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  1. i do not owe them any chicken or guinea fowl, but the value of the default is paltry at £65. All i am asking is to be able to mark the default as satisfied so i can meet lending criteria
  2. Thats where i beg to differ Andy. If a mortgage lender states that they will lend but only if all defaults have been paid off, then in that situation paying off a default does improve your creditworthiness with that institution
  3. Because over that time I have learnt it’s better to pay your debts than to get a ccj.
  4. I received a call from 3 this morning regarding this complaint. Had to go through all the details again, including giving my OLD postcode for the millionth time as they still havent changed my address. This time the assistant stated the debt had been sold to Lowell in 2017. This is the first time i have been told this, first i was told it was written off, then it was with past due collections, now its with Lowell.... Funny thing is i called Lowell a month ago to sort out payments on another issue. Asked them to check my current and previous address for any issues and was told they had nothing else recorded against my name or addresses. If its indeed been sold to Lowell i asked the agent why are 3 still reporting the debt to the CRA's, and not Lowell, He had no answer. I quoted the transcript of an earlier recorded call i had from a colleague of his, whereby the agent stated that 3 had recorded a credit to the account and that no money was due to 3 or to a 3rd party. He declined to comment. At this point the agent stated his full and final resolution to my complaint was that i had to contact lowell directly, and that 3 would send a letter to my home address stating this as their full and final resolutuion. Guess what address they are going to send it to? yep, my old address.... At this point where do i go from here? I'm never going to get this f&f resolution letter, but can i now go to the ombudsman as three state they have closed the complaint?
  5. A week after submitting my complaint i get a canned response asking for my account numbers, addresses etc. Which i had already included in my initial complaint email... Doesnt bode well for this actually getting resolved to my satisfaction
  6. 24 hours later I have received an automated response stating they aim to respond within 4 days. Lets wait until next tuesday then
  7. It won’t show it satisfied 12 months ago, but it will in 12 months time. These are 2 separate contracts I had with 3. 2 different numbers. No idea why they didn’t amalgate under one account but that’s irrelevant anyway
  8. I didn’t mention a lender or any lending in my OP, but yes in regards to a mortgage application a potential lender wants to see all defaults satisfied at least 12 months ago
  9. I have 2 defaults on m credit record from Hutchinson 3 UK which i am having massive difficulties resolving. On Experian they both have an outstanding balance. I have called 3 who have stated that there is no outstanding balance, but that it has been written off as "bad debt". Apparently it went to a DCA May 2017, who then sent it back to 3 at some point in November 2017 as uncollectable. It was uncollectable as i had move out of that address 4 years ago......when i moved i called 3 and asked my my address to be changed. Obviously that didnt happen, and then beginning of last year i called to cancel my contract(outside of terms, i had been with them for 4 years). The last bill i never received as the address on the account hadnt been changed. Whatever though, thats not really the issue. The last week i have been trying to make payment for the arrears to get to marked as settled on my credit report. Three wont take payment as its been written off, and the debt agency it went to apparently hold no records as it was returned to 3 over 6 months ago. Just looking for some advice on how to get this resolved? I've raised a complaint but need to wait until they respond at this point. What i want is for the default balance on my credit file to be a big fat 0. If three are unable to take payment off me so i can clear it, then i would like them to report it as being 0 if they have written it off
  10. Ok update on this guys. I sent the letter to them last week, received a snotty phone call yesterday 'highly recommending' i follow their procedure to return the vehicle. I insisted i want to do a vt as per s99 and again they insisted i would you the shortfall when they sold the car. I immediately sent off a letter of formal complaint stating again that i wished to vt as per my original letter and that the 14 day notice period was still in effect from the date of the original letter. Today i have recieved an email with a breakdown of the money that i would owe them f i vt. I will post the contents once i get home. This is literally making me sick
  11. last time i vt'd a car i kept the tax, the guy collecting it actually give it back to me and said he doesnt need it. these lot though are acting like a bunch of jokers right now. I told them that i had vt'd a car before so i know the procedure and they replied 'but you havent vt'd with us before sir and this is how we do it', uh sorry mallard the consumer credit act is law and it over-rules any unfair clauses you have in your contract
  12. Thanks so much for the advice! The journey to their office from my house is 360 miles longer than the journey to the car dealership for a round trip so I think that can be ruled as unreasonable lol. I'll get my letter written up tonight and post it for your perusal before I post it this is my letter, my repayments are over £1500 a year so i can terminate with 14 days notice instead of 28. i am going to send it when i return from holiday incase they try to contact me when im away: Dear Sir/Madam VOLUNTARY TERMINATION OF AGREEMENT Account No: (xxxxxxx) I am writing to notify you that I am exercising my right to terminate the above Agreement under Section 99 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974. You will understand that the aforementioned section permits the debtor to terminate the agreement at any time before the last payment is due. There is no restriction regarding the exercising this statutory right, particularly none in respect of any perceived arrears or monies due on termination I understand that I shall be liable to you for the amount calculated under the formula in Section 100 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974. As I have paid more than the amount calculated under the formula in Section 100 the amount due is zero. The above agreement will be terminated 14 days from the date of this notice. Please send me details of how the vehicle can be returned to you. You will be aware that statute prevents you from levying a charge for the recovery of this vehicle; guidelines also state that if you require me to deliver this vehicle it must be no more than a short (reasonable distance) from my registered address. Please confirm receipt of this request by telephone/email within 7 days of receipt (my number / email address).
