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  1. Thanks guys, Ive just created a simple text link hopefully will send some people here.. cheers, DD
  2. how do I use it though?? Ive tried inserting it as a URL and IMG and neither does anything but display the text?? its a Phbb things forum if thats any help... sorry for my technophobia LOL
  3. just an idea (maybe someones had it before as Im fairly new here) but surely there are some techy people on here that would have the ability to create a nice banner that we can use on our websites which links to the CAG ?? Im thinking something along the lines of a moving graphic/banner using the words "Claim back your bank charges" and "Visit the CAG forum now" and obviously having a clickable link??? I would be happy to host the file which people could link to by using the code, but I have no idea how to create something the reason I ask is that I visit a very lively other forum everyday and would be happy to place this in my sig for some free advertising to others... just a thought Rgds, Damian
  4. many thanks Peter. I wish you well with your barclays case:D Ive actually just got a letter from the court yesterday saying that the halifax intend to defend, funny as they have already paid me the money into my account ive written to the court to say that as far as Im concerned the case is now settled in full, I assume I will hear nothing else now?? anyway, happy days at the mo ! Rgds, Damian
  5. are there any templates for these as I cannot find them?? many thanks Damian
  6. Hi Guys, Sorry to trouble you again but does anybody know if there is a standard template for writing to the court to say that I have received my money in full and therefore there is no need to proceed further? Many Thanks Damian
  7. LOL, thats the dance I did when my charges were refunded
  8. Thanks actually had my first decent nights sleep in ages yesterday..LOL
  9. Good luck with your claim Rachel, not that youll need it hopefully you have got some inspiration from my thread, I was conviced I would mess my claim up but money landed today and I couldnt be happier.. everybody here is super friendly and always happy to help so nothing to worry about... keep us updated with your progress Rgds, Damian
  10. I wish I had the tech expertise to replace the head on it with Howard from the Halifax ads LOL
  11. from a dance music forum I use daily feel free to use it if you wish
  12. stick with it Rachel, I had loads of stupid questions along the way which all the kind people on here helped me with, this place really is the bees knees Good Luck DD
  13. no more to reclaim Libertie good luck with yours ! Damian
  14. Donated today:) Halifax definitely gives you extra LOL Keep up the good work all DD
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