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  1. Can anyone help gone through moneyclaim online, they had until 9 May to respond, I have had not heard anything but I have just gone on mcol and a defence has been entered on 20th April,I am a little worried that I havent had nothing sent from Llyods and I can't take the claim any further online. Please help!!!
  2. clare, boxxer or laterus, I am expecting my offer in the post tommorow,m its the best feeling isn't it? do any of you know if they can take your overdraft out of the money, I am worried that £2500 of mine will be gone before I start!!
  3. fingers, legs and everything else I can think of, I should be getting an offer tommorow for full amount, yes,yes,yes. Not one to stop worrying do you think they could take my overdraft facility off me, once the money goes in? If so I could be down £2500 before anything!!!
  4. Thanks for this, I was going to put that in section H - other information, as the AQ guidance tell me so, what do you think, very confused!!
  5. I am trying to complete my AQ N150 (which I am also a bit worried about as my claim is just on £5000, why am I not completing a N149?) Anyway, I am stuck on section F 'proposed directions' what exactly are these? I have looked on the FAQ's, libraries and rpevious threadss and I am at a complete lost, do CPR28 and form PF52 have something to do with this and if so can someone direct me to where I can find them, AQ got to be in my Monday 7th, so panicking a bit now. Please help.
  6. I thought Rachel Tomlinson, was back today I have been trying to ring her but still going on to viocemail anyone managed to get in touch, i really need to speak to someone today.
  7. My deadline for getting back the AQ t the court is 7 January which is a Sunday, do you think I will be alright filing it on the Monday 8th? or should I do this Friday?
  8. Thanks for this, I thought so, I am defo losing my marbles now!!! I a defo going to fight on but I am sure I will be the one they take all the way!!!
  9. Thanks Annie, theres is just no telling I have just been reading boxers thread and he got his offer 2 days before he was due to send his AQ off, I will go for it though it is just hard to believe that you are ever going to get it back, mine is just on 5k, alot of money for the likes of me and with a new baby on the way I really need it!! All the best for 2007 I will keep you informed.
  10. I have just been reading some of the threads and I am little confused can someone confirm if all the DG letters have 'without prejudice' on them, its only that someone said it is only when making an offer they PUT THAT ON THE LETTER?
  11. Well done, fingers crossed for me, I received my AQ papers on 19 December and been trying to get in touch woth Miss Tomlinson since, I've got till 7 Jan to apy the £100 haven't got it, really hope I get an offer like you a couple of days before the deadline!!!! Happy new year!!
  12. I really hope your right, I am starting to panic received my AQ on 19th Dec, got till 7 January to submit, but worrying that I havent got the £100 to pay for it, bet you I'm the one they do the test case on!!!
  13. I have received my AQ they are going for it, this what there defense is; 1. The claimants account is goverened by the defendants personal and/or business banking terms and condidtions. 2. Pursuant to the defendants terms and condiditions the defenedant is entitled to make a charge for its service as set out in the defendants price list, including an overdraft review fee for considering whether to provide and providing an overdraft. 3. The defendant denies that the charges applied to the claimants account anount to penalties at common law and/or unfair contract termns for the purpose o
  14. Well done Linds theres hope for us all yet, when was your mcol up? fingers crossed for mine bet you I'm no that lucky!!
  15. Well done Babs, my 28 days are up on Tuesday 19th, fingers crossed, there doesn't seem to be any consistency some are getting part offer, some full within the 28 days and others are having to go to AQ stage, I am trying to keep optimistic though, I can't beleive you got all your money back what a xmas present!!!!
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