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  1. Here's the envelope that the letter come to, I have complained to everyone listed I will keep you updated on responses I get thank you all
  2. Just a update on this, we have been accepted by the council but we are on band 4, there banding category band 1 highest priority, band 4 lowest priority, We only have one bedroom entitlement until my partner is 25 weeks pregnant what is in 4 weeks time, how ever band 4 is around 5 years waiting list, but she needs housing before then, is she better off putting in a single application? The banding could possibly go down in 4 weeks to a higher priority but I'm not clear on this I have emailed them to ask but no response Thanks
  3. The Chief Exec is about to retier so it will probably be left on the side, I have contacted my local mp, my doctor and the mental health team, no reply from my mp but the doctors and mental health team have referred me to pals, I wont let it be sided and left alone, I feel so sorry for the person who's letter it was, I will be taking up all your advice and contacting everyone who has been mentioned but I dont think it will go far to them it's just a letter and a mistake, we I'll keep you all up dated on the outcome !! thanks again everyone
  4. Hi all, and thank you all for your advice, I'm from oxford and I've attended the warnford previously to the outpatients department, but I have never been to the one listed above in banbury, maybe theres a link between the two hospitals, I think the warnford could be the main hospital so this is how the mistake could of happend. I have sent my doctor a letter and a letter to the warnford main reception, they have just directed me to pals, but at some point today I am going to forward these letters to the above people you have mentioned including my mp, On the part of hand written letters I always recieve this when It is from the warnford, all the other mayjor hospitals like the jr, churchill have windows and my address printed on the the actual letter, I have made contact with the person who owns the letter and I am going to sent him the link to this post so that he can see the information you have provided Thanks again
  5. Hello, Thank you for the advice you have given me, the letter is not from my area but there address is north and west oxon Adult mental health team the elms centre oxford road banbury oxfordshire OX16 9AL I have attached a letter they have sent out to me aswell oxfordmental.pdf
  6. Hello, The letter itself did not have any of my information but it had the other persons full details, address, contact number, date of birth, nhs number, a whole life history of medical and mental health problems including other personal information. It was in a envelope that was hand written on the front with my name and address. Dose that make a difference?
  7. Hello Not sure where I post this, I received a letter from nhs mental health, the envelope was in my name and address but the letter inside is around 6 pages of someone's address and life experience and as you can imagen quite personal, the address is only 20 miles down the road I made contact with the owner of this letter, he is going to look out incase the letters was switched around and my information is being sent to him, this is what I'm scared about I rang the hospital where this letter was sent from and they have asked me to fill out a complaint form.
  8. Hi all, we have spoken to my mums local council and they have let us do a application so that is one good thing, I have also spoken to my doctor who is willing to write me a letter, I dont no who see the letter I posted, but i dont no if that letter will be accepted by my housing officer
  9. Hi, yes we was going to call the council tomorrow to see if we can put a joint application in even tho we dont live together, the only problem is atm shes pregnant hormones everywhere and I just want to relieve her from all this stress, i suppose I would be threatened with eviction notices etc if I allow them to stay without permission? I have asked my doctor for an medical letter what they have asked for but I dont no how far that will go Thank you
  10. Good one I didnt realise I'm not doing so well I'm very sorry
  11. Very very sorry, I'm abit outdated, my phone is very old and slow and no access to pc or laptop I will do my very best to send over the best quality of things as I can
  12. Try this hopefully it's better for everyone
  13. Hi there I cant actually find my agreement but it probably says no pets, I'm in a ground floor flat with a corridor and communal garden. My neighbour who lives above me had a dog there for 12 years and he is 2nd floor I can attach a letter I received from them sorry it's not the best pic Dogs.pdf
  14. Hello all, We need help and advice with housing, I am Male 32 with a secure council tenancy She is 23 , 20 weeks pregnant and sort of sofa surfing with two dogs. We have never lived together and been in a relationship since 2018, we have never felt ready to live together not straight away anyway, we found out she was pregnant back in febuary and I verbally spoke to my council officer when she was in my neighbourhood and ask if it was possible my girlfriend could move in with me at a later stage as i hadn't even asked her to move in with me, my council officer said this would not be a problem and spoke a little bit about over crowding when the baby is born, so me and my girlfriend thought it would be absolutely fine for her to move in with me once I finally spoke to her about it, now the council are basically saying she can move in but the two dogs cannot, my girlfriend said she refuses to give up on the dogs. I no that we can make a joint transfer application with councils and hopefully they will move us but can they really refuse the dogs to come with us? What can I do about this? Thank you
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