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  1. I couldn't take the frustration, and I'm still capable of causing them problems if its needed. I just love the fact that I can be talking to someone in less than 10 minutes, usually less than 5, when I call Starling. Lifes too short to put up with the crap that Halifax are pulling at the moment and I make no apologies for taking the easy way.
  2. Thanks DX. I've prepared the SAR already for post on Monday.
  3. I wonder if anyone could offer advice or suggestions about a situation I've been sort of dragged into and, because of the current pandemic, I can't think of a solution. I was sent a cheque in the sum of £250.00 by Plusnet, drawn on their bank, Barclays. I used my Halifax app. to pay that into my account on 8th April. On 9th April an entry, "unpaid cheque" appeared on my online statement and the balance on my account was reduced accordingly. I tried to call Halifax many, many times over the following 7 days and was never able to speak with them. Their r
  4. If Andy is correct, that you have received the judgement amount but without costs or interest, then simply write to the Court, addressing your letter to the Judge so it does go in front of one. I did exactly this and the Judge made an order that the other amounts be paid or the judgement would not be satisfied.
  5. I still have the SAR requests in progress. When I see them, I should be able to tell whether they have a case. In the interim it may cost as much as £30. I judge that to be worth the lack of pressure.
  6. Why do you question the wisdom of paying them? Andyorch on the previous page advises exactly this course of action. To me, it removes the hassle (see what I did there) of it hanging over my head. For your further information, it was done by mail and I have their confirmation in writing.
  7. Just to close this, thank you for all your help. I did panic a little when I got the first threatogram and you helped to allay my fears. WH have agreed to accept a small monthly payment and I'm not going to argue. Thanks again, but I will leave the SAR's running and will get back when I receive the results.
  8. Hi again. I've received a letter from Cabot which states they can't provide any information unless I send them a copy of photo id. Can they do that? I sent a copy of my current council tax bill and a copy of the letter from WH with the SAR.
  9. I wasn't criticising, Andy. I'm new to this and I am grateful for your guidance.
  10. I'm pretty sure I was paying Cabot. I had a phone call from Cabot at the beginning of last week in which I told them I was happy to cooperate but would prefer to do so in writing. It was after that I received the letter from WH. i
  11. OK. I've prepared the SAR for post on Monday using the template from here. God, this place is useful,lol.
  12. It's about 3 years since I moved. I didn't give them my new address but I kept an eye on my credit file because of activity from my ex. I saw my address change on there so I'm sure they could too. I'll contact them on Monday and ask for statements. Thanks for the advice.
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