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  1. my husband and i also had bother with first trust, but when we asked for an overdraft to help us try and gain control of our account we were told no(by some jumped up teenager, who looked as though she was in doing work experience) on the actual day we asked for an overdraft our account wasn t even overdrawn it was in the black. After looking at what direct debits came out of our account she then proceeded to tell us that we were living above our means. Our D/D 's are all household bills etc. like heating, telephone, and tv license etc..... and also our car payments and car insurance. So , she suggested that we sell our car. Bloody Cheek !!!!!! NO CAR - NO WORK , we left the bank that day absolutely fuming and decided to claim back everything they have taken off us. Our second letter has been sent to them with our schedule of charges and we are waiting to hear from them. Am just glad to hear of other people who are taking them to the cleaners Good Luck !!!! and keep us posted.
  2. just noticed you up against first trust as well was wondering if you could help me have just received my last 6 years of ststements that i requested . in 2001 this banks refferal charge was £9 do i include those even though they are below the legal £12 (if it is legal) and do i include the £13 they charge me to send me a letter
  3. thanks bally another silly question but i understand that i dont claim the 8% until it goes to court but when i fill in the spreadsheet with the schedule of charges to send off to bank with preliminary letter do i delete that column also charges are for £2600 and small clai court in N I is only for £2000 or less . do i keep my total below the £2000 to be on th safe side
  4. thanks bally35 could you please give me some advice about the 8% interest is this for overdraft accounts only and do you know if they could demand the balance on the loan we have from them
  5. just received last 6 years of statements about to do schedule of charges not exactly 100% sure on what to put in them have no overdraft with them as they refused to give us one which meant our refferal charges each week spiraled out of control aand returned d/d charges please help anyone................
  6. hi scuppanet i am also looking for info on claiming in northern ireland havent had much luck yet cant even find banks contact details as first trust in norther ireland isnt listed only found out that small claim courts in northern ireland are for £2000 and under and my claim is for £2600 ..........if i find out any info will keep you posted ...
  7. i have just received my last 6 years of bank statements from the First Trust and they total £2600 but the small claims court in N I is for £2000 and under. Would i be better only claiming for the last 3 years to keeo the total below £2000 and does anyone know the address where i would send my 2nd letter to, as i cannot find it on the bank link page ................please help.
  8. will do that MRD 56 when i looked up the small claim courts website for N.I it stated that claims had to be below £2000 and mine is more. oOnly new to this site so still very confused about my way around
  9. I have just received my bank statements today and they total £2630.50 in charges but the small claims court in northern ireland apparently is £2000 and under so what do i do then......HELP
  10. i mean the £13 for sendind out a letter to inform me that my direct debit had been returned unpaid
  11. I am a little unsure of all i can claim back. Can i include charges for letters they have sent me to inform that i am overdrawn and what exactly goes on the schedule of charges letter, is there a guide or template for this
  12. thankyou for your reply I shall now start the long task of calculating the charges
  13. Hi there my husband and i have just joined today as well and aren t computer whizz's ourselves, but i would strongly advise you to attempt to claim the money back yourselves,and not line someone else s pocket with 30% of your winnings.
  14. Hi ,just joined this site today, still exploring, found an amazing amount of information already. Have already sent my first letter requesting information and have received six years of statements. Am a little confused about what charges to add up. When our account began spinning out of control we asked for an overdraft from the bank to cover direct debits that were coming out before wages went in and they refused. So have no interest on overdraft a/c to calculate, but plenty of referrel charges at £14.00 and unpaid D/D's at £38.00 and letter fees at £13.00. And also in 2001 this banks refferel charge was £9, do i claim that back even though it is under the legal £12.00 (if it is legal) so unsure about all this.........HELP
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