  13. This is the email reply i just received from them: Further to your telephone call today you requested I send you an email to explain voluntary termination: If you wish to voluntarily terminate the contract you may do so, I will arrange for the auctions to collect the vehicle, once collected it will be sold if there is a shortfall after it has been sold Mallard will contact .....to put an arrangement in place to clear. I strongly suggest that you use the 50% handback clause (we have emailed you the relevant paperwork), with the 50% as long as you have adhered to our criteria you will not be left with an outstanding debt which is beneficial to you. Yours sincerely The 50% hand back clause they are trying to make me do consists of me driving the car 200 miles to their offices, paying £100 for an independent assessment from the aa and leaving the car taxed for them Their 50% clausr is explained to me like this: We understand that you wish to terminate your agreement with us under the “termination-your rights” or 50% clause. There is a set procedure that you are required to follow and we enclose herewith an undertaking document which both explains the procedure in more detail and sets out your responsibilities in respect of the condition and delivery of the vehicle. Once you have read the undertaking you must complete and return it to us at the address above, together with the current inspection fee of £85 and any other amounts due. Please note that the vehicle must be driven to this office where it will be inspected to ensure that it is in a condition that will allow you to take advantage of the termination clause. In addition you must keep the vehicle comprehensively insured until it has been delivered and accepted by us. Finally, we confirm that the termination will be recorded on your credit file. Yours sincerely, Mallard Vehicle Finance And this is what they want me to complete for their 50% clause: I/we wish to return the above vehicle under the terms of the “termination – your rights” clause. I/we have paid 50% of the total amount payable or if not, agree to pay £0.00 together with outstanding charges of £nil to bring the account up to the 50% figure (inclusive of all outstanding arrears, if any). I/we confirm that any amounts payable must be paid before another instalment falls due (see next payment date above), together with the inspection fee of £85.00. In addition to the above, I/we agree to repay the outstanding insurance balance of £0.00 (see clause10 of the agreement), if applicable. I/we have received and return herewith fully completed a Condition Report. I/we confirm that before I/we attempt to deliver the vehicle in accordance with the provisions below I/we will procure confirmation from Mallard Vehicle Finance that the Condition Report demonstrates that the vehicle appears to be of satisfactory condition and meets the standards required to enable me/us to take advantage of my/our rights as described above. I/we note that subject to the above the vehicle must be delivered to the office of Mallard Vehicle Finance at Hophouse, Maltings Park,West Bergholt, Colchester,CO6 3TJ where the vehicle will be inspected. I/we also acknowledge that if the vehicle fails to comply with the Condition Report sent for whatever reason or is delivered with any of the items in the list 1 – 6 below missing, I/we will not be able to take advantage of the returns clause. Delivery to the above office can only take place, Monday to Friday, 10.00am to 4.00pm on normal working days. Please ensure you telephone for an appointment to deliver. I/we confirm that the car is in a good and roadworthy condition as specified and will be delivered complete with:- Original V5/logbook (a copy is not acceptable) Current MoT (minimum unexpired validity 6 months). Actual expiry date:…….. Service history or proof or service within last 6 months The Radio/Stereo Code ……………………………... Spare or additional keys (confirm number)…………. Current road fund licence (vehicle must have a current tax disc.) Expiry:………. (The vehicle will not be accepted if items 1,2,3,4 & 6 are missing/not as stated) The vehicle will also be cleaned inside and out and my/our personal effects removed and will remain comprehensively insured until it is confirmed that it is acceptable for return handover. Signed:……………………………………………..Date:…………………………….. (Where there are 2 hirers both should sign) Mallard Hirer Condition Report Complete the form below making sure your description is as accurate as possible. Please note if the vehicle arrives and the condition of the vehicle does not match your description the vehicle will not be accepted. Please mark on diagram using the symbols Below. Current MOT expiry date:……………………… Current Road Fund Licence expiry:……………………. All tyres including spare tyre must have at least 2mm tread depth over ¾ of the tyre surface. Put simply I should not do this and just do a voluntary termination?
