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  1. Its good to hear your experiences, sorry that they are not taking responsibility, its so frustrating isnt it?! Please keep your thread updated, it will be so valuable to others in our situation (including me). Questioning them is right, they appear to be behaving as if they beyond reproach, which they are not, their cocky 'can't touch me' attitiude, will be their fall.
  2. Thanks BankFodder, I have made the amendments you recommended. Tomorrow I will post the letter of claim via next day recorded. Best Regards
  3. Thankyou Bankfodder, I will send the letter on Monday, first class recorded. I have all but paid for my Money Claim. I am ready to hit go on day 14. The particulars of claim I have listed are as follows:
  4. I have finished my letter of claim if anyone wishes to check it please? I have removed my personal details. My plan is to post it Monday 23/11/20. Regards P2G Letter of Claim (1).pdf
  5. Thankyou, I am drafting my letter of claim, as it has to posted the day it is dated, I have a few days to get the letter correct. This also gives them an opportunity to further hang themselves by not responding to previous Emails/Claims/Resolver cases. I have registered with the Gov website, in preparation for making a claim, which I understand would not proceed until 30days after the letter of claim is received by them. Best regards
  6. Thankyou for your response BankFodder, Here is my timeline: 08/11/20 Parcel Dropped to Hermes Drop Off Point 09/11/20 Parcel Collected by Hermes 10/11/20 Parcel Out for Delivery then Updated to Damaged 10/11/20 I contacted Parcel2Go Livechat and requested to know what had happened. P2G send email to Hermes passing my request to deliver the item regardless of damage. 11/11/20 Parcel reported as Damaged Beyond Repair 11/11/20 I contacted P2G Livechat and requested explanation. They emailed Hermes again. 12/11/20 Hermes acknowledge em
  7. Yes i have been looking at them and continue to look they do not match my situation identically as far as I have seen, so I was hoping for a more personalised response. Best regards
  8. Hi all, I am both humbled and intimidated by the expertise here! I am new to the site so please be gentle. The issue that I have experienced was: I booked a delivery with Hermes, on the parcel 2 go website, to send a computer component (graphics card) which I had sold via ebay. I chose next day delivery with signature and delivery guarantee (I did not take out the optional insurance) and delivered the parcel to the drop off point on 08/11/20 I was very distressed to learn on 10/11/20 that Hermes had damaged my parcel, I immediately requested it to be returned,
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