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  1. the company i work for they deal with accident claim too the problem is that i didn't instruct them to deal with my claim if had instructed them to deal with my claim they would have provided spare car,now five years a go they've dealt a claim for me but they couldn't get me a penny from that claim,so how can you go back to them, is this wether you win or lose you have no other choice.
  2. Hi everyone, advice please I've been a taxi driver for private hire company for 14 years now recently my taxi crashed and the insurance is paying total loss, I've tried to get a courtesy taxi, but the company will not allowed me to use a courtesy taxi provided by others, they want their courtesy taxi to be used, I asked them to provide one, they refused to provide me, because the accident claim I have gave to someone else, on that issue they saying I will not be allowed to work with their company anymore. is there anything I can do about it. please help.thanks in advance
  3. Thank you Reberl11 you have asked me to provide Further Details. The organisation, held an election on 26/9/10 and one panel has been elected by majority member of the organisation. The opposition were not happy, they argued that the election is not fair etc. However the election went ahead as far as the constitution allowed. It's only about dozens of approximately 500 members disputed, one of them authorised signatury and refusing to change over, the other two is ok. these are the information for now, if you need any furthure details, i would provide later on. thank you for your help. sylhet
  4. hi, everyone i am new to this forum. i dont know how to write.or how to post a message.i need help to resolve a matter relates to bank account. the bank account is for a non profitable organisation.it has been selected three authorised signatory, but for some reason all authorised signatory needs to be change. two of them fine but one of them has refused to sign on bank authorise change form.can anyone advice me what option i have.any advice will be apreciated thank you.
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