  14. Thanks guys, I knew I was right but wanted assurance. I have asked them to put their position on this to me via email, as soon as I receive it I will post here. I have also contacted the citizens advice bureau and the consumer credit association who agree with me.
  15. I'm trying to do a vt on my hire purchase of my car. I've paid half the money due. I've contacted to finance company and they are trying to say that if I vt then they will sell the car at auction and I will have to pay any shortfall in the cash raised. I say they are wrong, am I right?
  16. im looking for some feedback and for someone to tell me if i have a case here or not. i am a 3 uk monthly sim only customer. I spoke to 3 yesterday asking if i could upgrade my contract to a handset deal, the operator reccommended a phone for me and we went through the credit check and all was ok. Imediately after the call i realised i had chosen the wrong handset for my needs so immediately called them back and asked them if i could change my decision. The operator put me on hold and after a while he came back and said yes that it wasnt a problem and he could cancel the offer that was made earlier and put it through on the new handset i had chosen. He explained to me the new pricings, how much i would be charged and told me that my handset would be delivered on friday, he also offered to text me the terms and conditions for the new contract. I said no and accepted the contract offer from him today i recieved a call from 3 saying that as i had changed handset i would have to go through another credit check. we went through the credit check and it came back saying that i would have to pay £150 deposit for the handset. I declined to pay this, because as far as im concerned i had already been offered a new contract verbally over the phone and there had been no mention of a credit check having to be performed. The operator told me that it didnt matter as the credit check had to be done. I asked for this to be escalated as i was not happy with the resolution and i called them back this evening to see how my complaint was progressing. I spoke to a complaints manager who said he understood my predicament but the person i spoke to yesterday had made a mistake and that i would have to pay £150 or not have the upgrade. At this point i asked what the escalations procedure was and i was told there was no more escalation as he was the complaints manager so i asked for a letter of deadlock as i would be putting this forward to the relevant ombudsman. He then put me on hold and told me that his manager(who didnt exist 5 minutes ago!) would call me on sunday. now, my question is can i hope to get anything out of this? i booked a day off work for tomorrow as i was told that my handset would be delivered and someone would need to be home. He offered to change my handset and said it would not be an issue, at no point did they mention a new credit check. am i right in thinking that being told my handset would be delivered on friday, being told my new pricings, being told the terms could be emailed to me for reading and being told the start date of my new price plan constitute an offer of contract and myself accepting them is agreeing to this contract? a mobile contract is not governed by the CCA so they do not have to send you letter of contract so as it currently stands they are trying to renege on a verbal contract after the acceptance of it. I have already lost out on a days wages by booking the day off
  17. i've got no idea tbh, i've had a number of mobile contracts over the years, but none for a very long time. the property its linked to was a shared property. I'm unable to link it to any of my previous accounts as i dont know the account numbers for any of them
  18. hi all, i've recently checked my credit file and i have a default on there issued by arrow global for £525 for a communications contract apparently. The date of birth and the name on the default are not mine ie the surname is spelt wrong and the date and month of birth are incorrect. I have queried equifax regarding this and the response i've had is: Response .......via Email 25/07/2011 11.54 AM Dear ..... Thank you for getting in touch. Credit Agreement - Arrow Global Ltd The company has investigated your query and have asked that you get in touch with them directly using these details. This information will remain unchanged on your Credit Report. Arrow Global, Belvedere, 12 Booth Street, Manchester, M2 4AW Fax 0845 459 4817 Call 0800 1300 169 The note that we added, stating that your information was in dispute has now been removed. You’ll find more information about your credit report at: www.equifax.co.uk/help. If you have a question, you should find the answer in our FAQ section. If not, you can send us an online query, and attach your documents to it - no need to worry about them getting lost or delayed in the post. I hope you find this useful. If there’s anything else we can do for you, please let us know. Kind regards Equifax Customer Services Response Administrator via Email 25/07/2011 09.04 AM Please advise consumer to contact Arrow Global directly either by writing in with dispute to Arrow Global, Belvedere, 12 Booth Street, Manchester, M2 4AW or by faxing this to 0845 459 4817 or by calling on 0800 1300 169 in order to discuss the matter further. Once the consumer has completed this action Arrow Global will invoke an investigation into the dispute by requesting further information from the originating creditor. Arrow Global will send any required amendments to the Credit Reference Agencies if necessary upon completion of said investigation. What should my course of action be?
