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  1. Yes I thought that. I don’t want to sign anything as I didn’t import them like they suggesting. Should I still ignore
  2. I don’t get why they’ve crossed out the part where they’re asking for money lol
  3. Sorry I haven’t even read their letter tbh so didn’t realise my details were on every page WPSATC Letter 15.5.2020 + agreement.pdf
  4. I understand that a lot of this info has been covered but I am a little worried as I have had another letter today from Palmer Biggs stating that they had purchased and tested an SD card I sold which came back as counterfeit. They also enclosed a letter from sandisk which confirmed they are acting on behalf of them. They also advise me to seek legal advise. Im worries if I continue to ignore the letter I could end up in a worse position that they are claiming I am in now
  5. alright calm down lol. Just wondered Cos I haven’t seen anything where the actual manufacturer of the product has confirmed palmer acts on their behalf. I shall continue to ignore any correspondence
  6. @dx100uk today I’ve had contact from sandisk that Palmer Biggs are acting on their behalf. Any advice?
  7. I have had contact from sandisk stating that palmer Biggs are acting on their behalf, what do I do?
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