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  1. Court emailed me today, they have actioned my change of address, they have acknowledged receipt of my paperwork and acknowledged that my case is proceeding to court.
  2. To my great surprise, the court responded to my email yesterday. They didn't answer a single question in my email but have informed me that my case is with the 'listing team'. It would really help if they would not assume that everyone knows what a listing team is, or what they do, I can only guess they issue court dates? This process is a real eye opener, its been hard for me to understand all the legal jargon, it must be impossible for many.
  3. I dont have anyway to do that Andy, I am on holiday in Wales, only found out about the deadline from the defendant today. The letter indicates posting or physically delivering documents, not emailing, do you think I should email them anyway? I called the court, the phone rang for exactly 2hrs then it cut me off, I am guessing automatically. I sent the court an email with my updated address on Sept 5th, they never replied and I feel didn't action the address change, so my paperwork no doubt went to my old address. So far between moneyclaim and the court, this process is a shambles and shameful to our legal system honestly.
  4. Well good thing I took your advice BF, P2G rep replied to me with the court documents this morning, the deadline for submission of documents to the court is 4pm today! The letter the court has sent is however confusing. Despite me being referred to them by moneyclaim, the court has decided that my case should be heard by mediation.... this also despite my email on Sept 5th stating that mediation had failed (though they never responded to my email). The mediation service recommended is the small claims mediation service, which I believe is exactly the service we already used?! I am on the phone to them now, its been 1hr 10 minutes so far and it just rings and rings with no answer. I will also email but they never responded to my last email, so I dont hold out much hope.
  5. Yes I had not had an N157 back in May but Moneyclaim, who didn't answer any of my messages (I sent five) until September, had not forwarded my case to the court until then. I then emailed the court, on Sept 6th, the auto reply stated a ten day turnaround but that email has had no response either. I am keen to get back from holiday now, to see if they have sent a letter at least. If it comes to that, I will take your suggestion and contact the defendant.
  6. It will take a while to upload as the pdf is 44 pages and needs anonymising. Currently away on holiday with only a phone to edit it on also.
  7. Hi, After emailing the court Sept 5th, have not heard a thing from them, it is now Oct 11th. This afternoon however, have received the defendants 'Court bundle', basically the same 44page info submitted prior to mediation. I assume this means the court contacted them at least. I guess I will need to email the court once again.
  8. Hi, Yes, in my email to the County Court, I provided all my contact details. Hopefully will hear back soon.
  9. After 3 emails over 6 months, a house and job move later, Moneyclaim finally replied today. My case has been forwarded to county court for CCJ decision, I asked them the date but they did not put that info in the reply?! I have now emailed the County Court and await their response. I will update this thread.
  10. Ok, I called them but the service will not allow me to speak to someone, it instead directs me back to the website. There were only three options, new claim, defendant, or claimant wanting to progress a claim, There were no other options. I obviously went with option 3, but it is just a recorded message telling me to log onto my online moneyclaim account. I guess I will have to wait for the response to my email.
  11. No, we finished mediation, then the mediator said that the next step was that she would update my claim and I could proceed to court from there, My claim is sat on the status given above and has no function for me to do anything more. I have emailed them and will call soon.
  12. @Andyorch since mediation, I have received nothing from the court. @BankFodder I have emailed them and had an auto reply. The turnaround is no later than ten days. I will call them, thank you. @dx100uk ''Wait for the judgment to be confirmed'' that is exactly what my case says.
  13. No news yet, my Money claim site states 'waiting for judgement' the mediator said she would update my claim after the mediation failed in February but nothing has been updated that I can see. I have emailed them to ask the next step, I plan to take P2G to court.
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