  19. if you had a default with VM which had been settled, would it be worth getting this letter sent off to them? would the default be no longer on your credit file if they've stopped proccessing your data?
  20. Hi all im hoping for some help advice and feedback on my problem. I bought a projector from dabs 15 months ago for close on 500pound which has now developed a fault. The warranty on the item was for 12 months. I was in email contact with dabs who said that they wouldnt do anything unless i had a report from the manufacturer stating that it was an inherent fault. I contacted the manufacterer but they were nit willing to do so. I then sent dabs a letter stating i wish to recieve a repair under the sale of goods act as the item should last a reasonable length of time and if needed i could obtain a report from an independent expert in regards to the fault. I recieved no reply to this so have just sent them a second ketter restating the facts and notifying them that this is the second letter and i will take further action if it is not resolved. What should my next steps be after this? Any advice would be great
  21. thanks for the advise so far, its been good to have some help with this. I've got a question though. My tenancy agreement is with the ltd company, and i have checked companies house and the person i have always dealt with as my landlord is no longer listed as a director of the company. would he still have the authority to block the release of my bond from the letting agency now that he is no longer listed as a director of the company that my rental agreement is with?
  22. i have just spoken to the agency and they have said that they will send a final letter to the landlord tomorrow, stating that we both have tried to contact him with no joy, and that if he does not get in touch within 10days then they will release the bond to me. does this sound like something they could do for me? the agency stopped dealing with the LL due to never being able to contact him, so they understand totally what i am going through
  23. hi all, i'm hoping for some advice, support and suggestions on how to proceed with a very difficult situation i'm in. I took over the tenancy in a property in january 2007. the property was being managed by a letting agency on behalf of the landlord. As the tenancy started before the new laws regarding bonds came into force, my bond is being held by the agency. In early 2009 i was sent a letter from the agency stating that they have stopped managing the property and please could i sign this form to hand over the bond to the landlord. I DID NOT sign the form and send it back. I have spoken to the agency today and they still hold the bond for the property. My landlord has always been a nightmare to get hold of, sometimes i would be trying for 2 months to get hold of him. I gave him my notice over the telephone at the end of october, i also followed this up with a written letter to the address i have for them. I stated that i would be vacating the property on 7th december as per the terms of my contract and that we need to arrange to meet up for a final inspection, handover keys etc, and for the bond to be released to me. I have tried numerous times to contact him over the last 2 weeks, and over the last week i have been calling twice a day with no answer. I am due to leave the property in 3 days and am requiring my bond and a final inspection. As the letting agency currently hold my bond i have also been in touch with them over this period advising them o what i have been doing. The agency has told me that they cant release the bond without the landlords permission. they have also sent him letters stating that i am leaving the property on the 7th and that they require instruction to release the bond. What would happen if the landlord does not get into contact with them? will my bond be held indefinitely by them? what should i do if i am going to have any chance of resolving this? *my rental agreement is with a ltd company, not an individual, but i have always dealt with the one person, who i assume is the owner of the company whose purpose it is is to rent out their own property. As of today the ltd company is still trading, according to companies house. If you need anymore ino then please let me know and i will do my best to provide you with answers in return for some advice This is really stressing me, what with christmas coming etc. thanks in advance for any help you can give me
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