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  1. Hi all, Any help or advice gratefully received! I am helping out a friend, whose £400 laptop packed up 6 months out of warranty. PC World fobbed him off at first and told him out of warranty tough luck, when he told me what had happened I informed him of the SOGA. I went with him to store and they referred us to Cust Serv (Who I rang from the store) and they said to get an independent engineer to take a look, do a report and send it to them, if it is too expensive to repair he would get a refund. Then two days later, he gets a call saying not to bother with the engineer's
  2. Hi, nobody spilt a drink, they were simply mopping the floor early so they could finish earlier it seems and they decided not to put any signs up as they did so. The only reason I am considering it is because I have suffered a fair amount of pain thus far with no sign of improvement yet, plus it was through no fault of my own. With regards to suffering financially, if I need physio then I will suffer as I have a neck condition at the mo and can't afford physio for that as it is, so deffo won't be able to afford it for my knee if the GP suggest this tomorrow. I'll see what the G
  3. Hi All, Wonder if anyone can help? Two weeks ago this coming Friday, I was at my local leisure centre watching a live band. I walked out of the auditorium in to the main public area by the bar to meet my friends and all of a sudden my feet went from underneath me and I landed with a hard crack on to my right knee. At I the time, I burst out laughing, with shock.. and embarrassment as everyone in the bar area had seen me. Then as my friends were helping me to my feet, a member of staff literally flew down the stairs and plonked a "slippery when wet" sign down! We were so shocked
  4. Hi all, Just quickly, I have 3 bank a/c's with A&L, two sole a/c's, one joint a/c. Each month we transfer money to the joint one to cover the bills. I do this on the 28th and my hubby on the 1st. This month the 1st fell on a Saturday, so A&L transferred the money on the 3rd, which is the same day as the mortgage payment. I looked online on the 3rd and the a/c all looked fine. Today we get a letter charging us for paying the mortgage when there was insufficient funds?!? I call up and was told that the standing order transfer registered AFTER the mortgage DD, hence th
  5. Interesting as when I rang them thsi morning, they said PSCOs have the same rights as Traffic Wardens!?!?! Also, they have issued me with an FPN for an obstruction that was not obvious that I was causing. BTW, another sucker is parked in the space today! Like there is EVERY day, they must be raking in a mint on that space.
  6. They are private bays, but with no restrictions or permits required. The Red, Purple and Green bays are relating to council owned bays that are patrolled by NCP, these bays do not have this as they are not council owned.
  7. Interesting, thanks... In Thames Valley it says... Powers PCSOs in Thames Valley have the power to: stop cyclists who are cycling on the pavement and issue fixed penalty notices for cycling on the pavement issue local authority fixed penalty notices for dog fouling and litter dropping seize alcohol from people in designated no drinking areas seize alcohol and tobacco from people under age demand the name and address of people acting in an anti-social manner seize vehicles used to cause alarm, or remove abandoned vehicles carry out road checks and stop vehicles for
  8. Is it?! Not when I look it isn't... I was parked in the next parallel road up from Upper 5th Street.
  9. Hi, Thanks. I haven't really got the £30 to pay in the first place, so the thought of paying a higher fine doesn't appeal. But on principal as well as finances I want to appeal especially, as I feel that my FPN seems riddled with flaws and very unjust. Is ther an upper limit on what my fine to go up to? I would have thought that if I stated I good case (I have maps, photo's etc.. ) that I would just get the FPN struck off? Obviously not then!! Bradders. x
  10. Hi All, Hoping you's can help, bit complicated.... But I got given a Fixed Penalty Notice by a Police Community Support Officer yesterday. Parking is getting horrendous where I work (Central Milton Keynes.) due to Developers building on all the bleedin' car parking spaces... ANYHOO... In CMK, parking is mainly meters or permits and it is ran by NCP for the council. Yet, in two places in CMK by my work there is a small rack of parking spaces, sandwiched between two sets of private, controlled parking bays. That have no road-markings, signage, yellow lines or ANYTHING, people that get
  11. Hi all, Sorry that this is a long one, but I've been in tears and really need some help. I need advice, it's not about bank charges per se but about a letter I am going to compose for compensation and I am wondering how much I should ask for and if I would get it. I have a mortgage with Nationwide, it's a fixed rate at £845 a month. My fixed rate was coming to an end and whilst I am waiting for my new fixed rate mortgage with Abbey to complete I rang up Nationwide as I am not massively au fait when it comes to mortgages and wanted to know what date my mortgage payments would go
  12. Hi Geoff, My hubby knows my logon for here I will get him to PM you. Cheers.
  13. Well blimey, this has been a toughie, I have been helping my hubby claim against LTSB following a relatively quick success when I took Halifax to court last year, they submitted a defence then just paid up... LTSB on the other hand have been swines, as well most of you will know! We starting with the SAR in January and the court date was next Fri, so it has taken a good 6 months. Last week hubby submitted a good bundle to the court, hearing letter also specified that BOTH parties must provide each other with full copies of their own bundles as well as to the court, so we hand deliver
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