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  1. Thank you. I'm not too concerned about personal info they may hold but would sending this mean they have to disclose where the order is, what stage it's at, who's applying for building regs and how far they've got with it? Sorry I'm just trying to understand how sending this will help me.
  2. I do have a paper trail of all quotes, contracts, emails, I'm not missing anything and have written notes too. I haven't sent a SAR - have been working and I don't know what it is?
  3. They offered w/c 7 Dec on Tuesday of this week. I didn't accept it or reject it. I just said it was better than Feb but still not what was agreed. I said I wanted to speak with their director before I would consider it and she refused.
  4. I had quotes and timescales back in July/August from other companies which will not be valid now. Ironically the reason I went with this company was because I felt I hit off with the guy that came to see me - the very director that I’m now banned from talking to! Had a very stressful lengthy building insurance claim 2 years ago and this is bringing it all back. Yes I told them in my email last night that I knew they hadn’t applied to the council and their reply this morning said they use a consultancy who apply to the council on their behalf. Have just called the council again and they’ve now told me that other people besides them can provide building regs certificates. As they say they haven’t had one applied for and Homeview have said their consultancy deals with the council on their behalf I don’t know what to think. I’m sure if I ask for a completed date and not a start date she will just say ‘as I said we will start w/c 7 Dec.’ BankFodder have just seen your comment that I’ve done everything by phone. I haven’t and not sure where you’ve got that from? All has been done via email. I had two things verbally from the director during his site visit - that it would take two weeks to install and all would be done by Xmas. Can you explain how I’ve been complicit in the delay? I was expecting the works to be done early Nov and last week was told it would be February which I immediately rejected. I haven’t agreed to any delay?
  5. Thank you. It was week commencing 7/12 they offered so it’s just dawned on me that if they start as late in that week as 11th or 12th they won’t finish it in time for Xmas as they’ve already said they have a two week holiday. So they’ll leave it half completed. I can’t help feeling this has been done deliberately so I reject it. I’m not sure what I’ve done to give the impression I’m prepared to wait for the Dec date? All I said was that before I could consider it I wanted to speak to their director which they refused. I did express time was of the essence when I met him. I said I wanted it done for the start of winter not the end. That’s when I had the assurance that it would definitely be done by Xmas, the 8-10 weeks would be an early to mid November start which still allowed time for hiccups along the way. I suppose as it’s not determined anywhere what is a ‘reasonable delay’ customers are held over a barrel. I’ve certainly learnt some lessons before I go into anything like this again and will make sure any agreement had no allowance for any delays.
  6. Thank you Bankfodder. I used the term frustrated agreement purely based on my own research and what I found on the Govt's website, especially in relation to Covid. My situation appeared to fit but if it doesn't, it doesn't. The length of time the actual works themselves will take is not written into the agreement but I was told 2 weeks, they are doing the interior ceiling and electrics too. I was prepared to accept the new date of 7th Dec until I was told I couldn't speak to their Director for two weeks and then found out that they haven't applied for building regulations yet, this is something else they are doing on my behalf. As they can't order anything until they have the regs through I can't see how the roof is in the process of being made (which is what they keep claiming). I contacted the CAB as I wanted this wrapped up for the weekend and had two conflicting recommendations on this forum. One to just let the credit card company handle things and others saying I must give more time. I'm not complaining, am grateful for advice - just getting more and more confused as to what I can/can't do. If I can avoid it at all I would rather not go through another 6 weeks of this, waiting for them to prove that they can't manage the Dec.date. By that stage it could well be feasible that the roof is in the manufacturing stage, where as at the moment it can't be, which would further complicate things. Based on all this and what the CAB said I sent the email below last night and received Homeview's response this morning. If it came to it that I retracted what I've said and allowed them to go ahead for 7th Dec. and they didn't manage that date, wouldn't it be the credit card company that would recover the deposit - not me? BTW I raised a dispute with Capital One last night. Email.pdf
  7. I feel it is my business when they’ve told me the reason for the delay is that the manufacturer is affected by Covid restrictions The roof will not even be ordered until they’ve had the building regs through and they haven’t applied for them yet two months after I placed the order.
