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  1. Hiya Thanks for the replies The £60.00 bills are contract bills, for 2 months, I should explain, I had to go away, due to a couple of personal probs, which Im still having to deal with, I rang Orange to cancel, 10th June this is the only call they have from me, this call was made from my mobile, this was to give 30 days notice to cancel, I have proof of all phone calls made to Orange, on my land-line bill, Only yesterday Orange disconnected my phone, The mast has been removed from the area, as with the damage from the fire, I was without signal from 16th June, & Im not the only one,
  2. I'm just wondering if someone cane help me out, I'm or should I say, I was with Orange, until June this year. I rang to give 30 days notice of cancellation as my contract was just about up, & I was offered a Pay as You Go Sim card, (which never arrived) which I said ok too. Now what happened next was beyond anyones control, A fire near where I live, damaged the Mast that I use for my phone, I was one of many who had no signal, I rang Orange & they did try to patch me with another mast, but it wouldn't work. So I opt for another server, Now whats happened I am still being billed for my
  3. Just to let you know Consett Court are putting claims on Stay...
  4. Hiya Thanks for your reply Slick I sent lba 19th Feb, got reply from bank saying final offer etc £500.00, for the second time, Ive already had a claim with hsbc put on stay this week, which is a lot more than this claim, so I thought maybe accept this offer, & was just wondering how long it takes the banks to pay up, before making up my mind, as this claim could well go on stay to...I'd rather have a bit money to be honest...I know that sort of means the bank had won in their eyes, but if I look at it through my eyes, I thought the money was gone forever..if that makes sense.
  5. Does anyone know how long it takes Barclays to reply & pay up, once an offer has been accepted? Thanks Angi x
  6. Just an update Judge has put my claim on Stay, pending the outcome of the applications made to the High Court... So going to sit back on this one, as Im working on a claim with the Abbey & want to get it as far as possible, I keep you all updated if theres anything to report. Angi xxx
  7. Hiya I find all this so annoying, how the bailiffs can charge such high amounts for knocking on a door. Anyway I just wanted to add my bit Few years ago I was in trouble with debts, mainly council tax, 18 months worth I paid what I could but never on time, which I admit was my fault, so the bailiffs came knocking at my door, I managed to borrow the money to pay them off & the debt was gone, about a year later, the council sent 2 cheques to my hubby refunds for over payment of council tax...the same ones I had paid to the bailiff, I wanted to find out about it all, but they sent refun
  8. My business account has had an offer on it, so looks like they are still making offers, I wrote a LBA letter last week, waiting to see if they up the offer, if they dont, well its Court next stage. Slick, dont worry about the hijacks, Im guilty of that too lol
  9. Hiya In A/Q - G - other info, can I put this? I am respectfully requesting that my claim be allocated to the small claims track. This issue is not a complicated one; it is An issue of fact and not of law. The issue is only whether the Money levied by the Defendant in respect of its customer’s Contractual breaches exceed their actual costs incurred. I am happy to pay their actual costs and I am surprised the Defendant did not counterclaim for these, because I would Have paid them without argument. However, the continuing Problem is, (in common with the 100s of othe
  10. Many thanks for that reply, I will get busy with reply tomorrow, & let you know what happens next. Thanks Again
  11. update my claim is for £975.00 Barclays have offered me £500.00. as an ex gratia payment of full & final settlement of my claim with this offer they have also sent a lengthly letter, making me aware of a court case pending between a number of financial institutions on the one hand & the Office of Fair Trading on the other( Im very aware) The case deals with unauthorised o/d charges on personal account (as opposed to business accounts). One of the issues that will be considered in the test case is wheather these charges on personal current accounts are penalties at comm
  12. I dont know what to write in G - other information, so if anyone can give me a hand ( or some chocolate) Id be very grateful
  13. Take a look here Abbey Contacts
  14. what you need to do is open a dispute on paypal, its in the Resolution Centre, if you have any emails from the seller saying return & you will get your refund, let paypal know this. Also let the seller know what you are doing...sometimes they pay up...sometimes they dont. when you returned the item, did you use Recorded Delivery? if so check to see if the seller has the item by going to royalmail website. if they have it back, let paypal know this also, the more info you give to paypal the more chance you have of getting your money back. would like to know who the seller is..but I know we
  15. Hiya Pete Thanks so much for coming to help me, Im getting bit scared now, if this was my claim, I dont think Id be this bothered, well saying that I more than likely would be lol Thanks Again Angi x
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