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  1. Thank you. I'm not too concerned about personal info they may hold but would sending this mean they have to disclose where the order is, what stage it's at, who's applying for building regs and how far they've got with it? Sorry I'm just trying to understand how sending this will help me.
  2. I do have a paper trail of all quotes, contracts, emails, I'm not missing anything and have written notes too. I haven't sent a SAR - have been working and I don't know what it is?
  3. They offered w/c 7 Dec on Tuesday of this week. I didn't accept it or reject it. I just said it was better than Feb but still not what was agreed. I said I wanted to speak with their director before I would consider it and she refused.
  4. I had quotes and timescales back in July/August from other companies which will not be valid now. Ironically the reason I went with this company was because I felt I hit off with the guy that came to see me - the very director that I’m now banned from talking to! Had a very stressful lengthy building insurance claim 2 years ago and this is bringing it all back. Yes I told them in my email last night that I knew they hadn’t applied to the council and their reply this morning said they use a consultancy who apply to the council on their behalf. Have just called the council again and th
  5. Thank you. It was week commencing 7/12 they offered so it’s just dawned on me that if they start as late in that week as 11th or 12th they won’t finish it in time for Xmas as they’ve already said they have a two week holiday. So they’ll leave it half completed. I can’t help feeling this has been done deliberately so I reject it. I’m not sure what I’ve done to give the impression I’m prepared to wait for the Dec date? All I said was that before I could consider it I wanted to speak to their director which they refused. I did express time was of the essence when I met him. I said I wanted
  6. Thank you Bankfodder. I used the term frustrated agreement purely based on my own research and what I found on the Govt's website, especially in relation to Covid. My situation appeared to fit but if it doesn't, it doesn't. The length of time the actual works themselves will take is not written into the agreement but I was told 2 weeks, they are doing the interior ceiling and electrics too. I was prepared to accept the new date of 7th Dec until I was told I couldn't speak to their Director for two weeks and then found out that they haven't applied for building regulations yet
  7. I feel it is my business when they’ve told me the reason for the delay is that the manufacturer is affected by Covid restrictions The roof will not even be ordered until they’ve had the building regs through and they haven’t applied for them yet two months after I placed the order.
  8. Thank you Slick132. I don't have it in writing how long the actual works themselves would take but believe they said it was two weeks. I spoke with CAB earlier today and they've said I can cancel this order as the company are already in breach of the terms, plus catching them out re the manufacturer's and the buildings regs she said to put in writing that I was cancelling and mention breach of consumer protection, unfair trading regulations and the fact that they are wilfully misleading me. She said the credit card company will handle the refund as I hoped.
  9. Have just spoken to Building Control who’ve confirmed no application has been made. This includes any they’ve not had a chance to start processing this week.
  10. I sent them their quote which outlined the 8-10 weeks start to finish. Their response is also below. I placed the order 1st Sept and would have been ok with a couple of weeks here or there as I know delays can be experienced due to others in the chain/weather etc but Feb was too much. I hadn't thought to contact the council re the Building Regs, will do that tomorrow. At this stage I've only paid the deposit on credit card but it's £2k. The next payments are in stages and they will not accept cards. Their advice re delays on 29/9 was in response to me asking if we had an install date
  11. Today I told them their Dec date was better than February but before I accepted it I would like to talk to the director I saw in the first place or he could come and see me as I had some queries. got a reply saying he’s tied up on site for the next two weeks and to email any queries.
  12. I’ve asked them several times to confirm where they’ve placed the order especially as they’ve said they haven’t used the one company that makes this roof tile! They’ve also not confirmed what stage of production it’s at. As far as I know all they’ve done is measure and done drawings and applied for building regs which I also haven’t had through.
  13. A case of the squeaky door gets the oil? This did cross my mind. Am just confused what to do for the best now. Was all prepared to just let the credit card co deal with it and had rejected the date for next year but being told I should be prepared to accept reasonable delays is open for interpretation and could be a never ending situation if they keep blaming Covid. Does anybody know what the situation would be if they failed on the Dec date? Would I then be considered to have agreed to delays and I’m to blame or would it be looked on that I’d done the right thing and accepted a reasonab
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