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  1. Response from DBL re: CPR 31.14 request DBL Response CPR31.14 Redacted pdf.compressed.pdf
  2. Quick Question; on MCOL- 'do you wish to make a counterclaim?'- suggestions. Should I do this?
  3. As follows; 1. It is admitted that the Defendant was the registered keeper of the vehicle in question but liability is denied. The Defendant was not the driver at the time and no keeper liability has been created under the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012. 2. It is denied that the driver at the time entered into any contract with the Claimant as the car park is managed by a different company. 3. It is denied that the Defendant broke the terms of any contract with the Claimant. 4. The Claimant is attempting double recovery by inventing thre
  4. First go at a defence. Thoughts welcome VCS First Defence draft 020221.compressed.pdf
  5. Thanks @dx100ukthe images are quite grainy but I'll get them up later. I just wanted to check about defence - and the standard 3 -5 line (and @FTMDave's suggestion of a defence- above dated Wednesday @ 21.50). Will this be the only defence (and information) I'll be entering? It just seems rather short in comparison to other's I've read elsewhere (e.g. Coupon-mad's suggestion here (link removed - dx)
  6. Thanks so much everyone; your support is REALLY appreciated. To answer a couple of questions; @dx100uk Yes; one anpr capture, one vanishing Windscreen tickets but the NTK's have photos of car parked outside lines Honestly no idea how long after the NTK's came but suspect that I can find that out by looking at the info on myparkingspace site? Unfortunately, haven't been able to find the NTK's or the tickets. Sorry. Would it help if I screen shot myparkingspace notices? am planning to have a defence in by Wednesday which will be p
  7. @dx100uk I looked at the PCNs on Myparkingspace and the PCN dated 06/96/2017 is an ANPR photo of car arriving/departing the car park. @lookinforinfocounty court claim has been made. No idea of the steps after submitting a defence (or when/I’d that leads to court) but I’ll be reading up soon enough. Yes to all the stuff re: VCN/DVLA and potential misuse of GDPR. Fingers crossed that they’ve messed up
  8. Many thanks @lookinforinfo; I've contacted DVLA requesting who has accessed my info but thinking a more 'robust' letter along the lines you recommend might be order of the day tomorrow. Much appreciated. Double thanks @FTMDave; TRULY appreciate your work on our behalf. thanks for the above adapted and, yeah, lessons learned eh! I've uploaded all the paperwork that seems relevant. I've only uploaded 1 copy of the 'Final Notice of Debt Recovery' (dated 01 October 2020) Letters (there were 3)- they're all the same. I've also not included the County Court Claim form.
  9. What I’ve read elsewhere (and from being in touch with someone who has won using the above argument - but who also notes that others have lost using the same argument- it seems to be dependent upon the court/judge) is that it is possible to win BUT I’m not entirely certain if it holds actual legal weight. @dx100uk write a letter you say? To DBL or VCS? something like this??; I am writing in respect to the above noted County Court Claim issued by your legal team in connection to three separate Parking Charge Notices (PCNs) issued to vehicle registration mark
  10. As before, thank you @FTMDave for your supportive words, they are very gratefully received :) Attached, the PDF of signage provided by VCS in 2017- what an absolute jumble of words, names and information. To update; CPR 31.14 request posted to DBL. I'm still scanning all the correspondence we have but have found three 'NOTICE OF INTENDED COURT PROCEEDINGS' letters from VCS dated August 2017 each stating 'The creditor is: Vehicle Control Services Limited.' Smyth Street Signage Proofs.compressed.pdf
  11. Thanks so much for your reassuring words @FTMDave And @dx100uk- Many thanks for CPR advice. 1. Briefly, what went on, how did your wife get three tickets? 2017; the driver (not my wife) parked in a bay that apprehend to be parking (and had parked in that space MANY times). As there was an attendant onsite that day, asked attendant if the space was safe to park “absolutely”. All fine. Two days later, parked in exactly the same spot. PCN on return to car. Received 2 PCN notifications through post with link to photo evidence. Both PCNs showed the car had PCNs at
  12. YUP A quick Q; in the CPR 31.14 request which I’m amending to fit the particulars of their claim, is it worth wording the request in point 1; 1. The contract between VEHICLE CONTROL SERVICES and the landowner that assigns the right to enter into contracts with the public and make claims in their own name. OR land registry details confirming VEHICLE CONTROL SERVICES as private land owner. Asking this because their claim is worded ‘.The PCN(s) was issued on private land owned or managed by C.’
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