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  1. Sorry to learn of another victim to this syndicate. I would definitely look down the route of legal action. As stressful as it may be, something has to be done. These guys are crooks through to the bone. Also speak to your bank, the debit card payment might be able to be reversed, I know that credit card companies can do this.
  2. Each and every one of us have felt the 'idiot' marker for falling for these crooks. They shouldn't be allowed to trade as they've broken every rule going. You're still within your 30 days for consumer rights, so 7 days formal notice is deemed adequate. When writing your letter to Cmd Ltd, mention the Daily Mail article. The journalists there went above and beyond. I suggest that you should also consider sending an email to the daily mail, on the back foot of the article, as another victim. (apologies if that sounds harsh) The hope is that by
  3. Hi, I'm so sorry to hear you've fallen victim to these fraudsters. You need to report the garage you purchased from to the police, this will get you a crime number. But as it is a civil matter they can't enforce anything upon them. Talk to citizens advice, and they'll advise you the best options. This is all to get a logged timeline. You are still within the 30 days under the Consumer Rights Act 2015, and are entitled to a FULL refund. This is something that can not be argued. Citizens advice will tell you to submit a formal letter of complaint to the garage and their h
  4. Not yet, but will hopefully get this today or tomorrow
  5. OK, so here is the initial response to my claim against CMD. Mikael is noted on this as the manager. Not just a resolution agent then? In this he also states the unwillingness to try mediation. here is a copy of the Notice of Discontinuance submitted. No written signature, purely a typed name of my own (removed for security purposes) Must also say that the Notice of Discontinuance was submitted to the court BEFORE I had submitted my own statement and evidence. Luck would have it that the judge had seen that this was an attempt to throw out
  6. The Defendant submitted the claim under the pretence of the Claimant, wishing all of the claim to be discontinued. This means the court would take it under advisement, and drop the case. This is fraudulent, and against the law, but CMD have a habit of doing this
  7. I asked the court to send me the notice of discontinuance that had been submitted, and they obliged by forwarding it to me. I'm now awaiting legal advice
  8. Ok, so as play goes just now in my own case against CMD Once I submitted my case and statement to small claims, I also sent in a separate email with an attached screenshot from this very group, that they had filed a fraudulent notice of discontinuance in the person's name. Due to this I added in my email, that it's very likely that they would attempt to do this again, so I asked for the case to be password protected, and then sent them the password for the case so they would know that in no circumstances would I drop the case without it. I received a letter from the court say
  9. Sorry, yes, you are correct about the screenshot. This is in fact 3 photos merged together. The middle part is photographic proof from sales invoice. Along with screenshot of business addresses which are the same. As for the court action, I can only take to court what I have physical proof of, and yes, I have HUNDREDS of screenshots. As well as a long long line of emails back and forth.
  10. Bought at Chobham Central Garage, Bagshot Road. People involved Ahmed Alwabeeb Simon Barnett (possible) Noel Quail Ahmed Silawi Dave Cohen Mikael Shamir Nathan (Sales guy) Christopher Seymour Now the good part. As I bought from Chobham Central Garage, on their sales invoice, it states on the footnote that they are a trading name of Crown Motor Direct Ltd. After going through various posts on here, they have also traded as EMC, with the attached address as 8 Swift Lane. Upon receiving this 'new' company information
  11. Correct. I am aware where the vehicle was purchased. Chobham Central Garage, Bagshot Road, Chobham, Woking. On sales invoice, states at footnote, trading name of Crown Motor Direct Limited The FCA do NOT use Hotmail email addresses. Email response from Mikael Shamir, Resolution Agent, and has stated that Automotive Vehicle Brokers Ltd are the owning company, but have no other proof of this company, hence why I'm asking. Does this make it any clearer without me going into full detail??
  12. Stated on bottom of invoice in black and white, Chobham Central Garage is a trading name of Crown Motor Direct Limited (Reg No. 09967993) Also the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) have no input in this, as this is merely a free Hotmail email address used.
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