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  1. the earliest date you can claim from is 6 years back from the date you lodge the claim, or the date of the first charge, if that is later. the spreadsheet i used calculated interest on a daily basis right up to the date i filled it in (and updated it every time i opened it) - you just log the details of what you paid and when, and it works it out for you. all the best!
  2. hiya curleybap, we would follow the english version, it's 8% statutory interest here too. i also read somewhere that in norn iron we don't need to bother with a preliminary letter, you can just wade in with a letter before action, and also - reassuringly - that ulster bank don't drag things out, unlike some. all the best!
  3. hello, this probably isn't the right place to post, but i am not great at navigating round the site yet... is anything happening with any of you and first trust?? in particular, does anybody know whether flojo1985 managed to reclaim (or whether it's ok to try) the quarterly charges FT apply for using a pre-arranged o/d? this would up my claim quite a bit if it were possible. pls redirect me if i'm in the wrong place! (embarrassed smilie)
  4. i sent dpa request to local branch, it was forwarded to head office. use letters from the template section (i first wrote and asked for details of charges and got reply that these had been notified to me at the time) - you need to use the terms "subject access request" and "data protection act" and they'll know you mean business. good luck to you!
  5. hi there, how you all doing? i'm still waiting on statements for one account - 40 days up in less than a week - and preparing to lodge small claims in a week or so for 2 others, as i don't expect to have heard anything before then from the bank... do keep me posted!
  6. just read the above and it's clear as mud - someone else set up three unauthorised dds on our account, which meant that my figures were out, which meant that there wasn't enough money in the account to pay one of our dds, which was returned unpaid - when i became aware of this, i checked the account to find the other debits! shocking, isn't it?!
  7. it's a nightmare! in getting away from the first trust we set up company/personal accounts elsewhere - all so far, so good - and transferred our household account (all direct debits) to an existing, virtually unused account elsewhere. didn't A STRANGER WITH A SIMILAR ACCOUNT NUMBER just set up not one but THREE direct debits on our account, in the first month (march) that it was being 'used'?!!! it took about 10 phone calls to sort it out last week, but the good news is that it was only some clampet, not an identity thief. they refunded the money within 48 hours, but we've had nothing in writing to outline what happened, reassure us etc (we only found out when the bldg soc dishonoured a DD!). due to "special circumstances" they won't be charging us the £30 the unpaid DD should have cost - but what about my time and the inconvenience?!! thankfully card provider agreed to waive the £25 charge... don't want to seem militant, but don't think this is acceptable either. at least it is free to set up and cancel dds with the bldg society - £4.50 to set up and £8.50 to cancel DDs with first trust!!!
  8. thanks noomill. i need to make separate claims, don't i, for 2 x personal accounts when the actions were started separately and some time apart? also for a 'trading as' account? the amounts aren't enormous but it's a matter of principle, they shouldn't be allowed to get away with it. could say more but would be defamatory, so will save it for court!
  9. just received the SAME standard response to the letters before action - we're investigating, details of complaints procedure, etc. PLUS another letter, dated yesterday, from the branch demanding immediate repayment of unauthorised OD and charging a further £13... (repaid by cheque yesterday). am so fed up with this, it's really encroaching on my life, but great to read other's experiences, and hopefully this will all be over soon. two more preliminary letters to write and send in the next week or so - waiting until enough funds to close account. roll on summer!
  10. just printed out my 2 letters before action and will deliver them tomorrow! have more to do (for other accounts with the bank that are still open!) but on reading further i now wonder whether i have claimed all i could - have just gone for charges like referrals and unpaid direct debits, and also interest as it appears on the statements - not 'fees'. anyway, will be glad to get anything! you've a long time to prepare, will77 - all the best!
  11. will77, have you a court date then? against this bank?? i definitely read that someone's case against ft wasn't going ahead until the oft ruling... it nearly put me off taking action in the first place!
  12. this is great, thanks everyone for sharing - i will be sending my letters before action early next week, and will let you know how i get on.
  13. hello, i have sent preliminary letter - about to send letter before action next week - on 2 accounts with the FT - had response today that "the matter is receiving our attention" and detailing the bank's complaints procedure and that it will take 8 weeks... i know from reading here that i should stick to the 14 day timetable but does anyone know any more about whether small claims actions are being put off until the outcome of the oft report? eratu13 mentioned this, does anyone know exactly when it is coming out? btw sadie i didn't add quarterly charges/fees - just interest - to my total, i thought these were for agreed services (like the £8 packaged a/c fee) and not reclaimable - is this right? and sorry if i have posted in the wrong place, haven't done this before!
  14. thank you both for your replies! haven't posted since but have sent first letters, will post in other forum when there's anything to report! thanks again, 123
  15. hello, joined last night, read some excellent posts and just discovered how to post myself! am going after charges levied against 3 accounts in a northern ireland bank, one of which is a business account, for which i am making a separate claim. just read on the forum that some cases listed in the small claims court in northern ireland have been adjourned pending a statement/clarification [from the oft?] - does anyone know any more about this? am sending letters before action this week, happy only to go after 6 months' worth of charges (though there are a few charges before this, the 'problem' has only arisen in the last 6 months, across all the accounts, and contrary to past custom and practice). would be grateful for any support, am off now to peruse the faqs...
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