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  1. I was after a bit of advise, my daughters boyfriend currently pays for his son who was born in 2012, but now my daughter has become pregnant and will eventually start to live with her boyfriend. Now can his ex claim more money from him if my daughter starts living with him or does his payments reduce due to my daughter been pregnant. Also would any benefits that my daughter would get go towards his ex's payments.
  2. Which one should i do ??? I dont want them anywhere near so would it be just easier knowing that it is all settled paying the baliff or council direct. If i paid the council direct wouldnt the baliffs still come around.
  3. Hi my daughter is 16. I have 2 LO orders one is for £1100 and the other one is for £535. I do have another car but it is on HP. Do you think it is wise just to pay them off and have done with it i could always borrow the money from my friend to get away from them.
  4. Hello, I came home from work and there was a Notice of Bailiff Attendance which had been given to my daughter. In a blind panic i rang the baliff and he is going to come round on Friday, but i have been reading posts on here and they advise ringing the council to see if they will take the debt back. If they do will the bailiff stop calling round, Also i am worried because my husband has his taxi parked on our drive would they do anything with that even thou it isnt his. I am so worried that i dont know what to do for the best either arrange to pay through the baliff or try and sort something out through the council if they will, i just dont know what to do i am so scared.
  5. Hello, I was wondering if you could give me any advise. I have a credit card with i am on an arrangement to pay less then the monthly payment. But after looking at my credit report it is showing that they are late payments, yes they are not as much as they should be but i am on an arrangement with them. What do you think is this right ??. Also the strange think is that my husband is also on an arrangement and his credit report is showing that he is making payments i just need to know if it is correct showing missing payments. I am here trying to get myself sorted out and there is them putting late payment indicators on my credit report. I have also spoke to them and they say it is right i wouldn't of thought i would be to be honest. Any advise please. Thanks
  6. I originally asked for more refunded but the default was for £193.00 and the refunded over £200.
  7. Yes the did refund some of them but not all of them would this still class as being able to get the default removed then.
  8. I have a default issued to me in 2005 by yorkshire bank for £193.00 these were due to un/od fees of £8.00 per day been added to my account. After they issued the default they did reimburse about £200 back to me. It was paid off and settled what do you think my chances are in getting the default removed from credit file. Any advise would be greatly recieved thanks.
  9. Just recieved a letter from the above company stating that the bank is not obliged to make a refund to me. However we are instructed that having regard to all the circumstances the bank is prepared to make an ex gratia payment to me for £200 in full and final settlement of this claim. My claim against them is for £2800 and a removal of a default notice. What should i do now any help please.
  10. I would be really grateful for any advise. I sent my request in for a refund quite a while ago which i got the standard letter sent back. I then sent them a LBA.Then in the mean time my mam died suddenly so everything got forgotten about. I then wrote to them again explaining what had happened and if i didn't hear from them within 14 days i would take it further. They sent me this letter then saying that should my complaint not be addressed within eight weeks they would contact me again to confirm the current position of my complaint. They should issue me with a Final Response letter within the next four weeks, if they are unable to do so they will write to me again this letter was dated the 27th April, so there 4 weeks are up. What should i do now any advise will be brill this just seems to be going on forever please help.
  11. Hi could anyone give me any advise what to do next. I recieved a letter from yb saying that if the complaint is not addressed within eight weeks they would contact me again. This eight weeks has lapsed and unfortunalely the investigation is not yet concluded as they are still in the process of assessing the information. We will advise you of the outcome as soon as it is concluded and anticipate a final response letter to me within the next four weeks. If they are unable to do so they will write to me again. This letter was dated the 27th April. I would be really grateful if somebody could advise me on what to do. Many Thanks
  12. Hi I was just wondering if anyone could give me any information about this. I was in arrears with direct line regarding a loan the arrears are only £345.00. I rang today to sort a payment out with them but they told me that it has been sent to a debt collection agency. I haven't had any notice that they was going to do this so i didn't know other wise i could of rang them up to sort something out with them earlier. The question is are they allowed to do this without telling me. Any advise please.
  13. Well just got my reply today from the bank, it was just one of there standard letters saying it was my fault etc etc. So i am going to do my LBA letter tomorrow.
  14. Hi I am new to this site. I don't know what to do for the best, both me and my husband have got cc debt of around 20,000 this has got bigger because we couldn't manage to make the min payments as i was off of work ill. Today i got a letter for the solicitor which i gathered was a standard letter sent out from the bank requesting i needed to pay £900 now. I told her that we didn't have that kind of money but now that i am back at work we could meet the min payments. She told me that she would have to have a word with her manager and to ring back on Wednesday. Help i just don't know what to do any advise please.
  15. Hi well i have just received my statements and i am going to go through them tonight to see how much they owe me. Could somebody please tell me where do you get the template from to put all the charges on. I am still new to this site so still trying to find my way around.
  16. Hi eveyone, Well i have just received my statements today for the yorkshire bank. I know this sounds a stupid question but do i add up all the charges and unauthorised o/d fees that have been applied to my account. I just want to get it right.
  17. Hi i am new to this website i am just finding my way around. I have been reading the template letters that you send to the banks but forgive me if this sounds silly but on the letters do you just enter your details and then type out the letter exactly like the ones on the templates or what ? What has everyone else done ?. Any advise would be great.
  18. Hi I am new to this site just working my way around. I was just wondering if anyone could give me any advise where to start to claim my bank charges back. I wasn't going to bother but reading all the posts it makes me more determined to do something about them. Any advise would be much appreciated. Thankyou
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