  8. Thank you Slick132. I don't have it in writing how long the actual works themselves would take but believe they said it was two weeks. I spoke with CAB earlier today and they've said I can cancel this order as the company are already in breach of the terms, plus catching them out re the manufacturer's and the buildings regs she said to put in writing that I was cancelling and mention breach of consumer protection, unfair trading regulations and the fact that they are wilfully misleading me. She said the credit card company will handle the refund as I hoped. I don't want them working for me in any way shape or form now.
  9. Have just spoken to Building Control who’ve confirmed no application has been made. This includes any they’ve not had a chance to start processing this week.
  10. I sent them their quote which outlined the 8-10 weeks start to finish. Their response is also below. I placed the order 1st Sept and would have been ok with a couple of weeks here or there as I know delays can be experienced due to others in the chain/weather etc but Feb was too much. I hadn't thought to contact the council re the Building Regs, will do that tomorrow. At this stage I've only paid the deposit on credit card but it's £2k. The next payments are in stages and they will not accept cards. Their advice re delays on 29/9 was in response to me asking if we had an install date. The same day they were advertising for fitters. Their refusal to get their director to call me or make an appointment is making me nervous of continuing. I woke this morning thinking I would go ahead as we hit it off when he came round but if his administrator has enough clout to stop me talking to him she must be a member of the family as well. "We did advise a 8 – 10 week installation process from survey which was on the 07/09/2020 so working on this lead time your installation date is due on the week commencing 16/11/2020. We then advised on 29/09/2020 there is unfortunate delays and I gave you a worst case scenario date as depending on the delivery times this could well be brought forward but we also have to consider we have a 2 week festive holidays. You still have not been able to provide me with written confirmation that Collin, Davina or Lisa have stated this installation will happen before Christmas. So the delay is unfortunately 8 weeks with the potential of being sooner than this, I just can’t give you an exact installation date hence why I gave a worst case scenario."
  11. Today I told them their Dec date was better than February but before I accepted it I would like to talk to the director I saw in the first place or he could come and see me as I had some queries. got a reply saying he’s tied up on site for the next two weeks and to email any queries.
  12. I’ve asked them several times to confirm where they’ve placed the order especially as they’ve said they haven’t used the one company that makes this roof tile! They’ve also not confirmed what stage of production it’s at. As far as I know all they’ve done is measure and done drawings and applied for building regs which I also haven’t had through.
  13. A case of the squeaky door gets the oil? This did cross my mind. Am just confused what to do for the best now. Was all prepared to just let the credit card co deal with it and had rejected the date for next year but being told I should be prepared to accept reasonable delays is open for interpretation and could be a never ending situation if they keep blaming Covid. Does anybody know what the situation would be if they failed on the Dec date? Would I then be considered to have agreed to delays and I’m to blame or would it be looked on that I’d done the right thing and accepted a reasonable delay and the company should refund? The two are contradictory. I’ve asked them several times to confirm where they’ve placed the order especially as they’ve said they haven’t used the one company that makes this roof tile! They’ve also not confirmed what stage of production it’s at. As far as I know all they’ve done is measure and done drawings and applied for building regs which I also haven’t had through.
  14. I have filled in all the forms and all ready to send to the credit card co but with the new date of 7th Dec being put forward and the comment that I have to accept reasonable delays I don't know what to do. Our relationship is not good now which doesn't bode well for them doing the work/any problems that might arise. BStealth that's exactly my worry. 4 weeks from the only manufacturer in the country yet they say they're not using them. Won't confirm who they are ordering from. Wont' confirm how far along the order has got. A February install date now suddenly brought forward to December after telling me they would take me to court. No communication at all until I chased them. I haven't accepted this Dec.date - haven't responded - and already rejected their first date of Feb but what is considered a reasonable delay?
