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  1. A windscreen ticket would be a Notice to Driver but I doubt the Privacy Notice is anything of the sort going by VCS past behaviour. By not issuing a windscreen ticket nor operating an ANPR system VCS choose not to comply with PoFA as they have no interest in legally creating keeper liability, they simply imply it. By not complying, they can only pursue the driver and not the keeper as they threaten, but it does somehow allow them to get at keeper details from the DVLA without the delays mandated by PoFA. I don't understand how DVLA can release keeper details under these conditions as their own rules clearly say data is disclosed to allow followup of unpaid parking ticket left on a vehicle or to issue the notice to driver charge when ANPR is used. In short, VCS don't use PoFA so I would not put stock in using PoFA for defence.
  2. With VCS expect 3-4 letters over the next couple of months asking for payment which you can ignore. This will then be followed by a Letter Of Claim which you DO NOT ignore. The regulars here will advise replying with a "snotty letter" but more of that nearer the time. Between now and then, the advice will be to swot and read up as much as you can on existing threads.
  3. @Danimal, when the parking charge notice drops through the letterbox any day now, be careful before posting it up on any public forum. It's stating the blinding obvious but remove any reference that can be used to identify you. Some will be obvious but some will not. VCS are underhanded so and so's and like to hide references and QR codes in the headers/footers/margins. If you do decide to post up the parking charge notice, do it in low resolution in case you've missed any identifiers. VCS don't use Protection of Freedoms Act 2012, it's a tactic to get at your keeper details more quickly from the DVLA without having to wait for the 28 days to pass that's mandated in PoFA. This means they can only go after the driver of the vehicle but that doesn't stop them threatening action against the keeper to ramp up pressure in subsequent letters, baseless because there isn't keeper liability as they don't comply with PoFA. I believe they get at your details using Road Vehicles (Registration and Licensing) Regulations 2002. Having dealt with the DVLA, it's hard to believe they are not in cahoots with the crooks in this money making scam. DVLA documents INF266 and MIS546 lay out their guidelines for handing out your details but for £2.50, they will sell on your details in the blink of an eye. @CAG site team, maybe consider placing the warnings about the importance of maintaining anonymity in BOLD RED at the top of the sticky itself rather than obfuscated within a link about pdf how to, as is currently. You'd think it would be common sense but perhaps also suggest using third person when retelling events to lessen any chance of self-incrimination down the line? You're a bunch of good eggs so anything to help the people you're assisting is a good thing? In your DVLA sticky, V888/2 has been superseded by V888/2A and V888/2B for accuracy.
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