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  1. Hi, just to give an update - I reached out to Hermes to settle this for what they offered at the mediation process (£300 + postage costs). I sent Hermes a letter and got a reply via email that they are willing to still agree to settle for this amount and they have now transferred the money directly into my bank account. Apologies BankFodder, I know who would have liked this to go to court and see Hermes lose but I was just a bit fed up of waiting. I was told the court hearing date could have been a long while still due to backlog caused by the pandemic and I just wanted to close th
  2. Thanks I have checked in MCOL and no updates yet. I will chase them in couple of weeks if I don't hear anything.
  3. Hi, have not heard anything back yet around court hearing date so just waiting now on that.
  4. So I had my mediation with Hermes and it was not successful i.e. we couldn't come to an agreement to settle out of court. This was my mediation process: First call from the mediator was received at 1:03pm which was close enough to the start of my alotted time of 1pm-4:30pm. The mediator introduced themselves, confirmed the intention of the mediation and asked if I could provide a short summary of my claim and any points I would like to raise with Hermes. I mentioned the claim amount and raised the argument that Hermes inherit the liability under the Contracts (Rights
  5. Great idea, thank you I will certainly take a look in Facebook.
  6. Great! This is very useful. I suspect that the mediator's aim is to try and get the case is settled out of court so would maybe try and influence you to take up the initial offer but I'll stand my ground and wont accept a penny less. Given the circumstances that I won't be given much time to defend myself I will work on having a short statement ready to make my point clear. My argument is under different circumstances of course but your case has been very helpful so thank you. I don't have any questions around the mediation process, that seems clear to me no
  7. Thanks, just to confirm my telephone mediation date is set for 19th October. Appreciate my argument is slightly different to the other case but I would be interested in knowing about their experience with mediation and how whole process works from start to finish.
  8. That is great news murrayant! I would also be interested in knowing the details of your interaction with Hermes through this mediation, I have a telephone mediation for my own case set for 19th October.
  9. Thanks, I will consider the mediation route. Just to clarify one point though, Hermes' has always stated that they are not contractually obliged and that I should be dealing with Packlink. It was Packlink who originally made the stance that the perfume is a prohibited item and therefore I am not entitled to any sort of claim.
  10. So on the 28th day Hermes have filed the defence below. They are disputing that I have a contract with them. Any thoughts? I am not sure what they mean I should be put to the strict proof to the value of the claim. It is what the customer paid for it (£319.99 item value + £2.85 postage costs + £35 court fee).
  11. Sorry I was away so wasn't able to mention here but I have received an Acknowledgement of service and they have chosen to defend all of the claim. They have now have 28 days to file a response.
  12. On the claim particulars section of the money claim site, it states: You are required to give details of your claim in the box below. If you wish, you may also send detailed particulars direct to the defendant. Should I select the option to send detailed particulars? I wouldn't have much more detail apart from item value and postage amount which I am claiming for.
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