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  1. Hello If I awnser no to this question In the 12 months before you claimed Universal Credit, did you earn below £542 per month at any time? You'll find this on your payslips or bank statements. It brings up a page where I have to enter my earnings, so do I awnser yes to this one?
  2. Hi all I believe we are receiving the correct amount, all of you have been brilliant thank you so much!! I am having trouble awnsering there questions the one is below. Confirm previous earnings from work To make sure you get the right amount, you'll need to tell us how much you were paid while you were working. In the 12 months before you claimed Universal Credit, were there any gaps in your employment? This doesn't include paid holidays, maternity or paternity leave. Awnser (yes) or (No)
  3. Hi bob, I have just added a note into the journal, this is his partner lily today, He is getting really frustrated and he will not go near anyone due to this virus, I have trid explaining this to uc, I have managed to calm him down by telling him they will probably not be doing assessments this year. Thank you LILY
  4. Hi, I have received a letter from universal credit, why would I need to take a new assessment if I was awarded pip and esa till december 2021. We need to find out if your disability, illness or health condition affects your ability to work or carry out work-related activity. If we decide you are not capable of work, we will not ask you to search or be available for work. If we also decide you are not capable of work-related activity, you will get extra money. What happens next The Health Assessment Advisory Service (working for us) will send you a questionnai
  5. Thank you We are in the process of sorting it now, they uc have asked me for a sicknote so I am just waiting to speak to my doctor tomorrow, apart from that I think everything is in place then we will get a decision, we really appreciate the help we have been given you guys are brilliant!!
  6. I am really confused by it all, I just phoned esa and told them I am changing my address and moving in with my partner, and there has been a joint universal credit claim made, The esa told me that I will continue to claim contribution esa what is £137 per week plus I will get universal credit on top of this, is this correct information? And dose it change anything advised of above mentioned by will goodfellow? Thank you
  7. Hello, good afternoon. I have this in my journal on my universal credit it account, as said previous I am on ESA + SDP + PIP - EDLA + SMR, we spoke about switching to UC on my partners claim. Unless I misunderstand this message it means that I can continue to claim ESA but I will loose my SDP but my partner would get CA for me, I would prefer to stay on ESA but would UC Still pay my HB? Some other benefits can affect how much Universal Credit you get. You and your partner can continue to claim these benefits, but we will adjust your Universal
  8. Hi all Thanks for your help so far, while I'm here the new house they are asking for a £679 deposit, it is with a housing association bromford housing and we was nominated by the local council for the property, since living on my own I have had 3 tenantcys and i have never had to pay the first deposit, is this right or has there been some sort of error down the line?
  9. Ok brilliant so its really just the case of ringing up and telling them when we are going to move in
  10. Thanks again will Severe disability premium You cannot claim Universal Credit if you either: get the severe disability premium, or are entitled to it got or were entitled to the severe disability premium in the last month, and you’re still eligible for it. I was really confused with the above comment on the gov website, but you have explained it alot more clearly to me, unlike the website and benefit calculators I was really confused by it all. Would you possibly no if I will have to go threw a assessment again or will our money just simply swap over?
  11. Thank you for the info I didnt no about it but my partners midwife did tell her about it, i have two other children so probably not
  12. Thank you to both of you, will I also loose my pip as well? And does universal credit not have a disability component? Because I wouldn't be able to live on a standard joint claim of £409.89 my eating disorder costs more than that for supplements. Also my partner is only 23 so she also has the under 25's amount what is a lot less
  13. Hi thank you I'm not really good at the calculator I dont understand it properly I will call mind on monday
  14. Hey all, I am male 33 I receive employment and support with severe disability premium, pip enhanced daily living, lower mobility rates and housing benefits. My partner 23, pregnant and gets universal credit. The council have a joint application and we are on a high banding so that we can move in together, my question is how will our benefits be affected, we both was advised to stay as single claimants as we dont live together at the moment and I dont understand what will happen to our benefits will they stay the same? Will
  15. I think this upload will work thank you council1.pdf council2.pdf council4.pdf council5.pdf
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