  15. The company is Homeview Reading. The date was only confirmed last week as being 1st February. Up until then they hadn't confirmed any date at all so I haven't accepted any delays. My understanding from their quote was that we were working to - 8-10 weeks start to finish. As I placed the order 1st Sept. I was expecting installation early/mid Nov. When they advised 1st Feb I immediately said this wasn't acceptable and I wanted a refund which they refused to do. The manufacturer of this product says they have a 4 week turnaround currently so the install date of 1st Feb does not fit this. It's my belief nobody has started manufacturing the roof as they won't tell me where it is or at what stage of manufacture it's in. We're not at court stage - I'm talking to the credit card company about recovering the deposit. They have emailed today saying they can now do 7th Dec. But I'm reluctant to go ahead now due to their handling of this, their veiled threats to take me to court and the worry that they might do a shoddy job because our relationship has broken down.
  16. I haven't yet as I gave them a day to do the refund themselves. Instead they've come up with this new date. I have to complete an online form for the credit card company which I haven't actioned yet
  17. Thank you. Would you advise rejecting their offer formally or just no communication and getting the credit card co involved?
  18. Hello, have seen a post re windows which is similar to my problem but thought I'd start a new post rather than jump on someone else's. In August I got a local company round to quote for replacing my conservatory roof. Based on the quote I went ahead, signed and paid a £2000 deposit (on credit card). Their date on the quote was '8-10 weeks from start to finish' (which would make it roughly early/mid Nov) with a verbal commitment of 'before Xmas'. Weather might hinder things but other than that they were very very busy and even looking to put a new team of fitters together. Having not heard anything from them once they'd been to measure up, I started chasing them a couple of weeks ago. They sent a round robin email to 'all our customers' saying they had delays due to Covid. After another week with no date forthcoming I called them and had a lengthy conversation where they said their suppliers were in Manchester and there was nothing they could do due to lockdown. I said that some communication would be helpful. Last week I got an email saying my installation date was 1st February next year, maybe earlier. I replied, said this wasn't acceptable and I wanted to cancel the contract and asked for the deposit back. They refused, referring to their contract terms. I contacted the manufacturer (Preston based) who confirmed they are the only manufacturer in England of this roof product and they said their lead-time was currently 4 weeks and they had only been affected by the Covid situation a little. The company I am using is a recommended installer as shown on the manufacturer's website. I contacted my credit card company who said they would recover the monies for me but it could take 2 weeks (which is fine). I also saw on the Govt's website information re frustrated agreements with particular reference to Covid. I put all this to my installers who sent a stroppy email intimating they would take me to court to recover full costs. They also said they don't get their supplies from the company I spoke to in Preston and that the information on the Government's website was guidance only and that a court would decide. Based on what I'd read and been told I didn't back down and confirmed again that I would be instructing the credit card company to start action - I gave them 24 working hours to reconsider the refund. Yesterday I got another email asking me to 'prove' they said 8-10 weeks for completion, which I sent them (their quote). I also mentioned their director had said verbally 'before Xmas'. They sent another email this morning saying I'd failed to prove I'd been told 'before Xmas' and the roof was being made specifically to order. I replied saying they'd failed to provide evidence it had been ordered at all or at what stage it was regards manufacture. I also said their attitude was poor and that in light of the fact they couldn't provide any info re the stage of manufacture we were at and the vagueness of install dates I was left with no option. They've now sent an email confirming installation for 7th Dec. As simple as that. My problem is that I've lost all faith in them now, our relationship has broken down. They've let an administrator handle the problem rather than one of the directors stepping in. I don't believe the roof has actually been ordered at all yet. I'm concerned they'll do a shoddy job and that if I accept the Dec date they could put it off again and again. Accepting the date also gives them a chance to actually place the order and then genuinely claim 'it's in progress'. Do I still have the right to ask the credit card company to step in and recover my deposit bearing in mind they've now offered a date a month later than originally given? I'm assuming I have to email back telling them I'm rejecting the new date? Sorry for the long post, trying to cover all relevant points and going round in circles. Thank you
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