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  1. Just an update i called at MCol helpline, and asked as i have requested judgement when should i expect to be processed and they told me that p2go has files their aos and i will get it in post. They told me they submitted it today after i requested judgment.
  2. Thanks fro the detailed explanation. I appreciate all your help. how long does it take for the court to process judgement usually?
  3. I have read many threads but didnt come across the one where defendant didnt reply to claim issue , if there’s one can you please share link , i am really anxious to know.
  4. I have requested judgement now. What are my chances of getting money. Seems like parcel2 go are intentionally ignoring my claim. What happens if after the judgment they still don't pay. What will be my further actions ?
  5. I have clicked on request judgment and it gives me error that “you can only request judgment if the required number of days have passed” so i beleive i can do it after today
  6. I mean the request judgement button is always there your comment to keep an eye and do it when i get opportunity seems to make me think that request judgement button only appears when its a right time as in my case i have always been seeing that button. my question is how do i know its a right time or the opportunity as you said. the issue claim says they have untill 11 of aug to respond , should i hit judgment at midnight today ?
  7. What do you mean by first oppurtunity. I literally can request judgment now as i can see the tab and its clickable. when you say oppurtunity donyou mean that the request judgment button only shows when the 14 days have passed?
  8. I sent the claim to parcel2go not hermes, they have a uk address
  9. I am confused, why would i give them few days? Can i request judgement after tomorrow which will be the 14th day. Notice of issue says they should reply in 14 days after it has gone into service. I.e 11 august. can you please explain Can i not request judgement after tomorrow ?
  10. I submitted claim on 23 july , not 13 , and it has gone into service on 28th july and notice of issue says they need to reply before 11 august. So one more day i guess ?? Should i request judgement by end of tomorrow or beginning of tomorrow ?
  11. Hi , my claim was issued on 23rd july, and it was written on the notice of issue that it will be deemed to be served on 28th july and defendent has untill the 11 of august 2021 to reply. I havent got any reply untill now , if i dont hear anything by the end of tomorrow , would i able to request judgement?
  12. Oh i did read many successful stories already on your forum before even sending the letter of claim thats how i built my understanding so far. I thought there is some specific thread named “hermes stories” that i never found however when ever i wrote hermes stories in search i found many popped up and read some successful ones. just not very clear that how many days the defendant have after creating a claim the website said 14 days however i read on theis forum 33 days ?
  13. Can you share the link to hermes stories thread i am never able to find it. Thanks
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