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  1. Many thanks for this. Does this go to both Debbie and Crap or just Debbie
  2. OK Just updating on where we are up to. This is the so called agreement we received from Crap one in September which we answered with 42Mans letter above, to date we have had no answer from Crap One and their covering letter. http://i446.photobucket.com/albums/qq186/adefab/CrapAgreement.jpg http://i446.photobucket.com/albums/qq186/adefab/Crap1809.jpg Today we have received and yes it does take 2 weeks for a letter to reach NZ from Debb Tass Via their mailing house in Brussels. http://i446.photobucket.com/albums/qq186/adefab/Debbie1510.jpg I have been round the site for a while now and there are various answer letters to the DCA's (yes good old Debbie is part of Crap) Which is the best one now in use. Many thanks Happy NZ Campers
  3. Try looking at a thread called "Being chased in Australia" I don't know how to copy the link over to you but this person is in the same position as you and I. Also "Confused and Overseas- Where do I start?" is also worth a look. But it looks like they will have a very hard time chasing us.
  4. Slick, In post 24 where the claim deails are as follow's the agreement dates are different, Claim say's 07.06.05, where alledged agreement says 31.05.05 Slick132 In answer to your questions above Please can you type or copy here onto your thread the detail of the Claimant's Particulars of Claim in these latest proceedings.. 1, Claimaint © made a loan to Defendant (D) Particulars of which are set out in the schedule below. 2, C sent default notice to D requesting overdue payments to be made. 3,The amount claimed has not been paid. 4,Particulars of oer notice sent to D are out in schedule below. Agreement Number -------- Agreement Date 07/06/2005 Balance £14881.29 Default notice 21/07/06
  5. Rum makes the mind wonder. Lets argue here. If we have to request for an origional copy of a CCA, then could we not also argue they they have to produce an origional cheque/telegraphic transfer order etc of the purchase. i think we are onto something. MOD's, has this ever been raised before and if not are we onto something??
  6. Think me dumb here, but if its got insurance, then should the hard drive replacement not be covered by this????????
  7. I know, but in the case where they can produce a CCA (rare like a living Dodo) this can be the next spanner in the works. We could even request a copy of the cheque used to purchase the debt!
  8. Huggy, well said, lets get a good letter going with lots legal stuff and go from there!
  9. Then maybe we should start. If anything it would give them more work to do on top of tall the work we give them already and maybe something would come of it. As in if they can't produce a Proof of Purchase they can't get a claim. Like if a shop, no Proof of Purchase no refund!!!!!!!!
  10. Then if they could show how much they paid, we could then challenge the amount they are charging us and then be in a better position to argue down the amount they are chasing. I bet no one DCA could ever produce proof of purchase!
  11. Silly question as I have been reading many posts where DCA's have stated that they have "Purchased a Debt" Has anyone ever asked for "proof of payment" to the debt!!!!!
  12. Now watching this one, We are close, only 1 to CrapOne and letters started from Debbie Tass. NZ Girl, Please update us on any new info and PM if you want a quiet word.
  13. Will watch this one. being chased by CrapOne and Debbie Tass. At CCA stage and they can provide so this gives me hope. I hope from reading that NZ law is close to Aus law in this situation. Anyone know.
  14. So they might be able to take action in a commonwealth country
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