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  1. Court sorted. Apparently they are on a backlog and are opening post from 21st September just today so mine is a week still into that pile. She emailed me a blank and I returned it that way just to be safe.
  2. Yeah I figured the agreement pages were rubbish. They haven't even come as a CCA return but part of the CPR. Lowell have ignored the CCA request it seems and just kept my postal order. Vanquis did the same years ago. I have proof of delivery and postal order receipt this time though! I mean they do mention other documents will be forwarded when they get them but i'm assuming that to be a scare tactic. Thanks for advice
  3. Here dx. This all they sent apart from statement. When you say get n180 sorted shall, phone to court and check they received? 1.pdf
  4. Another update guys. So I sent the DQ off last month but it's not showing received on MCOL yet so I will contact the court next week and make sure it's there or if they need another copy. In the meantime Overdales have replied to the CPR apologising for the delay as it takes time to get documents from original creditor. They have provided me with a Digital signature application instead of agreement. Just a form with a couple of boxes with my info and saying approved. Also a statement covering a couple of years that I didn't even ask for. Default notice and notice of assignment. They state once in receipt of remaining documents they will forward and as no response made to their without prejudice offers the client is willing to consider any reasonable proposals put forward. Also Lowell themselves haven't responded to the CCA at all are now well into default time of over 12 days. No idea if they have cashed the postal order or not but they haven't returned it to me either. They have however gone onto my credit report and added the extra debt from the court claim onto the balance and made it so the credit limit shows increased from zero upto a limit and then now shows overlimit. Does this all sound about right? Any next moves or should I just reply to Overdales stating they still haven't provided an agreement and Lowell are in default of CCA request and haven't returned the fee? Tia
  5. OK received DQ today to be returned by 01/10. Also got 2 nearly identical letters from Overdales just worded slightly different. Both acknowledge receipt of CPR and say as per there previous letter they request CCA from Vanquis and will provide it when they get it. So for DQ what's the advice? Accept mediation and should I request hearing at my local court or via phone like they have done? Tia
  6. Just to give you guys a quick update. Both the letters went off a week ago. Overdales in Bradford received and signed for the CPR the following day - haven't heard anything back yet. Lowell portfolio in Leeds must have a redirection on because they received and signed for the CCA just yesterday via HARROW post office. Still haven't received my DQ from the court either and looking on MCOL there's no change since I filed defence. Waiting game.......
  7. But surely they were in default of the original request for a copy of the credit agreement so i shouldn't have court papers in the first place? Without the legal jargon it should be taken that a request of agreement with a £1 cheque be deemed as a request under S78 whether mentioned or not? You can't just sell the debt on and allow the next guy to take the fall?
  8. Not sure on that one creditkarma shows more data like date of default I've also registered on Clearscore and it shows very similar but not date of default. On both mine it shows a very shady history like Lowell took over the debt but it doesn't show the previous good history just blanks for the years I paid. All seems very underhand and of course both those websites encourage taking on new agreements to boost score.
  9. I was understanding that when I sent that request to vanquis years ago they should have ceased all activity on collection unless they proved the agreement first. Is that wrong? Probably should have done it all recorded delivery but the burden is so much on us. Had no idea they could just ignore it, sell the debt and palm it off on some some other company to pursue years later! The whole credit thing is a joke it tells me on creditkarma now that I need to take out a card to improve my rating . I don't think so that's exactly how vanquis did me over 4 years ago.
  10. Yes thanks to you and Andy i'm upto speed and less stressed. Is there anything I can do about the weak defence I stupidly put in so fast? If I knew what I knew now i'd have said that Vanquis didn't supply the CCA so the debt was unenforceable from that point and asked them to stop proceedings. When I said I never had chance to ask for the CCA I meant asking Lowell because I had no idea they had brought the debt. Looking at the credit report it looks like they had it for years and Vanquis were probably already in the process of selling it when I put in my CCA to them they seem to have ignored it because they were already washing hands of it.
  11. Thanks for the help. I've done the template CCA request under S78 as it's a credit card and thats on it's way to Lowells 1st class recorded. I've also done the template CPR request and sent by same to Overdales. I had to change the part where I haven't filed a defence yet because I have. But I checked the court claim online and nothing happened yet so I left in the part about it not yet being assigned to a track so will that be ok? I also mentioned that I had asked Vanquis for the CCA some years ago but the request was ignored. They will probably say they never received it or can I prove a cheque was paid in or whatever which I can't but the main thing is it's off now recorded. I suppose I just wait for my DQ to come from the court and any responses to come in from Lowell/Overdales and there's nothing else to do for now.
  12. dx100uk when I say prove it letter I meant a letter asking for a copy of the credit agreement with a £1 cheque. I never got a template or anything to do it i'd just read somewhere they had to stop chasing unless they could provide it. They never did but i've checked with bank this morning and the cheque was never cashed either. I'll do the proper template with a postal order to Lowell this time so I don't have to sign a cheque and recorded deliver it. Andyorch i've no idea yet. I received Lowells DQ but haven't got my copy from the court yet.
  13. Cheers dx100uk i'll do the CCA (again) but who to send it to now? All through the solicitors I suppose. The CPR I will look straight into thanks
  14. Yeah I realise I probably put in a poor defence but this came as a suprise to me anyway. I looked on moneyclaim and I cannot add anything to defence now. So do I wait out this telephone hearing and dispute then on what?
  15. Yeah I probably messed up. I read stuff years ago about sending prove it letters but it's as far as I ever really got. Had no idea they can just sell a debt and someone else can come back years later with a CCJ without proof hoping to take a 3000 judgement on a debt they probably paid 300 for. Annoying.
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