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  1. Actually thanks for that. I just noticed the confidentiality bit - which of course I do not agree to. You can't force somebody to agree to something like this by saying "acceptance of this cheque is only on this basis" - they can't make such conditions, and as such I do not accept them. They're trying to imply that somehow by accepting the cheque, I am accepting a confidentiality clause - what a piece of disingenuous arm twisting! Do they really think we are that stupid?!! I am accepting this cheque on the basis that I won't proceed with my legal case against them!
  2. My claim included the normal interest & statutory interest ...
  3. Ladeez and Gentlemen, I have a very pleasing announcement to make. I just received a recorded delivery letter from Cobblers this morning. In it lo and behold was a cheque for the full amount of the claim. Finally they have seen some sense. My response to the court was due on Tuesday so it seems they have saved me the trouble (which I was more than prepared to do). It's just ridiculous for them to have taken it this far, they could have saved themselves a lot of trouble and just settled back much earlier. I hope they do start to settle much earlier in the process. I think if everyone mentions t
  4. thanks Karnevil! Actually, just having had a quick look at that thread (it's been a while!) - I've realised that the Judge has accepted my Draft order for directions - as this is what I included in my AQ! So it is working! Shall send back what is mentioned in the posts --- cheers!
  5. OK, so my thread appears to have been hijacked by other threads?! That's okay, but I will now give an update on my case. Have received the Order from the judge after having sent the AQ. He has ordered: 1. Allocate claim to small claims track.... 2. The Claimant do by XXX date clairfy the claim by filing in court and serving on the Defendant the following information; a) copies of any statement or other document relied upon as showing that each and every charge has been made. b) a statement of evidence of all matters relied upon as tending to show that the charges
  6. Hi Libbi - whatever you do don't take no for an answer!! You are the customer, you are in the driving seat, it is your information. Do you have any bank statments during this period from other banks that you transferred money to or anything - that way you would have a record of the actual account number. What about direct debits from utility companies - is there any bank account information on your old bills? Anyway, I'm sure someone will post here a better person to call at NatWest... perhaps natweststaffmember can help? But whatever you do don't give up!! Hang in there! Is i
  7. Wow what a ledg you are Westy! Thanks for this...
  8. Hi Dolly, looks like we're in the exact same time line - I just got the exact same defence dated 01 Feb 07 -- see my thread here and the very helpful responses - http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/natwest-bank/63220-wehavetheright-natwest-defence-filed.html#post536450
  9. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/natwest-bank/63220-wehavetheright-natwest-defence-filed.html#post536450 This should be the one!! (Oh yes it is!!)
  10. Thanks everyone for your replies. I filed the POC as part of an N1 and of course they have the full schedule of charges. I will await the Allocation Questionnaire and respond accordingly!! Anyone know the exact provisions of the Act we are relying on? I will research it further on the site, but if anyone has anything to add here would be much appreciated! Maybe I should go by the shorter name of "Righty??" or something!!! Thanks again everyone, always supportive and helpful!!
  11. Hi gys, I haven't received any request for a CPR part 18 - but I have received this rather curious Defence filed by Cobblers on 1st Feb 07 --- see my thread - here (I'm not sure how to link to threads but it's headed as -- wehavetheright VS Natwest Defence filed Any comments greatly appreciated!!
  12. Hi guys, this is my first posting of my court claim issued against Natwest. So far it's been smooth(ish) going despite the pathetic attempts at Cobblers to delay the process. After having filed my claim - Natwest came to me offering £3,000 odd, (basically the full amount of the claim, less interest). However my claim is around £4,200 and I of course have duly rejected this offer and sent the usual letter etc. At the same time Green & Co which is their in house solicitors based in Kendal Court, Telford have been trying to recover the amount of my overdrawn account - which of cours
  13. Hi, I got a letter from Rachel Tomlinson dated yesterday 02 Jan of course it could have been sent out on her behalf, as it was just signed "DG Solicitors".
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