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  1. Having seen other posts and read your advice I have not yet. Further conflicting report. Now I have seen another post with makes reference to saving an emergency fund and a mortgage! And another in which the letters are just disregarded notwithstanding the correct address. I didn't manage to complete the tenancy process by the way with a housing association so now I am also known to an underwriter. as derrogory as that ever was.
  2. As in it should take up the courts time to frivilosuly, if it is going to be the same.
  3. And by the evidence of this forum, it is often for the nominal amount such as £5 a month in the first place that the court order (Or attachment of earning)! Which I know isn't much but could be enough to completely overwhelm people if they just find themselves in an awkward position through sheer chance or anything else out of their control, which those in a position do not always expect.
  4. Hello, please forgive me for not stopping offfirst to introduce myself. Great to see so much useful advice I might not have first considered! Thanks very much. Beans57
  5. Sold debts maybe, but I still spent money that was borrowed. As for the CCA being a little bit unfamiliar with it I want to ensure I get it right.
  6. £5 to each is feasible at this stage- assuming these arrangements continue without statute bar complication or complication at the end or complication of settlement. Furthermore, I have learnt Natwest also use Moorcroft themselves, so I was concerned about ending up with two debts and no bank to pay towards either.
  7. I fear that a bank would not accept that I forgot what earmarking was.
  8. This contradicts stepchange: "If your bank isn’t able to help, or you’d prefer not to stay with your current provider, we recommend setting up a new basic bank account with a provider that isn’t connected to any of your outstanding debts."
  9. Hello, (I hope I posted in the right place) A mix of mental health, employment, unemployment and homelessness. Generous student overdraft £2000 which is still active with Natwest. -I dont really want to leave them per se. And two ordinary credit cards (was £1000 Barclaycard but went to around £1091 and £1700 with Virgin Money that went to around £1900) which have resulted in default to my knowledge. I didn't want to 'lose' either of them. They date back to around 2016 and 2017, I had around two years of uninterupted minimum payment history that may be in my favour not missing a payment until mid 2019. I am just content now budgeting for Universal Credit for now trying to find work. Living with a family member informally for now. I have been paying £5 per month to PRA (Barclaycard) and £5 to Moorcroft who are managing that account for Arrow Global (Virgin Money) for the sake of doing something- I will attempt to ascertain which parties own the debts. I am confused about the advice about parachute accounts. I've had banks behave as if they must be the sole bank? I must not be left without a bank or available funds for basic living. I had flirted with the ideas of DMP And DRO but neither really appealled to me- meanwhile Insolvency and bankruptcy seemed like a step too far based on the total debt. I have seen Clearscore but nothing further in respect of CCA. One last thing, I may also now need a car. Advice greatly appreciated.
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