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  1. Will do, also sent a donation your way, just as a token of gratitude and will send more when we finally win this thing! ive actually already told a few friends about this site who have had trouble getting refunds etc but I will definitely do that excellent suggestion
  2. This is incredible information I’m immensely grateful i will 100% provide a summary I don’t intend to use these services and ghost afterwards it would frankly be rude and disrespectful I do now have a printer/scanner so any documents that need scanning will be done so appropriately I don’t really intend on losing out on my court costs but to be honest the extra £100 I can probably live without, naturally I will try to gun for it as hard as possible though again your help is much appreciated
  3. hello again, sorry for the long absence, finally got a mediation date for the 28th July, between 8-10am. I'll do some reading up naturally beforehand. In your opinion, is there in particular is there anything I should mention in terms of this case?
  4. Ah ok thanks for that mcol says the last thing that’s happened is the DQ was filed so just a waiting game for now I think
  5. Quick question, how long should it be until I get word on mediation/ a response. I posted my letter first class to the court and Hermes nearly 2 weeks ago now
  6. yeah I've had a read they seem to have a reputation for trying to fleece you and get away with lower that what the claimant actually asked for, and the mediators can fuel that. I'll sort out the scanner, it's a big university, there will be one somewhere, I'll reupload when I find one. I filled out the DQ and I'm personally happy with mediation, I have no intention of settling for any less than what I am owed. I will print off and post a copy to hermes and back to the county court hopefully today
  7. I apologise for the photo quality first of all, I was intending in buying a printer/scanner but with being at university as you can imagine money is pretty tight and £70 is not something I can spend freely on something that would be used sparingly, especially with free printing being offered on my course As for the insurance aspect, yes I can see that being something they try on prey upon. I know that you are against the idea of mediation, from other threads I’ve read and with this being a slightly larger sum, do you think mediation is the route to take or a hearing? I actually got the directions questionnaire with everything else so I just filled it in. I understand that’s what you meant by DQ?
  8. here you are, apologies for the poor quality (edited previous post forgot to mention something) particulars of defence_compressed.pdf
  9. sounds good, ill hold off on sending the form until your reply tomorrow. Shall I upload the defence that hermes put forward, if that's something you would like to have a look at tomorrow? Additionally, im concerned about something hermes mentioned. It seems due to my own human error I stated the value when purchasing the postage all those months ago as £720, rather than the true value of £719.10. I have no idea how I did this, bit of an idiotic mistake on my part admittedly. Their exact wording was that I have been put to strict proof as to the value of the item
  10. hello again, been a while Quick update, just received Hermes's defence and the form to send to the court for mediation etc. Going to post off the form tomorrow to the court. The notice of allocation to the small claims track form states to send it to the court, and also serve copies on all other parties. Am I to also send a copy of this to hermes? Thanks in advance If u need to see anything do let me know
  11. my mistake, I have read several, I missed the one about the MacBook and had just finished reading it. Apologies.
  12. I just had a read of the laptop one, and they did actually file the acknowledgement of service towards the end of the 14 days, and this letter came this morning. So am I to understand that towards the end of the next 14 days (ie, around the 29th) they will file the defence and suggest mediation. I do understand your point and I assure you that I understand the importance of being self sufficient and not being spoon fed per se, so forgive me for that
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