k and sold for 163k). Kensington then charged us about 8-10k selling fees, legal costs, asset fees, then also charged us an extra 25k on top of the original mortgage (we had paid about 50k the previous 4 1/2 years). They then sent a surplus of 26k to Blemain as second charge. Blemain contacted us months after and following several requests they have still not provided us with a balance (it changes every time and they delibe
  6. Hi. 10 weeks is a long time to wait for a follow up appointment, espcially if you have not already received treatment for your condition. When a GP refers a patient to a consultant in a hospital, they have 18 weeks to treat you for the condition. Generally speaking, they normally see new outpatients within 4 weeks, then if you are referred for diagnostic tests this will take approx another 4 weeks maximum and if they make a decision to treat your condition, they have another 10 weeks to admit you to hospital for the procedure. Every specialty is different and therefore they will deviate fr
  7. Could Aktiv (theoretically) apply for a new CCJ or are they not alowed to apply for a CCJ on a debt with a previous judgement? My main aim is to manage my credit record and focus on how they can wreck it before taking the next action.Thanks for all your help.
  8. Hi & thanks for the reply- much appreciated. Is that because I haven't made any payments since April of last year or the age of the debt? If this is the case I might be better ignoring the letter or denying that I am the 'right person'. Do Aktiv normally enforce CCJs after they buy the debt or would that prove too costly/risky given the current economic climate? I am suprised that CL Finance sold the debt as I found them to be very keen to enforce via courts/warrants etc.
  9. We had our property repossesed by Kensington last year. They took out approximately 8k for estate agents, asset management and legal fees and they also took an extra 24k on top of the original 111k mortgage. We have asked for a breakdown and are going to be claiming all charges back from them when the statement arrives:lol:
  10. To be honest, after what happened last year I have not checked my credit file but I did get a small amount of credit before Xmas to try to help to repair my file. I presume that the CCJ will be showing against the old address. I want a clean bill of health for this new address, but if I can I would like to keep some things in the past. I will ask for my credit report against this address and will check whether Aktiv have registered a default without confirming that I am the correct person that they are looking for as this appears to be common practice for them.
  11. Hi Yes just before Xmas. I have been doing some research as to how they are tracing me and it appears that they are probably getting it through my credit file via the gone away information network - GAIN. (I have maintained my car finance agreement, phone and changed my address with the bank). I will probably write to them and ask for all payments received and dispute the balance. I would be happy in making a short settlement but would like to be awkward first. At the end of the day I want to try and repair what I can (or that which I have to do to put things right) but at th
  12. Thanks for the replies. I never actually got to see the original credit agreement for this and it was only discovered when a DCA contacted me in 2004. I am thinking of asking for the original credit agreement (if one exists as I know that some DCAs go for CCJ even when the agreement is not enforceable). To be honest part of me wants to ignore it as they are just fishing and don't have proof but the other half would like to sort it out and get this off my record.
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