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  1. Hi all, some probably know about the cancer and reproductive harm p65 warnings from some products, now from my point of view I don't really know where to look at or what type of answer I'm looking for. As example, we've got a water filter that got this warning on it, automatically that means contains one of this chemicals (most probably thru the filter) now looking thru the chemical list, it goes miles, inclusively household appliances etc... Now, how safe that will be? Will cause worries or it's one of them warnings that need to be and pretty much that's it? As to be true if we had that law and requirement in U.K. I bet will be on pretty much anything...
  2. Can you help on this one, as I'm sure for the mis-sold part it's a clear win on my case, was my first car finance, young enough to be happy to sign quickly without reading any fine print or trying to understand why I ended up paying more then the car value at the end of it.
  3. Hi, currently into a mis-sold car finance pre-claim (over a few years ago) I will use the term 'them' - as the solicitors As I had a few questions to them, prior I actually sign something that may cost me money or not depending of the results of the claim, they said it's a no win no fee, but I can easily read thru the docs that even if it's a no win, i may be responsible of some charges and if it's a win, still may be responsible of other charges, un less the claim actually cover the fees appointed by them. Any suggestions in how to proceed, normally I would upload the document, but cannot due data protection... Any particular parts I should be careful about or to pay extra attention? Or just if anyone dealt with this in the past? some positive/negative stories?
  4. ombudsman may be your only resolution as car it's still on warranty then, just double check and prepare all your documents for an eventual court claim.
  5. As others may try and help you, I would like to come with this side questions. 1. Are you up to date with the service intervals? every 5/to10 k miles? (especially for taxi purposes) 2. The amount of miles done will go straight out of warranty so toyota doesn't have any fault and as well not even the dealer. just a side and personal opinion.
  6. Hi all, due current climate and all prices going up and up, I ended up with some credit cards maxed out and really impossible to pay nothing else then just the minimum on a monthly basis... Practically I'm just paying Apr with barely paying the actual balance. There is any way I can request them to let me just pay me balance off and get gone? I've already closed them (3 credit cards, 1k,1k,2k) but if I keep going this way, I fell like I'll just be unable to pay them off and stop paying them completely.
  7. update: bank fully unblocked. Compensation claim made with bank manager help, his update was sort of between 10-100£ as operator attitude was unacceptable on the phone, especially for the reason mentioned by him (why I cash out 3x 100£ in a short period of time) Remember, sometimes we just have to fight for our rights. Can be closed; |Thanks
  8. I've got a phone call on 26.12 from someone saying that is from barclays, and he needed to check some recent transactions i've made, as this never happened to me i just hang up as previously barclays send you a message asking if you've made this transaction etc and you just need to answer with Y or N. Few minutes past got a message that they temporary stopped my debit card to help protect against fraud, phone them up and they start asking me question why I was trying to withdraw cash (large amounts) as they say, I told them that I couldn't do it because the atm won't let me, probably did'nt have enough cash, I had to withdraw 3 times 100£ and once 50£, so in total 350 (that's not a large amount) and the guy on the phone started saying to me that it doesn't add up... asking what doesn't add up, as well getting frustrated at this point, as it's a cash withdrawal so for personal use, shopping, gambling etc he just close my account and send me to the bank with passport/id, that I will have to do tomorrow. I've explained to him it's cash withdrawals for personal use, don't need to give him information what I do with my cash withdrawals and still does this. I'm just fuming as I have the bank account blocked for this 2 days; any suggestions for tomorrow? to claim for distress, or failing to have an appropriate conversation with me, asking me to many personal questions about what i do with my money? a) never have any suspected deposits, withdrawals etc... usually just wages goes it, bills out, savings what I can, takeaways and shopping. Thanks, Peter
  9. Hi, short and direct, ex came out of prison, and I have been let know by child protection thru the phone that I have a 3 year restraining order in place against him, so if he comes near by I have to ring the police. Happy to hear that but my only concern is why I haven't got a letter from the court or something to be sure it has been actually done (the restraining order) There is any way to find out for sure by calling the police? (I don't know what court he was sentenced) Thank you!
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