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  1. Hi, Yes, in my email to the County Court, I provided all my contact details. Hopefully will hear back soon.
  2. After 3 emails over 6 months, a house and job move later, Moneyclaim finally replied today. My case has been forwarded to county court for CCJ decision, I asked them the date but they did not put that info in the reply?! I have now emailed the County Court and await their response. I will update this thread.
  3. Ok, I called them but the service will not allow me to speak to someone, it instead directs me back to the website. There were only three options, new claim, defendant, or claimant wanting to progress a claim, There were no other options. I obviously went with option 3, but it is just a recorded message telling me to log onto my online moneyclaim account. I guess I will have to wait for the response to my email.
  4. No, we finished mediation, then the mediator said that the next step was that she would update my claim and I could proceed to court from there, My claim is sat on the status given above and has no function for me to do anything more. I have emailed them and will call soon.
  5. @Andyorch since mediation, I have received nothing from the court. @BankFodder I have emailed them and had an auto reply. The turnaround is no later than ten days. I will call them, thank you. @dx100uk ''Wait for the judgment to be confirmed'' that is exactly what my case says.
  6. No news yet, my Money claim site states 'waiting for judgement' the mediator said she would update my claim after the mediation failed in February but nothing has been updated that I can see. I have emailed them to ask the next step, I plan to take P2G to court.
  7. @dx100ukSo there is legal criteria for a set aside? Ok, do you think I meet the criteria? What was the other one? Thank you. Ok so we are under £600 here, so should be ok as it had nothing to do with consumer credit act?
  8. @dx100uk Regarding the claim form, I assume, it was sent to my old address. The only correspondence they have sent to my new address, has been since I contected them and gave them my address as a result. I thought they could use bailiffs, as I am also taking P2G to court, and in the details that Moneyclaim sent, it said that if P2G did not pay the CCJ if issued, then I could ask sherrifs to collect it. I assumed it would be the same for anyone awarded a CCJ but thanks for the clarification. @FTMDaveI hadnt thought to contest only one as a test case for the other, that is much more tempting, although unaffordable at the moment. I will think about this option.
  9. @dx100ukAh ok. So they could either enforce the debt using sherrifs or the CCJs will sit there on my credit file indefinitely. They now have my new address, necessary to correspond with them. @FTMDaveHi Dave, yes, I made it crystal clear. The cost is too great for me at the moment, I cant afford to set them both aside. It doesnt seem fair that justice is only applicable to the wealthy but thats the system I guess. I am not sure what to do now, they have sent me another letter for the PCN charge £130, the rest is costs.
  10. @FTMDaveyes, though for six years. If I dont pay them, they can charge interest and stay there indefinitely. I dont know what to do now.
  11. @dx100ukyes absolutely. Sent them the contract, proof of address, everything. I guess my only options are to pay or pay more for a set aside?
  12. Got my reply from solicitor, they say that they wont remove the CCJ's, I would say they ignored my points completely. They wrote: The PCN has been issued correctly. The reason for the parking charge is that no valid permit was on display. The signage on the land would have stipulated this. (it didnt, the sign related to the staff parking bays adjacent to the contractor bays, it says nothing about contractor bays) In any event, the Judgment determines liability. (judgment was made without my defence) We recommend seeking independent legal advice if you are looking to dispute.
  13. @BankFodderTHanks for the info. Regarding the like of your post, it muyst have been a mis-click. I have been doing a lot of reading on the site, on my phone and PC, so could have been my big finger.
  14. Honestly, I could have quoted anything and it would not have mattered. I quoted Torts Act 1977, I also quoted their T&C's but they were not interested and stuck to the 'Didnt take insurance' line. I did not get a response to my arguements, just a firm standpoint and an offer of just over a third of the claim, with it being made clear, that they would not be increasing it. I will update when a court date is arranged.
  15. P2G offered no admission of liablilty and would only offer £218.18 of the claimed amount (£653.18), I refused the offer and said I would only accept full settlement. They refused and we are proceeeding to court! Arguements were only that I did not take out insurance, quoting T&C's. I also quoted T&C's citing that they were liable as negligent. They did not deviate from the Insurance line. It was their only defence.
  16. Go the documentation from the hospital, detailing my employment. Emailed the solicitor on 05/02/21 demanding that they remove the CCJ's.
  17. @Zorks Thank you for that info. I just read through your thread, very interesting. Do you have any tips for the mediation? It seemed that all they did was stick to the 'should have taken out insurance' line. Do you have a court date as yet? I think it would be a 'virtual' court anyway isnt it?
  18. @AndyorchI didnt, it was automatic because P2G had not replied within the timescale set by Moneyclaim to reply (including the extension P2G requested).
  19. Got this message today: Dear Claimant. Your judgment request is returned for the following reason(s): Case referred to mediation. Regards Civil Money Claims So I think we are good to go for mediation.
  20. @dx100uk I gave them a call, they were not very forthcoming, naturally, said they could not comment but they would take my points and discuss with a senior colleague. He said they MAY get back to me but that would not necessarily be the case. I agreed to put my points in writing and supply documentary evidence of my claim that I was a contractor. Meanwhile, I have written to the hospital for evidence of my contract. I am also awaiting the DVLA to respond to my enquiry that you suggested. Once all of this is collated, I will write to DCB. Thankyou again
  21. @dx100uk Ahh ok thank you. No I have never heard from them or responded to them, not First Parking or DCB. So regarding the set aside, I should fill out the N244, once I have all my evidence collected, including DVLA info?
  22. I am pretty positive they lied, it states in point 4 of both CCJ's ''THE DRIVER AGREED TO PAY WITHIN28 DAYS BUT DID NOT'', this was a lie surely as I certainly did not, they hadnt even written to the correct address? They do say in their SAR that they have email communication with me, but did not include it? I searched my email for every possible term pertaining to DCB and I have never corresponded with them. In each case, the SAR (which is only accessible online and is in power point format), has screen shots of their database, with information pertaining to each PCN. Then it has photos of the vehicle, one contains a phot of a sign but blurry and on its own so the viewer cannot decipher where the sign is or what it says. There is then a summary page of keepers details, address etc and finally a copy of the PCN letter for each PCN. The letters are dated November for the October PCN and March for the February one. The addresses throughout are the correct addresses.
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