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  1. Tom I would't ring them hun, just wait it will be there soon just keep checking your bank
  2. Good luck Tom Although you won't need it hun not long know love and light Elle aka Elaine 54
  3. Hi Lizzie R Well the angles where on my side as they are with you and all the members, just believe in the universe and keep asking for what you deserve your Money love and light Elle aka Elaine 54
  4. Hi - I agree this site is excellent, i have made a donation to this great site keep up the good work people love and light Elle aka Elaine 54
  5. Hi Hunnie i will be watching your posts with interest looking forward tothe day your parents get there Money back. love and light Elle aka Elaine 54
  6. awww Hunnie I wish your parents all the best although they won't need it as they will Win, looking forward in reading your posts in letting us know how you get on I didn;t even get a letter to say they where going to defend, so check the banks every couple of days, after you get to court stage it took them 2 weeks from date of been served to putting money in my bank. love and light Elle aka Elaine 54 xxxxxx
  7. still had no word from haifax but i must remember to get in touch with courts to say they paid
  8. Hi Stitcherbaker, I won yesterday whoo hoo
  9. Hi All i have just looked in my bank and found i had all my money in there whoo hoo Thank you for all your support i will be sending my donation soon love and light Elaine xxxxxxxxxxxx
  10. Still no word of the Halifax would have thought they would write to say there going to defend, mind you they still have till Mon i will keep you updated
  11. Good luck angi and jason mine was issued on 25th Aug
  12. Hi Angi good luck with your too hun love and light Elaine xx
  13. whoo hoo i have recived my court letter they have untill 11 sept to reply
  14. Just rung the courts and told them i brought my claim in on Mon, as i have had no word from them, they said they will be issuing it today, so fingers crossed
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