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  1. the retailer was brighthouse, after reading stories on here I thought philips would be the safer bet. so, general opinion is I should hold out for full refund? I know they're gonna come in with a ridiculous offer at first, but am prepared for small claims court if they take the mick. just don't want this to drag on for ages, its been 7 weeks just to get this far!
  2. I went direct to philips as i thought i'd have a better time dealing with philips than the retailer. Obviously not!
  3. Philips are offering me a part refund on my tv set as they are unable to fix it, they've had it for 7 weeks already and have now decided that they are unable to source the required part. I am looking for advice on how much i should accept off them? here is the backstory. I bought the tv in may 2008, and paid £1407 for it. the model is a 47" 7603d. I am paying for the tv via finance and have around £1100 left to pay. The tv developed a fault early march and was picked up on the 12th march. How long should you epect a lcd to last for? If for instance its expected to last 5 years then by my reckoning: £1407(cost) / 60 months(lifespan) *10(actual life) = £234 off what i paid which is £1173 Would this be a fair amount to expect to have back of them? Any less and i'll still owe money to the finance people! I'm expecting them to come in with a stupid offer at irst but intend to push them for as much as i can. Has anyone had to deal with a case like this before?
  4. Hi all, i'm looking for some advice with regards to my tv which is currently undergoing a warranty repair from philips. Last may i bought a 47" 7603d lcd tv, which had a fault occur in the beggining of march this year. I contacted philips about the fault and they arranged for collection on the 12th march. I contacted the engineers who had collected the tv on the 17th march to ind out how things were going etc and was told that it had been sent to philips to have a new screen fitted. I've been ringing them once a week since then for any more information and they keep telling me its still with philips. Ater 5 weeks of this answer i decided to phone philips direct and see what was going on. Philips have told me that as far as they are aware the tv is still with the engineers!. I have to phone them again on monday to see i they have found any records of it in any of their repair centres. How long do you think is acceptable for a warranty repair to take? What should i do from now on? Are there any legal deadlines on this kind of thing? If they cant fix it within a decent timescale, then can i demand a new tv from them? thanks for any help
  5. i too have had recent dealings with baillis over unpaid council tax. I owed the council nearly £900 for unpaid council tax which they then sent to the baillifs. I recieved one letter from them and the next thing i know i had a letter handposted through my door saying that i now owed £1300!!!!! £400 in charges. I contacted the council who said 'tough its too late, the case is now with the baillifs, nothing more we can do sorry'. Luckily i contacted national debtline who told me of my rights anbd advised me to contact the council i state that i would not deal with the baillifs and i would only deal with them. i had to speak to a superviser to get it sorted but finally they agreed to take the case back thus saving me £400 in charges. i cant reccomend the nationaldebtline enough
  6. hi all i hope you can help me. i have a small court fine which stupidly i have put off paying, its for speeding. I know it had been passed onto the baillifs for collection so i contacted them with how i planned to pay it. I missed one payment due to forgetfulness, so a few days later when i got up for work i had a handposted letter throuugh my door(i actually heard the bailiff put it in). This was at 6am in the morning!!! For this i was charged £50. I know they can charge £50 for a visit, but surely they cant come at 6 in the morning and not even try knocking my door and still charge me? Obviously they had no intention of finding out if i was in, but were happy to jusat post the letter and sneak off. Are they allowed to come at 6 in the morning and class it as a 'visit'?? hope you can help
  7. I moved house in January 2007 and only rarely went to my old address to check for any mail. When i collected in the summer i found that a company was preparing a cjj against me. I phoned the company asking for 28 days to investigate the debt as i thought that i had already paid/arranged to pay it. After a few weeks i contacted the company to say 'yes it seems that i need to sort out payment with you.' only to be told by them that it was too late as they had been granted the ccj only a day previously. I immediately applied to have the judgement set aside, on the grounds that i had not recieved the papers. I gave a rental agreement for my current address showing the dates that i had moved. I also give a timescale of my contact with the claimant. When i went to the court, the judge said to me 'what are your grounds?' i explained that i had moved and that i hadnt recieved any documentation, only to be told by the judge that this was not a ghood enough reason! He then struck out my claim to have it set aside. Was i dealt with fairly in this case? wasnt my reason good enough? What action can i take from here?
  8. i have recieved copies of my credit file from experian and there is a default on there from olympia capital/thames credit. As far as i understand from reading this forum they have more likely bought this debt from someone else. i've got a few questions about htis which i need answering if possible. how long will this stay on my file for? its dated 09/2003. Can i get this removed? what do i need to ask them for? should they have a cca agreement or something on me? what about a copy of the default notice? please help as this is the only blemish left on my file which i cant sort out!
  9. I'm hoping someone can give me help and advice on my situation. I've lived in my flat for nearly a year and was initially supplied by swalec for my electricity. I havent recieved a bill for about 5 months, which i thought was bit odd and then yesterday i had a collector from british gas knock my door and say they were going to cut off my supply unless i paid them £144 which was overdue. I dont even have my electric supplied by BG, or so i thought! It turns out that the flat below me changed their electric supply to BG, but the person who organised the switchover took down the wrong meter number for the swap. Hence, i have had my supply switched over to BG without my permission! The account is in the downstairs flat's name but it is linked to my meter. That is why i have not recieved any bills as they have all been in a different name. Where do i stand with regards to this? I dont want to pay BG any of the debt as i did not agree to them supplying me in the first place, and i do not want to pay their rates(thats the main reason why i was with a different supplier in the first place) What actions do you reccomend i take from now forward?
