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  1. I recently had the misfortune to return a faulty item to curry's. Day one lets call it i returned the item to the store and asked for a refund and was refused due to not having a receipt, I escalated the issue to the duty manager who also refused the refund who insisted I needed a receipt and the documentation I had withy me was not acceptable. I asked him if he wished to check his position as I believed he was in breach of my consumer rights. he refused, So I left to check up on my rights to return the item. After checking I was indeed correct I returned to the store the next day and again asked for a refund and again refund refused by the same manager as before. At which point i asked him if he would confirm in writing why he was refusing to issue the refund again he refused. at which point he said "I could get the police to have you removed" to which I replied that he was in his rights to do so. Police arrived and asked what the issue was I explained that store would not refund a fault item and was informed that it was not a police issue so they could not help me, but that they would like me to leave the store to prevent a breach of the peace. I responded that If I had been asked to leave the store I would of done so, but as I was never asked to leave I had remained trying to get my refund. As I was exiting the store the manager informed me that I was not welcome in any curry's/pc world stores again and would have to take my issue up with head office. I have received my refund and had acknowledgement from the curry's ceo team that the documentation I supplied on 2 occasions was all that was required for a refund. They have offered compensation for my time which I have refused as i believe that there is a larger issue here than money. This below maybe wrong ..hence me asking here. If I was a member of one of the protected groups as defined by the equality's act the burden of proof for discrimination cases falls on the shop owner to prove I was not refused service because I fall into one o0f those category's .( I am in one of those categories , but its irrelevant ) But if I did not fall into one of those categories the store manager or any employee can refuse access to the store or stores because lets say I was wearing a pink tie on that day and he was offended by the colour Pink and there is no legal or civil recourse. I understand a shop is private property and they can refuse access, but I cannot believe within within English law there is zero recourse for an individual who feels like they have been discriminated against unless you fall into protected category under the equality's act as that seems to fly in the face of the whole purpose of the act was was to provide equality for all. Sorry for the long post. Could someone point me to where I can find more information on the rights to access a shop and there rights on refusal as it seems to me a change in law may be required. As being refused access to a store because the manager cant do his job seems a little extreme to me. Is it possible to take civil action against the employee of the store or must it be through the company. Thanks in advance for any replies.
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