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  1. Based on 8%, it's about £600, based on 24.9, it's about £5600.
  2. Opinions welcome, has anyone persued from here and actually got more back? If not, I think I am going to call it a day, I have my money, and interest, a good gambler knows when to walk away from the table.
  3. Full as in "all they are going to pay me without further action". Considering my options.
  4. What rate of interest did you claim?
  5. Agreed. Interestingly, in my letter, they refer to "lost interest", which in effect I have not claimed for. I claimed "interest on the debt" rather than trying to get back interest I paid on it, if that makes sense.
  6. Letter has arrived with details of refunded: 1) charges (as per my figures) 2) Court costs (correct) 3) "lost interest" (which disagrees with my figure) They do not state what rate the interest is calculated, but it's interesting that they use the term "lost interest" rather than "interest on owed amount".
  7. I would hope it was that way, but if NWide convince the court that the claim is for remaining interest only, and that, having paid out all the charges, they do not need to disclose anything re the charges, we would be on the back foot. Believe me, as I am in the same boat, I would love that the courts force full disclosure on the details of the whole defence, but I just can't see it.
  8. I think you are missing the point, it's not what they call it, or we call it, but what the court sees it as.
  9. As I understand it, they have paid back redsue's charges, and some interest, but not enough \ all of it? (I am in the same boat)
  10. But what if the claim is purely interest?
  11. Yes, unless it is over 15k? I was thinking, I may drop my case against them and restart, for lost interest only, as it will be within small claims \ less liability.
  12. Great, thanks, I'm in the same boat so will be watching \ helping in any way I can!
  13. Well, we live in hope
  14. Overnight, they applied some "corrections".... several for £999, and one odd one so the "corrections" now equal the charges claimed exactly. So the good news, I have my charges, and court fee, and some interest, but it's not 24.9 thats for sure!
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