  10. i moved home in february of this year and only occasionally go to my old address to collect any mail. last month i recieved a letter at my old address stating that i had a debt of £1400. i phoned the number on the letter and asked them to give me 2 weeks to find out details of the debt as i had no recollection of it, they agreed with this and i also notified them of my new address. A few weeks later i went to the old address to collect mail and there was a form from northampton saying that a judgement had been applied for. i phoned the agency who sent me the first letter and told them that i had recieved a court form, and why had they applied when i had already asked for some time to get information on the debt, i reminded them of my change of address. i went on moneyclaim online to submit a defence but found that the date that i could submit it by had already passed due to me not living at the adress that it was sent to and as i had not been down to collect my mail in the required time window. Seeing as i did not recieve the paperwork, is this grounds to have it se aside. After investigation i have been able to find that the debt is indeed mine, and i am not dipsuting that. but as i did not receive the forms, can i have it set aside? i have picked up a n244 form but would like some help filling it in please. in the second box, should i ask for my application to be dealt with at a hearing? in part a it says (sate clearly what order you are seeking and if possible attach a draft) what do i put here? part a3, says (breifly set out why you are seeking the order) what should i put here? what box do i tick in part b? witness statement,statement of case or evidence in part c? if part c, should i just state that i no longer live at the propertry that the notice was served to? and that once i was aware of the debt i notified the company of my new address imediately? any help would be ace, i dont want a ccj
  11. if you never recieved the papers as you were out of the country then u should be able to have it set aside
  12. have done that today. what course will events now take?
  13. llyoyds have acknolwelged my claim for 5k and im wondering what happens next? i've sent a copy of the spreadsheet to the court, do i now need to send a copy to lloyds solicitors? whats the usual course that events will now take?
  14. shywazz, listen to what other people have said above mate, you can get the ccj set aside which means it will be gone off your record for good!
  15. i'm trying to get hold of my past statements for an account with halifax which is now closed. i sent the dpa letter off and recieved a reply about 3 weeks ago stating that i would have the statements within 10 days but i havent! i've phoned customer service but they cant do anything as the acct is closed. i have also been into mr branch but they say the same as well. Who should i contact with regards to this? is there a phone number available?
  16. when i done the spreadsheet i didnt change the claim date at the top of the letter, so it was august 2006 instead of the current date. That made a difference of nearly £200 in interest. thats the only difference. Couldnt i send an updated schedule of charges to the court with the correct interest calculation instead of editing the particulars of claim? after all, the particulars are right, its just the interest that is wrong?
  17. how do i change the particulars of claim? when i submitted via moneyclaim online i then realised that i had calculated the interest incorrectly!! how would i go about rectifying this? should i just send a letter with my case number to the court saying 'this is an updated copy of my schedule of charges' any ideas?
  18. i put in my court claim for 4k and this morning i recieved a letter from lloyds offering me 750 which will be deposited in my acct in next few days. whats the best way to respond to this letter? shall i phone the person its addressed from and explain i'll take it as part-payment but i will proceed to claim the rest unless they refund the full amount? or should i reply by letter? any templates for this?
  19. ok, how do i change my interest amount claimed then. shall i just state it in my schedule of charges that goe's to the court? will it matter that the amount is different than what i originally stated in my moneyclaim forms?
  20. within a few days my interest claim will take the total above £5000. will this cause any problems. should i just claim for whatever interest takes it up to the £5k maximum? help am confused!!!
  21. cheers guidot, just posted that letter off to the court as well. anymore advice anyone?
  22. anyone able to say what i can expect to happen next? im claiming nearly 4k in charges!! any feedback on what other people experienced after this point would be excellent!
  23. im claiming £3805 in bank charges which comes to a total of £5005.20 including interest. i have just filled in my particulars of claim but the next section is asking for claim amount. Now do i write just my charges in this section or total amount including interest? will there be any problems with the total amount with interest being over £5000? quick answer would be good guys as i want to get this done asap!
  24. i'm after a bit of advice regarding paypal. I purchased via my paypal acct on january 21st, whereby they took the money straight out of my bank acct as payment. At the time there was sufficient funds in my acct to cover the transaction. A few days ago i had letter of notification from my bank saying that they were charging me for failed direct debit as there were no funds in the acct. I phoned up to find out what was happening and it seems that paypal took the money out of my acct on the 25th january NOT the 21st. On the 25th there were insufficient funds as, having checked my balance via atm, i thought that the paypal money had already been taken. Surely they cant just take the money out when they feel like it? on my paypal transaction details it says '21st january - payment failed' but halifax state that they didnt take the money until the 25th. anything i can do with regards to the charges and getting my paypal balance back out of the red? have they broke the direct debit agreement?
  25. i recieved notification that they had recieved my DPA letter on thursday and they stated that i will recieve my documents within 10 days so just a case of waiting now and reading through them when they arrive
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