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  1. Thanks everyone for your advice, MKRR have said that they will request a copy of my signiture from the Nationwide so that should be interesting? Mark
  2. Hi, I need some advice on my late wifes overdraft with the Nationwide (She died in 2008). I've been getting letters from Milton Keynes Rapid Recoveries (MKRR) saying that I am liable for the debt as it was a joint account, which it wasn't. Interestingly the first letter they sent was addressed to my late wife but now they address everything in both our names. I've sent them letters saying they need to prove my liability and they just sent through a bunch of bank ststements and insist I'm liable. The debt is around £3000, does anyone know what I should do? They've said that they don't need to supply a CCA because it's an overdraft and I know this is probably right but I'd like to check to see what people on here might think? Any help would be welcome... Mark
  3. I've had the exact same letters too for BSKYB for a so called debt of £32. I'm sending the prove it letter and will report back.
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    Thanks thats what I thought..
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    I'm being chased by Moorcroft for an overdraft with Lloyds TSB. I've been searching around the site but I'm still not sure who I should send the S.A.R too, Lloyds or Moorcroft? Also, if I send it to Lloyds should I inform Moorcroft? Any advice would be appreciated...
  6. I phoned up and booked my tickets a couple of weeks ago but the appointment I had in London was cancelled. All I wanted to do was change the date on my tickets but I've told that I need to send the tickets back to be cancelled and buy new tickets, but they take a £10 admin fee and refund the rest to the card. Is this right..
  7. Thanks Ammani, does the CCA apply to overdrafts? Also, who do I send the S.A.R too, Wescot or Nationwide?
  8. Hi I Had an overdraft with TSB for just over £1,000. I've been paying it forever but missed some payments recently because my wife has been in and out of hospital. They obviously now want the whole amount and have passed it on to their in house solicitors. Should I send them a S.A.R? or does someone have any recommendations?
  9. Hi Could someone please advise. I have had a letter from Wescot concerning a debt with Nationwide for £3,606 which was an Overdraft. The last I remember the Overdraft was set at 1,800. The question is do I send a CCA or S.A.R as it's now with a DCA?
  10. Thanks for the advice.. I'll print my name and send it back:)
  11. I've had a so called dept passed around for over a year from Lloyds regarding a credit card. It's been to their solicitors then to allied credit and back to Lloyds all failing a CCA request. This morning I receive a letter saying they have no CCA and ask I sign a letter to wipe out the dept as full and final settlement! The real question is do I hit them for everything thats been paid to them?
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    Seeking Advice

    Thanks, thats what I thought. Also I forgot to say I've also been paying Rockwell for the same account? I wasn't aware at the time but it looks like they've been paid twice a month. Going to phone Rockwell to make sure its the same account...
  13. I have an overdraft outstanding with Lloyds (£1,017) that I've been paying off at £5 per month for a couple of years. I don't bank with them anymore but out of the blue this morning I get a letter from their 'in house solicitors' stating that after several letters (Not!) I have failed to bring my overdraft below £1,000...They say interest is being added and if I don't pay about £80 in 7 days, court case follows? Any advice welcome, I'm on carers allowance for my wife who is also on benefits. I'm guessing I should send them a S.A.R straight away? Any thoughts? Mark
  14. This had made interesting reading, just wondering if there are any updates?
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