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  1. Yes I thought that. I don’t want to sign anything as I didn’t import them like they suggesting. Should I still ignore
  2. I don’t get why they’ve crossed out the part where they’re asking for money lol
  3. Sorry I haven’t even read their letter tbh so didn’t realise my details were on every page WPSATC Letter 15.5.2020 + agreement.pdf
  4. I understand that a lot of this info has been covered but I am a little worried as I have had another letter today from Palmer Biggs stating that they had purchased and tested an SD card I sold which came back as counterfeit. They also enclosed a letter from sandisk which confirmed they are acting on behalf of them. They also advise me to seek legal advise. Im worries if I continue to ignore the letter I could end up in a worse position that they are claiming I am in now
  5. alright calm down lol. Just wondered Cos I haven’t seen anything where the actual manufacturer of the product has confirmed palmer acts on their behalf. I shall continue to ignore any correspondence
  6. @dx100uk today I’ve had contact from sandisk that Palmer Biggs are acting on their behalf. Any advice?
  7. I have had contact from sandisk stating that palmer Biggs are acting on their behalf, what do I do?
  8. Not heard anything but I’m sure they’re putting another letter together to try their luck have you heard anything?
  9. Just shows how much crap they chat. No I haven’t, and I won’t
  10. Nope, I ignored their last message asking me to sign the papers lol. How long ago is it they first contacted you?
  11. There is no name on it, not even Santander! It just states my details, the amount and date issued, oh and the INCORRECT address
  12. I took out car finance in 2015 with Santander. About a year later I handed the car back and heard nothing from them so thought nothing of it, a while later I contacted them as I was sure I owed an outstanding balance. after plenty of digging the lady told me the reason I hadn’t heard anything was because they had been sending all letter to an address I lived at 5 years previous! She also told me I had contacted them just in time as they were going to apply for a ccj. I set up payment plan and Have been paying ever since. About a year ago I not
  13. What do you mean @dx100uk? nah I haven’t heard anything, I’ve ignored there letter
  14. I just found out Palmer do act on Behalf of sandisk. You had any update ok the matter?
  15. To receive a letter from a solicitor claiming you’re doing something wrong is scary even if you’re not. It’s only natural to panic. They never provided me with proof either. Just a screenshot of my listing.
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